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Bradley’s agent denies reports claiming he has resigned

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Amid a new wave of questionable reports claiming U.S. national team manager Bob Bradley has resigned and is set to be named manager of Aston Villa, Bradley's agent has emerged to shoot down the latest round of rumors.

"All these reports that are coming out saying Bob is quitting (as U.S. national team head coach) are absolutely false," said Ron Waxman, Bradley's New York-based agent.

"Not sure where this stuff comes from but none of it is true."

Internet reports began circulating on Wednesday claiming that Bradley had already quit or was on the verge of quitting or being fired as U.S. coach, but U.S. Soccer sources tell SBI that no decision has been made yet. Bradley remains under contract with the U.S. national team until the end of 2010 and the sides are still in discussions over a new contract.

Could Bradley ultimately wind up being replaced as national team manager? Yes, but no decisions have been made by either side yet. As for the Aston Villa job, sources tell SBI that Villa has yet to speak to new candidates for the position as the club prepares for the start of the season on Saturday.

In short, Bradley is still the U.S. national team head coach.


  1. Yeah and Grant was incessantly derided from the moment he took charge and proved all of his doubters correct when he failed to win with a stacked team.

    Also, he was technical directed at Portsmouth prior to the Chelsea job and held a similar position at Chelsea before being promoted to manager. All of which are things Bradley doesn’t have.

    I’m not saying someone will not take a flier on Bradley and see what he can do. He’s had some success. However, I stand by my assertion that if/when he is given a Prem job, he won’t last more than a year. If I’m Bradley, I look for a technical director type of position at a European club and work up from there or start with a Bundesliga 2 side and learn the art of coaching in Europe. It’s different from MLS and his USMNT tenure hasn’t proved to me that he is some kind of tactical wizard. Much of his successes have come from dumb luck and under-performing players finally deciding to play up to their abilities.

  2. AL17, Klinsmann had a much better team to play with, because he found those players. Remember there was a huge up roar in Germany because Klinsmann decided to use players like Podolski, and Klose of Polish decent.

  3. GW, I think the personalities of Klinsmann, and Maradona are a bit different. For one Klinsmann was not a cocaine addict. Even if Loew did the heavy lifting, which I doubt, Klinsmann hired him.

  4. GW, Hiddink coached Australia, and South Korea? It would only be an issue of money to find someone else, but I prefer Klinsmann.

  5. Judging Amy, I don’t know that Klinsmann is begging to the job. But he decided to not take it the last cycle because he could not reach an agreement with US Soccer on the terms he wanted. It was not a financial issue, it was that he wanted to be able to have use of certain players for the Copa America. Also I believe he also wanted to oversee how youth development would be implemented.

  6. Wait you call winning the inner-toto cup, winning the isreali PL, wininng (but getting DQ’d) the second round of CL (against FC Haka 5-0 on aggregate), having the Israeli National team finish in third place in their group (undefeated) for the 2006 world Cup, less of an accomplishment then what BB has done? Really?

    I’m not saying that BB can’t coach in Europe, but common. Take 1-3 off that list, it doesn’t help you cause. College ivy league… Wow, MLS in and before 2000, was a horrible league.

    By the way the only reason Grant got that job in the first place is because his friend ran the team….

  7. Sorry timf obviously you have no clue here is a link:

    Little reading may do you good… It was the selected players Klinsmann wanted….. Not the scrub team they sent. Thanks for trying.

  8. Doesn’t this tell you that maybe there isn’t a long line of suitable candidates for the job?

    Most of the big club guys are now just starting their seasons.

  9. You’re post pretty much proves you are the one with absolutely no knowledge of the topic at hand. MLS wouldn’t release players to go to Copa America? 15 players on the 07 roster were from the MLS. Try again.

  10. Really?

    Look at Capello. One of the most respected coaches in the world. Big success everywhere he goes. Manages many big time clubs. Gets to England.

    Now his reputation is soiled and everyone is looking for his head.

    Managers are important but it always gets back to the players and Bradley got about as much out of this average bunch as anyone could.

  11. Sure but not so much that they had greater experience than Bradley. In spite of what you may think it’s doubtful that Bradley is stupid or naive about the Premiership.

    If Bradley were to get Villa job he might get fired but I doubt it would be because of his coaching abilities. In fact, the short notice at Villa might be to his advantage since he may get some slack. More than enough qualified people ( SAF, Harry Redknapp and Klinsmann) have spoken of their respect for Bradley’s coaching abilities.

  12. But you wont factor in the absolute easiest group you will ever see in your lifetime and the fact this was our most talented team in our brief history? Oh and the fact that we set a record for least amount of time leading a game to make it to the 2nd round….ever! None of that matters right?

  13. And by the SAF won the title with lesser known players….. Seems a coach can get lesser talented players to play better, imagine that.

  14. Nice attempt at twisting an argument… He got the Man United job because he was the only coach to lead a team outside the big two, to an SPL title in years, a little more impressive then a MLS trophy in the late 90’s….

    My comment was obviously meant to show you that just because you have a team filled with world class players, doesn’t mean they should always win…

  15. Lemme see, Klinsmann had much better team to work with than Bob when you compare both teams and remember we won our group in World Cup Qualifying that featured a ficitious World Cup favorite known as England and Bob wasn’t coaching the US in a World Cup on US soil, Klinsmann coached his side on German soil and you damn well better factor that into the mix because it is that BIG of a deal.

  16. The point I was making (and probably poorly) is that the showings from some of the people that didn’t feature for us in the World Cup, both in games before, and now after, is that we probably had our best 11 on the field MOST of the time.

    And, frankly, our best 11 just isn’t that great.

    They’re improving, and I find watching them damn enjoyable, but people are going to be SHOCKED when a new manager has similar (we hope) results.

    The talent just isn’t elite.

    Because you win games with the US talent on xBox, doesn’t mean you can on the field.

  17. Where did this come from? Actually it’s a great point seeing how what we all currently know as Manchester United was built by the very same man whom prior to managing there had also managed at East Stirlingshire, St. Mirren (sp?) and Aberdeen in a much more inferior league than what was known as England’s Division 1 (Currently known as the Premier League). Fortunately, the powers to be at Manchester United looked at his body of work and saw that he was winner damn nearly everywhere he went, so he must know something about the game.

  18. Inter-Toto Cup…are you serious!? That minnow fest makes him a better choice than a guy that has held numerous assistant coaching and head coaching jobs, with numerous successes:

    1. Ivy league Champions twice while at Princeton, NCAA Final Four 1993

    2. MLS Coach of the Year 1998 after winning BOTH the MLS Cup and the U.S. Open Cup in the same season with the Chicago Fire

    3. U.S. Open Cup winner 2000 with the Chicago Fire

    4. Gold Cup Champion 2007

    5. Runner Up Confederation Cup 2009 while beating #1 Spain who hadn’t lost a match in 2 years

    5. Group Winner 2010 WC (1st ever for a U.S. MNT)

    Yes, absolutely, Avram was a more qualified coach than Bradley could be (insert sarcasm here)

  19. Don’t forget Klinsmann turned a German team who could not get out of the get out of the group stages In Euro 2004, into a third place team in the World cup, beating then Euro champs Portugal.

  20. I think most US fans would welcome Jurgen. Is it true though that he is begging for the job? Does anyone know how it was that he did not take the job last cycle? Was he not offered enough money, did he decide he didn’t want it, was it certain terms which could not be agreed upon etc.?

  21. Klinsmann….3rd place at the World Cup
    Bradley….Barely makes it out of the easiest group USA will ever face in the World Cup.

    When it comes to the National teams



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