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Bradley addresses European club coaching possibilities

Bob Bradley (JohnToddISI)

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Martin O'Neill's sudden resignation as manager of Aston Villa on Monday sparked speculation that U.S. men's national team manager Bob Bradley would be his replacement. Whether the predictions of British bookies, who have installed Bradley as one of the favorites for the job, come true remain to be seen but Bradley wasn't doing much to shoot down the idea when asked about the Aston Villa opening on Monday.

“I’ve said over and over as well I’m always excited about new and different challenges,” Bradley said. “Coaching in Europe at some point is something I would love to do. At the same time I consider it a challenge when you finish one (World Cup) cycle and begin the process of working on another one."

Bradley also addressed his link to the Fulham opening, admitting that he had been presented for the position, but never actually interviewed for the job before the Cottagers hired Mark Hughes to replace Roy Hodgson.

What do you think of Bradley's chances of becoming Aston Villa's new manager? Like his chances? Hoping he stays with the U.S. men's national team?

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  1. I hope he gets the Aston Villa job, why not take the challenge. Plus I would rather see another coach for the US mens national team.

  2. i love how couch coaches seem to know more than the professional people in Europe. stick to the couch, there is a reason why you are there.

  3. If this goes through, expect michael bradley to be signed by a certain football club in a certain top flight football league in England…

    (and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing.)

  4. Its good to go for different challenges… go for it Bob. Just wondering if he would trade for Bornstein or Clark if he got a job?


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