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Brazil dominates USA, wins 2-0


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EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - The U.S. men's national team opened up its first post-World Cup friendly against Brazil in impressive fashion, as Landon Donovan nearly scored in the third minute after a string of impressive passes played him through on goal.

That was as close as the Americans came to scoring in an ugly 2-0 loss to Brazil in front of 77,223 fans at New Meadowlands Stadium on Tuesday night.

Neymar and Alexandre Pato each netted goals in the first half to give manager Mano Menezes a win in his first match in charge of the Seleccao.

"Brazil is a good team, no matter who they bring in," said Brad Guzan, who came on at halftime for Tim Howard. "We need to become sharper. We need to become better. We need to pick off where we left off (at the World Cup) and tonight I think we took a step backwards."

The scoreline was a generous one for the U.S. team, which lacked creativity and possession following its bright start to the match. Brazil had two other shots smack off the post and could have won by more if not for several excellent saves from Guzan.

While Brazil trotted out a young team, the United States began the match with a couple of youngsters of its own. At right mid, New Jersey native Alejandro Bedoya received his first start while Omar Gonzalez was given his first cap and a surprise start by head coach Bob Bradley.

Gonzalez went the distance in the game, while Bedoya played 67 minutes.

Bedoya was partially at fault for the first goal, which happened in the 29th minute as Andre Santos took advantage of miscommunication between Bedoya and right back Jonathan Spector before crossing the ball to Neymar. The young Brazilian forward positioned himself well against Jonathan Bornstein and headed the ball home.

"Against a team like Brazil you learn a lot," said Bedoya. "For me, it's more about my defensive responsibilities, positioning wise and stuff like that, so I just got to get better at that."

Brazil would strike again just before the end of the first half when Alexandre Pato received a Ramires through ball behind Carlos Bocanegra, rounded Howard and finished with ease.

"Unfortunately, I probably should have ran with the runner but I thought maybe I could step him off," said Bocanegra. "I was in a tough spot and I got punished for it."

The Americans nearly pulled one back in the 56th minute as Michael Bradley headed home a Sacha Kljestan cross, but he was ruled offside.

Brazil's win was its fourth against the United States since 2007. It was also the second shutout victory for the Selecao in that time.

"You've got to give them credit," said Bocanegra. "They just put you in terrible positions and really make you feel uncomfortable defensively and really that's what they're good at."


What did you think of the United States' performance? Impressed by Brazil's young squad? Taking away any positives from the match?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Sorry I can’t read your mind as of what part, of the many posts, Jig wrote. All common sense ( and time stamps) would suggest you commented on the post “the point about Germany is…..most of the time “……. Goofy?

    And by the way, USSF sanctions youth soccer. It is supposed to have a huge part in development of players. The argument is that Klinsmann wanted to improve the current system.

  2. Yes both of those you mentioned are Europeans…. Look I believe we will produce great coaching one day, but now we need to bury our pride and learn from people who are established. I agree we need a coach who will put 100% into all efforts, and not someone, as you say, that is a mercenary. Right now I would love Klinsmann, but if Gulati still doesn’t want to hand over total team control, then that will never happen.

  3. yes, and Brazil is still better than us, even with but one practice 🙂

    but my point was that I’d use the World Cup and qualifying campaign, etc. to make evaluations on Bradley, not this game which meant much less

  4. so we disagree on the part re. passion and the atmosphere of an entire nation supporting the team making a difference…I’ll keep my position 🙂

    developing a national team to compete in the most popular sport in the world takes a national culture to achieve…which we are developing here. it cannot be replaced with anything less than that in a game determined and judged by the slimmest of margins at the highest levels…and our kids will develop within it.

    I think I understand, man

  5. Actually it is pretty even, Mexico b team against Spain c team in second half.

    And as I type this it is even 1-1 David Silva

    First goal was Mexico and Man U’ Hernandez.

  6. The USA were not in the 1950 World Cup semis. Finished the bottom of the group behind Chile, England and Spain. Spain advanced from the group.

  7. fair question, and no matter who I say, you’ll disagree, since you already have stated your opinion that no American coach is good

    that said, I have no interest in any mercenary coach at all…period. Klinsman is different, he lives here, with family being raised here. looking at it like this, I like Nicol too, the Revolution coach.

    my point is it all depends on each individual and that specific situation, and for the USMNT

    we don’t need no mercenaries

  8. @ Rob: How the hell would you know what I understand? Don’t make me your straw man, goofy.

    This is the post I was responding to:
    “People just need to realize that if a new guy becomes manager, he wont change the technical ability of the players.”

    That is, BB works with what he has. Jig is right. Typically players who ARE ALREADY PROFESSIONALS get call-ups. The main part of their development is expected to have occurred at his club and in the youth ranks.

  9. No post from Ives on this but Mexico is outplaying Spain….Crazy I hope we can keep up with Mexico in the coming years…. But to be fair Mexico played pretty much a first team in the first half and Spain played a b team.

  10. Just a thought… I know he’s not a left back but why not try Jermaine Jones there? This is what I do on fifa 10, I never use bornstein. Jones has played that position before and I think would do a hell of a lot better than Bornstein. This would give edu, torres, and benny the opportunity to compete for time next to Jr.

    I know it would be better and quicker to just sit Jones next to Jr. and continue to developer left backs but with the depth we have with mids I don’t see why JJ at left back couldn’t be tried!!!

  11. I agree with your basic premise. We do need to change the way we approach developing players. I don’t know about the 5th or 6th choice statement completely though. It is correct in regards to urban and rural America. “Blue collar” America loves football/baseball way more. I do think it is in the top 3 for kids growing up in the suburbs where youth soccer dominates. The problem with that is those kids don’t have the desire to succeed to overcome economic disadvantage. They play soccer at practice and in leagues, State Cup…whatever. WORST of all is that their parents pay out the nose for them to do it! In most other countries a 15 year old with potential gets snapped up and starts training with a professional team and grown men. Therefore by the time Pato and Neymar turn 20 they are seasoned pros, both technically AND tactically. Here the top 15-18 year olds are playing against the Plymouth Kickers and their stopper/sweeper setup at the Dayton Memorial Tourney. Tack on another few years in the hackfest that is the NCAA and you produce what we see now.

    The model is changing slowly. We see more kids skipping college or going to Europe early. But…MLS needs strong youth programs. The best players (15 years and older) should train and play together with pros, so that they learn to become pros.

  12. No, YOU’RE right. It’s panic time! All is lost! Our B+ squad lost 2-0 to Brazil, so it’s time to clean house!

    I wonder how many of you guys have ever coached a team. You can put together the most fantastic game plan ever but if you’re team does not execute, it’s meaningless. How many times did we turn the ball over last night? Total slop. When I see that, I blame the coaches 10% and the players 90% because the latter simply have to be better.

    My point remains the same — this game does not move the meter much, so relax.

  13. Clark is absolute garbage. End of discussion. Slept on Gerrard’s goal in the Cup. And then there was his performance against Ghana. Not even close to deserving that spot on the field.

  14. I was at the game, and I believe that Donovan looked “soft”. He didn’t go hard in on tackles or to win 50/50 balls or anything. However, the Giants fans among us will back me up here, as one of their receivers, Dominic Hixon went down for the season with an ACL tear while practicing on this very turf. There was widespread speculation at that time (about 3 or 4 weeks ago) that the brand new turf at the New Meadowlands Stadium had not yet completely settled.

    That being said, it didn’t seem to bother M. Bradley at all…
    Future Captian? I think yes.

  15. It’s clear that Brasil didn’t bring their best team to the world cup! This young team looked more like the world cup teams of the past. The U.S. was over-matched by the Brasilians – it was a sad watching them toy with the U.S. players. If the Brasilians keep improving – they are going to be a beast from the southeast in four years!

  16. Many of the “experts” here seem to think firing BB would solve the USA’s soccer woes (and probably bring world peace).

    When asked about BB Sir Alex said “I like Bob, I like his approach, I think he has a steely determination about him and he’s got a lot of detail in his coaching,” Ferguson said of Bradley. “I think he did a fantastic job [at the World Cup] and I am surprised the USA have not sprinted to his house and given him a new contract, I must say that.”

    I must admit the head of ManU’s opinions cary a lot more weight with me.

  17. Look up Raphael Honigstein “How Germany reinvented itself” on si – a shorter version of some other articles I’ve seen but can’t remember the sources

  18. Andy, maybe you are right about these players in the lower leagues, but why not give them a try? Because at least a player like Pittman is scoring like crazy right now!

  19. Exactly, we make too many excuses for this team, we got the resources, money, kids, everything, whats happening???, don´t get me the other popular sports talk, that´s cheap, we need to find a way in this game or we are going to be like Mexico.

  20. Exactly, I feel embarrassed by this team, I don´t get how we still play a non creative soccer without heart and not to mention lazy Altiblows

  21. In short I will say, we have seen what Bob Bradley can do. Let’s give Klinsmann a shot!

    The longer answer is I think he has certain experience that Bradley does not have. He can talk with our strikers, and say, hey in this certain situation, try to do this, or think about this, because he has been there, and scored at the highest level as a striker. Also I think he would change our style of play, and make it more attacking then defensive with a counter. Don’t under estimate what he did for the German national team, they are still benefiting from the changes he made in 2006. Prior to that the German team was a bunch of aging stars, and he pulled in youth and dumped the older players against the out crys of the German public and some of the federation. They are pretty happy with the results now.

    He knows the US players, check Soccer America, he has been seen scouting the US players. He has also worked as a consultant to MLS. He knew Donovan could do well overseas.

    As far as Bayern Munich goes he did not have the backing of management so that would probably was never really going to work. But they did make it to the European Champions League quarterfinals.

    Overall listen to what we are saying. Well this Brazil team is so good, so we shouldn’t expect to beat them. That mentality has to change if we want to go further, and I don’t think Klinsmann would be ok with that talk either!

  22. eachbum you are correct just because they are European doesn’t make the coach good, however what American coach is good? We have decent MLS coaching, but not international coaching. As a young soccer nation (in terms of growth), we just don’t have the experience on the coaching level. I do think in the future it will change, but right now we lack the coaching on all levels of American coaching.

  23. Exactly, people writing this off as a loss to “Brazilian youngsters” need to realize that these are players like Pato who scored 12 in 23 matches for AC Milan last season. Lack of caps does not mean lack of experience or talent.

  24. +1
    Brazil totally outplay lots of teams, even in Europe playing in Europe so
    I dunno what the fuss this is all about, Brazil totally outclassing us, they
    do that to lots of other teams. One game we lose & it is “Fire Bradley”.
    Even if Jurgen Klinsman were our coach, Brazil will still beat us……then
    we’ll say “Fire Klinsman”…….what really do y’all want

  25. This was a meaningless match for the US as others pointed out. A tribute to the players. Same as the MLS allstar game. Bad timing for US players. It earned some money to pay for the trip to south africa.

    For Brazil it was great to see Pato and Neymar play. I’m hoping they go back to their more fluid style.

    I wasn’t a big Bradley fan before this game and I’m no more of a fan after this game. But this game really didn’t tell me anything about what the US team will look like in four years.

  26. I am sorry but you fail to understand the point…. Germany does have a passion for the game, however the kids still need to be developed. I am sure you realize that more kids play soccer in the US then kids in Germany? Meaning we have the ability to draw from a much bigger pool. It is very easy to shrug off the problems and blame them on passion, and not try to find ways to fix the situation at hand.

  27. I don’t think he was talking to you, plus he is probably comfortable with the status quo. Why fix what can’t be fixed is what I read from his comments.

  28. I’m actually shocked that people on here are panicking over last night’s match. Even more so, I was ashamed at the stadium that people were saying “This isn’t even Brazil’s best, Ronaldinho isn’t here!”

    Wake up! This Brazil team is going to crush EVERYONE over the next 4 years. Robinho-Pato-Neymar (Andre off the bench) with Ganso and Ramires (Carlos Eduardo off the bench!), anchored by Lucas or Sandro. Wingbacks of Dani Alves and either Andre Santos/ Bastos. Centreback duo of THIAGO SILVA AND DAVID LUIZ. Probably the 2 best centrebacks under age 25 in the world.

    The front 3, with Ganso playmaking behind them could maybe be the greatest attack of all time. Has anyone been paying attention to these kids over the last year??? Ganso and Neymar are absolutely incredible. Ganso is the next Rui Costa, and Neymar is already looking like Robinho. Throw in PATO….

    These kids are going to kill everyone except Spain. Not a disgrace for the US last night

  29. I have to say man, usa will become a powerhouse in soccer no doubt about that you guys just need to give time to the time.

  30. Thats the point A.S, Do you think U.S have the players in the midfield to retain that possession and not get attacked? (That on pressure of a ball playing team could still making the pass work).

    To a bad team to face the worlds “giants” of ball possession the best way is to go all the way to defense.

    A more better qualified team could go to that strategie that you discribe but, you will not be able to counter attack (becouse you will be holding the ball, to not get attacked to much) and if you dont have good players in the midlefield (ball touching/passing) you will probly lose the ball to the team that is aplying the presure

    If the team that is aplying the presure have the defensive line pushed up and the forwards helping alot, if you not have a good quality of players in the middle, your team WILL lose the ball.

    Sorry im in a bit of hurry xD

  31. We desperately need forwards to emerge for 2014.

    Gomez is 28, at 32 I worry if he is still playing significant minutes for us in 2014.

    Buddle is 29, same as above. Although I do like both Buddle’s and Gomez’s play to help up for the next couple of years in tourneys, qualifiers and so forth.

    I continue to be skeptical of Jozy doing anything significant with the national team. He scored what, once in last year’s premiership season and I can’t remember the last time he scored for the US. Don’t like his touch at all. He is 20 so maybe he can improve that, but at 20 players should already have a good feel for the ball and where they want to go with it.

    Anyone know if we have any promising young talents at the striker position that could be ready for 2014?

  32. Brazil in that time was playing a counter attack style (thanks to brazil head dumbass coach Dunga), dunga pretty much let the usa had the possession so brasil could counter attack. (A pretty lame strategie but that was dunga…)

  33. that squad could of embarrased alot of teams i dont understand the overreaction. Brazil will always be brazil they arent the five time champ for nothing.

  34. Players aren’t responding to Bradley, lot of them, from Howard to donovan, they are in a comfort zone that isn’t healthy for the Nats in the long run. Hey! There’s no other creative midfielder!

    Bradley has to go…it’s time, thanks, seek opportunities in Europe, can always come back to DC Urinated.

  35. Yes they can compete, but will need to face the game in a different way, more defensive, but usa alredy prove that they can face worldclass teams and BB is doing a good job he just cant do miracles

  36. Coaching questions for Bob

    1. Why pull benny at half instead of bedoya? Benny was clearly having a better game and could of seriously used some showcase minutes considering his club situation.
    2. Why sub gomez and outside mid? his career has showed thats not where thrives and is that really where you want our “super sub” with a nose for goal to play. Why even roster four forwards? Why not call in another young
    mid for experience?
    3. Findley?????? Again????

    A coach can only use the players available, but Bob continues to pick the ones available to him as well as misusing the ones he does select.

  37. Good question, if you see this. I’m not sure who I would call in, but I wouldn’t have really spotted Bedoya or Torres either. I think there needs to be a wide net cast. The nature of soccer in this country means that it isn’t funneled to the top like other countries. The academies will help with that, but aren’t there yet. So, scouting is huge. The pay-to-play system is really retarding our growth.


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