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Bradley to remain USMNT head coach through 2014

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Bob Bradley will remain the US men's national team coach through 2014 after reaching an agreement with U.S. Soccer on Monday.

The sides reached an agreement to extend Bradley's contract as head coach through 2014 after discussions last week. Bradley's contract was due to expire at the end of 2010.

Bradley helped guide the United States to a first-place finish in its group at the 2010 World Cup before the team was eliminated in an overtime defeat against Ghana in the Round of 16.

Bradley had been linked to a handful of club coaching positions in Europe, and was believed to be seriously considering a move to Europe before agreeing to extend his contract with U.S. Soccer.

U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati had reportedly met with Juergen Klinsmann about the possibility of him replacing Bradley, but ultimately chose to stick with Bradley.

My initial thoughts? As I wrote on Fox Soccer last month, Bradley earned the right to come back if he wanted to. He did a good job during his four years with the team, and while many fans will question some of his decisions and player preferences, the fact remains he has led the team to good results. Klinsmann would have been an intriguing option to be sure, but Bradley has done a good enough job to merit another four years.

What do you think of this development? Glad to have Bradley back? Disappointed Klinsmann wasn't hired?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I am leaning toward some form of boycott myself. It’s just too frustrating to know that we will have to suffer through another four years of little to no improvement. It’s difficult to support an organization that is committed to “not losing.”

    That’s what this rehire is. A statement of intentions to accept mediocrity.

  2. Faulty logic. US Soccer sabotages their own team just to “take care” of Bradley? Not likely. Bradley earned his extension.

  3. Let’s be honest. The only coach that is going to lift the US Men’s National team to the next level is a coach that can repeal Title IX. This is the only way to get a better pool of young athletes to play soccer (hope of collage scholarship).

    Forget about it. Cry all you want. Blame Bob, any of the players, tactics, the weather, America, etc…

    All other comments are blah, blah, blah,

  4. Amazing afternoon and dinner with my 3yr old son, wonderful night with my gIrlfriend, even won some money on a scratch off lottery ticket…then I check, and I see Bradley re-signed for 4 more years…way to ruin my whole day USSF!! Four more years of Bornstein, Clark, Findley, Rogers, Buddle, Goodson, etc…Instead of Lichaj, Diskerud, Grella, Simek Ochoa, or any of the other promising young talent playing abroad! Not to mention the fact that talent like Feilhaber, Torres, and Holden will be ignored and left on the bench for another world cup cycle. I’m tired of hearing the United States doesn’t have the players to play any other style than counter attacking football…thats horse shiite…we don’t have a coach with any tactical acumen! Now I have to wait till 2018 to take my son to a world cup…don’t want to disenfranchise him before he’s ten!!

  5. Bradley was never a real choice for the European jobs, because they know he would suck! I agree US soccer just does not want to cede power even if it would help the US to win. With that policy in place US soccer will not go far.

  6. Exactly right. This is just depressing. Gulati needs to be replaced. I am seriously going to have a difficult time watching the games now knowing we aren’t going to improve.

    Someone needs to start up a “Replace Sunil Gulati” website and petition. I’ll sign in a heartbeat.

  7. I’m a little surprised–I thought that that the JK negotiation was serious–but I’m not disappointed.

    In the three hundred or so posts above mine, no one has mentioned any realistic coaching alternatives to Bob Bradley save one. There are, off the top of my head, between ten and fifteen really excellent foreign coaches who would be a significant upgrade from Bob Bradley. None of them are currently unemployed and interested in the US job. And Jurgen Klinsmann is not one of them.

    I think it’s highly debatable whether JK is a better coach than BB. Posters here point to his 3rd place performance coaching Germany in 2006. That’s impressive, but I’d hardly call it stunning. Keep in mind that Germany didn’t qualify, so you’re evaluating Klinsmann on six competitive matches. With a home field advantage, they beat Costa Rica, Poland, Ecuador and Sweden. These are all home games that any host nation would be expected to win, and especially Germany. He then drew Argentina and lost to Italy. Those dreaming of Klinsmann are hanging an awful lot on that particular record: 4-0-0 against second tier teams at home, and 0-1-1 against the top nations.

    His subsequent job with Bayern Munich was a disaster. In it, he made the kind of tactical decisions–playing Landon Donovan as a target man for instance–for which Bob Bradley would have been pilloried had he made them.

    I think JK is a promising coach. But can you really point to that record and say that he would definitely be an upgrade from a man who made it to the final of the Confed Cup, won the final qualifying group, and won his World Cup group? One who ran a harmonious camp and who, by all accounts, is liked and respected by his players?

    Those talking about boycotts and being less of a fan and what not need to think carefully about the two men’s comparative records before spouting such nonsense. Be disappointed if you like, but swallow it and move on. This team needs you.

  8. Bradley’s results speak for themselves. Those that talk about him just barely getting through the group stage forget about so many things that could have gone the other way for the US that would have made us do even better. The multiple botched calls by the refs. The fact that we lost our only scoring striker of international caliber. The fact that we lost our best central defender so that he was unfit and lacked confidence. Bradley did great with the tools he had. That includes Rico Clark who is still probably a better defensive mid than Edu (although Edu may have better long-term potential). No one can say that Edu would have produced any better results — they can only guess.

    Donovan was entirely absent from the 2006 tournament. If he had suffered the fate you all give to Clark, he would not have played in 2010.

  9. Well, Sasha,Borns,Finley,EJ,etc.. all have kept their jobs in the USNT!lol

    I think BB has done a good job overall, but not as good like some of us had hope. I think keeping Arena for 8 years really hurt us just a bit. We became pratical. I think change should have come, especially with a lot of players rising every 6 months in the USMNT pool. I think Klinsman would have broughten a more technical type game to the USMNT. Not to the extend of some South American teams, but enough to keep the defense from torture. Oh well, lets hope for the best.

  10. Clark is not the sole reason we were knocked out. Ghana had a better team. If Ghana doesn’t have a goal due to Clark’s mistake, they play harder throughout the game and find another way to win. Moreover, if the USA isn’t down a goal, they don’t press as much and probably don’t score.

  11. i read a good number of the comments, not all of them, because there were a lot, and so it wouldnt surprise if no one got down to this comment, but does Klinsmann want the job? Everyone assumes that Gulati hired Bradley over Klinsmann, but how much of the pro Klinsmann support is entirely media hyped and not actual fact? Im just curious

  12. I only feel a deep sense of loss, as if someone close passed away. The sense of disappointment with this decision is outside my ability to adequately put in words right now. All I know for certain is that there is no way I can support the team with the same crap management in place. The same lack of style, lack of identity, lack of strategy. Can’t take it anymore. Won’t take it anymore.
    Brazil, you now have my undivided support. Too bad US, too bad.

  13. Sad, sad, day for US soccer. Ten years from now in the build-up to 2022, we’ll look back on this day and only be able to say what-if…

  14. I disagree. You can’t put this squarely on player personnel. It’s the coach who is responsible for implementing the tactical system.

    Give talented players more credit. They adapt to the coach and his system. If you look at national teams across the globe, you’ll see players holding down 1 position for their club teams, and another, sometimes completely different position for their national teams.

  15. you are late to the game guy….subotic was rongen’s fault….also, read somewhere that he was called to the national team after the u-20 fiasco and declined….marcus tracy is hurt…was called to camp in jan and couldn’t finish the came because he got hurt…you may be right about grella….

  16. Good point but these idiots on this board just want to hear themselves talk. BB did a good job, how much better do you think a 5 Million Dollar coach from Europe would have done?

  17. It hurts but I will watch and follow but not shell out one cent. I am still American, and it’s not Bob’s fault, it’s the economists Gulati. USSF is dead to me.

  18. !

    I would’ve called for Gulati’s head if he hadn’t rehired Bradley. He clearly has moved this football team/program to a level unknown previously. Unfortunately, there are too many new fans (see most of the posts above) who did not know what soccer was before this summer, and like the typical American fan, expect American dominance and immediate gratification. Bradley’s first four year tenure was a successful grind, he played the game the way it is supposed to be played. Luckily for him, he knows how to deal with the dip shits back here at home. As for a (good) foreign coach, I couldn’t imagine why any of them would want to have this job. The American sports media and its fans are overly fickle.

    For those who disagree, go watch baseball and basketball and celebrate your “world champions” as they like to crown themselves.

    Welcome back Coach Bradley.

  19. Bradley sucks that’s for starters.
    I’d love to know why he let Subotic get away?!
    Also any US European based player, 2nd or 3rd division is better than the MLS. So explain why Marcus Tracy or Mike Grella haven’t set foot even into a friedly?
    and Findley starts a WC game are you kidding me. We have some descent talent in the under 20’s cap them before they leave “US”! And now especially that were working towards the next WC Start Holden and Rodgers. No MLS players should ever start for the US aside from Donovan. I was hoping for change with Klinnsman or any non American coach we just don’t know World soccer.

  20. so it’s the players, not the coach, but a fresh approach might help… so why do we need to keep Bob? Give someone else a chance to coach if it’s no big deal, there are plenty of others in the US who’ve earned a shot at it, and been just as successful as BB was before he was apointed USA manager.

  21. I’m loving this epic comments sections, though. Not that I agree with everything being said, but I’m loving the passion, both pro and con, from us US fans.

  22. Ask Nebraska or Miami football fans about change for change’s sake.

    If you’re unhappy about US Soccer now, just think about what it would be like if we had the equivalent of a Larry Coker or Bill Callahan as coach.

    Actually, just ask Mexico about change for change’s sake.

  23. He’s not a bad coach. He met expectations. But he had his chance, but he was never anything special in the world of American soccer prior to getting this position, he’s had his 4 years (which is all you should get if you don’t win the world cup) and now it’s time for change. It’s a pity how retarded USA soccer is. The only team that kept their coach from the 2006 world cup to 2010 was France, and look how that turned out…

  24. Holden is more of a central mid than winger, and certainly isn’t your classic winger. Also, I don’t think he was really healthy for the World Cup, but going forward, he needs to see way more playing time. Also, good point on Bradley. Just to be clear, I think Mikey is unquestioned as a starter, but never to be subbed?

  25. #1 will be enough get a top notch coach fired

    #2-4 as well as making your debut final was luck thanks to Failhabers contract maker. In addition,we won that group thanks to a last second goal by Donovan and a fluke goal by dempsey. Credit goes to Bradley for the spain game and the final for Losing it. Bradley gets credit for the last game debacle in the world cup.

    Bradley accomplishing these results by the skin of his teeth rather unconvincingly.

    Complacency called. He commends USSF and Sunil on a job well…retained.

  26. Klinsmann wanted to shake things up, but the good old boys club would not have it. I am now much less excited about US soccer. Wow unbelievably disappointing!

  27. But to let the problem go unfixed the way he did. I don’t blame BB for not having another Davies, but I do blame him for his stubborn lack of creativity. It’s his decision-making that worries me with this school of potential talent coming up.

  28. “We were smashed in the Gold Cup final, I doubt anyone remembers that.”

    Well, Jay Heaps, Davy Arnaud and Nick Rimando were beaten in the World Cup final. But, carry on.

    “The only reason we made it out of the group stage of the Confederations Cup is an act of God (read Italy losing by 3 goals).”

    And us beating the African Cup of Nations champs like a friggin’ drum. But, carry on.

    “He is probably the best winger we have.”

    Then why doesn’t he play on the wing with his clubs? Weird. And of course, he’s far more accomplished than Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey. I mean who are those guys? Ooooooooooh….. the greatest American player ever. Big deal. Oooooooooooh, you’ve played in the Premier League for 5 years, and scored some of the most important goals in that clubs recent history. Can’t hold a candle to Stu Holden. But, carry on.

    “Face it, even though M. Bradley has good skills, his father is obsessed with him.”

    I agree with you 100%. We should immediately start EVERY central midfielder whose played (and started) at least two years in one of the top 4 leagues in the world. Well, there’s Bradley. And then…. well… Scotland is right up there with La Liga, right? What about Mexico? Pretty much the same as the EPL, right? And the Danish second division? Really no difference between that and Serie A, huh? But, carry on.

    Dude, if you’re going to troll, you REALLY need to sharpen up your talking points.

  29. The problem isn’t Bradley as much as a lack of talent. So many supporters say they want him to go with different players? (OK, I don’t want to see Bornstein again, either.) Who are these players? If any of the alternatives to the players he used in SA were any good, wouldn’t they be playing for top clubs somewhere in the world? After all, aren’t those clubs’ managers smarter than Bradley?

    No, the problem is in the player pool. Until we have better players, nobody is going to do any better with the MNT. That’s why you didn’t see any of the top managers in the world expressing interest in the job — because they couldn’t do any better with this crew and their reputations would take a hit.

    Who else showed any interest whatsoever? Don’t you think the English tabloids or some paper somewhere else would’ve “reported” the rumors if anybody else wanted the job? No one did but Klinsmann.

    And for everybody pining for Klinsy, try to see through the empty facade. If I were German, I could’ve managed Germany to the final in 2006 in Germany. What else has he done? He only wants the job on his terms (he’s still joined at the hip to adidas and won’t back down from that position even though Nike pretty much pays the freight for the MNT).

    If I had a choice between the two, I’d take Bradley, too.

    No, the problem isn’t the manager, it’s the players. Until some of the youngsters that are with European and Mexican clubs now develop with their club sides, getting out of the group stage is a pretty good performance. When we have the players to do better, then the top managers will be coming to us.

  30. I agree. Sometimes, thing just make too much sense. Here is a former world class player who coached a soccer power to third place in the 2006 world cup sitting in our own back yard, and we stick with Bradley? The only explanation I can come up with is that hiring Klinsman made too much sense.

  31. This is why I’m afraid, too. Also, I would point out that the selection of Rico Clark in Bob’s biggest game ever-yes, the World Cup is bigger than ConfedCup-is a worrying sign. No one I know thought Rico should start in that game. Otherwise, Bob has given many players chances and I give him props for that. Also, it isn’t his fault the US does not have a viable left-back. Still, going forward, I hope he continues to cap new guys and looks everywhere for a leftback and rightback. All Spector does these days is get torched.

  32. the come lately fans are upset but i bet the players are okay with this call. Klinnsman needs to actually coach a team before he is qualified in my mind to coach here in the US. I would like to see him on a MLS team before the US job.

  33. + 100000000000000000000000000000000

    Gulati showed he is afraid to make a big decision and again took the easy way out. Klinsman should replace Gulati and Gulati should go work under Garber.

    Bradleys poor player decisions throughout the world cup should be enough. You yay Sayers say how oh we got out of the first round…

    WE WERE SUPPOSED TO!! Algeria and Slovakia or Slovenia still suck! We only got through because luckily England and Cappello sucked more!!!!!

  34. Same old Same old…..US youth program and US MNT has taken a step backwards today….the vicious cycle continues…USA will never live up to expectations….

    Getting to the Round of 16 is not worthy of job security. NO other Football Power in the world would do such a thing. I mean Bradley is prob a nice guy but there comes a time when you move on and look for a different type of mentality and ideology….


  35. I am somewhat disappointed….BB was able to get some good results because he maximized the sum being greater than the individuals parts…..but he has made some very questionable decisions at the most inopportune times, playing rico clark against ghana is an obvious and not playing buddle enough is another….all in all, after all the waiting ussf should have just renewed his contract sooner….especially because BB could have taken advantage of this weeks’s international break and had some sort of european-based camp….particularly for the guys that ppl mention on this blog but have never seen play or even some of the young guys that are never released from their clubs, and a lot of them are in season during the usual january camp…would have been a great opportunity to have a look at the future…


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