English Premier League season set to kick off

English Premier League season set to kick off


English Premier League season set to kick off



The English Premier League season kicks off on Saturday as the most popular league in the world returns to action.

Chelsea will look to hold on to the title it finally ripped away from Manchester United after the Red Devils' three-year reign on top. Arsenal will try to challenge those mighty two, while Manchester City stands poised to crash the Top Four for the first time since becoming the league's biggest spenders.

Newcastle, Blackpool and West Brom are all back in the Premier League, with Newcastle considered the favorite of those three to survive this season.

How do I see this season shaking out? Here is my predicted Top Six finish: 1. Manchester United, 2. Chelsea, 3. Manchester City, 4. Arsenal, 5. Liverpool, 6. Tottenham.

Team most likely to crash that Top Six party? Everton. Team most likely to be demoted after staying up last season? Wolves.

Who do you think will win the Premier League this year? Which team do you see flopping? Which new faces are you excited to see?

Share your thoughts below.

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