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DeMerit still waiting for right club opportunity

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One of several American soccer players still sorting out their club futures this summer, Jay DeMerit has been laying pretty low in the weeks since the World Cup, but he has emerged to discuss his current status and playing future.

DeMerit is a free agent in search of a team since leaving Watford at the end of his contract last spring. After starting every game for the United States in the World Cup, DeMerit figured to draw considerable interest from clubs, but has yet to find a club that fits what he is looking for.

The U.S. national team defender recently spoke to the npower Football League Podcast and revealed, among other things, that MLS could be an option.

"I am open to most of Europe, and I'm still even, to be honest, open to going back to the (United) States," DeMerit said. "Right now it's about to try and streamline options and make sure I make the best choice."

"We're just being patient at the moment," DeMerit said. "That's the only thing that I can do.

"Coming off the summer, in the way that I did, it was nice to have a break but now it's getting to the point where you want to try and get something sorted out."

You can hear the full interview here (from the 16:00 mark to the 26:55 mark).

What do you think of DeMerit's interview? Think he can find a club in the Premier League or League Championship? Would you like to see him come to MLS?

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  1. If the money’s not considerably better, it’s probably not worth leaving London for Blackpool or Wigan to play on a dreadful team. He’s at the point in his career where it’d probably be more enjoyable for him to either stay in London somewhere or else come to Chicago or something.

  2. Agreed.

    Guess we can officially blame Liverscum supporters for running Steven out of the gig.

    Wynalda was horrible and somehow even worse than that embarrassing theme song they adopted.

    Ah well, FSC management ruined a good thing and this Soccer Talk Live looks pretty shabby too.

  3. Also, he spent a year in the EPL and did fine. He didn’t dominate but acquit himself well enough. No one is suggesting he goes to ManU.

  4. hum…let’s see….do you want Tomkins or Demerit paired with Upson – no brainer. Give me Jay any day.

    And what about Wigin? If I were Mancini, I’d be at his doorstep! What is their goal diff after 2 games?

    For those who say he can’t cut it in the EPL, he did just fine the year Watford was in the EPL.

  5. [Enter MLS Team here] would be a great fit.

    But no, I’d like for him to stay in Europe if he can find playing time. I can think of a few lower-tier EPL teams that need him *cough* WEST HAM *cough*

    Also his life story needs a movie deal asap.

  6. Dear Chicago Fire Front Office,
    Sign Jay as a 6 month DP. We need someone…anyone to defend and we need it BADLY.
    Chicago Fire Fans.

  7. Unfortunately, JD is winding his career down. He doesn’t need to develop his play by going to any of those leagues. Everyone knows what they are going to get with him. Blue collar effort, never say die attitude. He is the epitome of America. He should come home, he has nothing to prove in Europe. He helped bring Watford to the EPL, and was their club captain. Come home Jay!


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