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D.C. United vs. Philadelphia Union: Your Running Commentary


D.C. United takes on the Philadelphia Union today in a battle of I-95 rivals at RFK Stadium (2pm, Direct Kick).

The teams are battling to avoid the Eastern Conference basement, where D.C. currently resides. Philadelphia will be looking to sweep the season series after beating D.C. United for the first win in its history, back in April.

While the match doesn't have playoff implications, it should feature some of the best young talent in Major League Soccer, with Rookie of the Year candidates Danny Mwanga and Andy Najar in the starting lineups for their respective teams today.

If you will be watching today's match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. My legs hurt. Standing and drinking at these games is going to shorten my life. Thanks to all of the Union supporters for making the game interesting. They were very loud. Loudest (and most) visiting supporters I can remember at RFK. DC United should consider moving the visiting supporters down to the lower level. There were entire sections completely empty. In the infancy stage of MLS, teams should cater towards visiting supporters, not shun them to the upper corner of a crumbling stadium.

  2. Didn’t seem like a good atmosphere on TV and attendance was 12 something. We may be pink but that’s about the only thing you have on us at this point

  3. The irony is that in the preseason, there was a big debate about whether or not Philly swindled DCU by getting Fred and McInenery for Perkins. Right now, it’s almost a case of which team was hurt the least worst of the deal! Philly probably comes out ahead b/c McInenery has a future and his lack of PT this year can be written off to age. But Fred sucks up a huge amount of cap room and just hasn’t gotten it done this year. And Perkins–what a disaster!

  4. After the Fulham/Man U game, this is a bit underwhelming. Union did not play well but a lot of credit to DCU. They hung in there and hopefully keep the clean sheet during stoppage time!

  5. Some ugly soccer- Union need to quickly change fields to overcome the number of guys in the United box. Fred is just terrible! Union are getting zero out of the CM with two defensive guy. Boy do I miss Salinas!

  6. Great atmosphere, with constant battles between the SOBs and BB/SE. We need more of that in MLS; it makes the game seem more exciting when it’s actually a pretty drab affair, and gets the players motivated.

    Also, kudos to the PU supporters for traveling, that’s the most visiting supporters I’ve ever seen at RFK. The Pink Cows usually bring about 30 people, but there are probably about a thousand (or more?) SOBs up there.


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