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MLS Ticker: Onstad to have surgery, Gaven to be evaluated and more



Injury issues continue to plague the Houston Dynamo, this time striking goalie Pat Onstad.

The 41-year-old goalie, who had missed the last two league matches because of an abdominal injury, now heads to Germany for surgery. Recovery time is expected to last between 10 to 20 days, meaning he could be back by the end of the month.

Tally Hall, who has filled in for Onstad recently, will continue to start in his place. The Dynamo could get good news this week, with Geoff Cameron possibly in line to return this week in SuperLiga on Thursday

Here are a few other stories for the evening:

Gaven to rest, be evaluated at week's end

Columbus Crew midfielder Eddie Gaven, who received a nasty blow to the head from Chivas USA 'keeper Saturday night, will rest and be evaluated at the end of the week, the Columbus Dispatch reports. Gaven has no memory of the moments leading up to and just after the incident. He blacked out on the field and was immediately replaced by Robbie Rogers.

MLS Roster Notes

Sounders FC midfielder Pete Vagenas was was put on the disabled list. He'll miss the next six MLS games with a quad strain, and will be eligible to return September 9.

San Jose waived midfielder Javier Robles. He made two appearance for the club in 2010.

New England is waiting on the ITCs for new signings Ilija Stolica and Roberto Linck. The 22-year-old Linck was in training on Monday with the Revolution, and both could be available on Thursday in the SuperLiga semifinal.

What do you think of Onstad's injury news? How long will it take for Gaven to return?

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  1. Bilateral abdominal strains? That’s what happens to old people when they get it on without stretching properly first. Onstad is 41 so I guess that’s old? How hot is his old lady?

  2. I was rhinking now that freddy adu has reached an all time low in his adventure in europe it would be a good time to come back to the mls. I think he should go to the galaxy if possible. Why? Well the galaxy need a playmaker, and I think they are good enough to play around freddie. What do you guys think?

  3. Sorry to say but the Mexican league is far below Argentina and Brazil. MLS is better then Australia from what I’ve seen. I’m not familiar enough with the Asian leagues to comment.

  4. I too was kind of hoping to see Gaven in the match Vs. Brazil. He’s been an interesting player for the Crew this year. He’s been showing more class/entertaining soccer than his teamate Robbie Roggers, and I for one put him higher in the USNT pool. Sorry he won’t be avail for selection.

  5. You mean after an incident like what Eskandarian did? Or preemptively with every player on the field wearing a soft-helmet thingy?

  6. i wonder if this is similar to the surgery bocanegra had before the WC. If i remember, he also went to Germany for surgery?

  7. Most of the comments on here have absolutely nothing to do with the story. Save your Dempsey/EJ and where MLS ranks compared to the world for some story that actually makes those thoughts relevant, would ya?

  8. The best leagues outside Europe are :

    Mexico, Argentina, Brazil,

    Korea, Japan, UAE, Australia

    MLS is probably somewhere similar to Korea but miles off from Brazil and Mexico but give it time. By the time we host the WC in 2022, our league may actually be better than the Mexican league. time my friend

  9. well imagine how in 20 years, there will be hundreds of American footballers outside MLS. I’m sure 2030 MLS will be the best football league outside Europe. And most likely one of the top 10 football leagues in the world,comparable to Russia or Turkey or Holland.

    and having players all over Scandinavia and guys playing for Barcelona and Bayern Munich and having a top scorer in the Dutch league or the Best Player of the season in France. Yep but 20 years is quite a long time

  10. For every McBride abroad, we also have a Josh Wolff or EJ. Well EJ might actually not be so bad, cause he was slightly decent in Greece. Basically after McBride, our best strikers seemed to be doing well in either Scandinavia or lower divisions in england.

  11. Clint Dempsey.

    If he stays at Fulham he’ll become a LEGEND ala McBride

    If he goes abroad, maybe he could prove a hit at another mid sized club in Italy or Germany or Spain.

    Or maybe he goes to Everton or AV.

    Either way he’s been a HIT in his career so far and has paved the way for other Americans. In 20 years we’ll look back on his career and be proud.

  12. Sucks for Onstad. Going to miss his negative-sideburns.

    Eddie Gaven’s head injury hopefully is not as bad as Twellman’s or Namoff’s. With memory loss, he obviously had some pretty significant head trauma. I wonder what the negatives would be for having players wear some sort of head gear similar to Petr Cech? It would be proactive and not reactive as head injuries are putting players into early retirement.

  13. I had hoped Gaven would be brought in for the Brazil friendly. He’s been playing well, and I see him as a (VERY) poor man’s Clint Dempsey.

  14. I was covering the game shooting photos and witnessed this accident. I was posted up right next to the goal. It was horrifying seeing Eddies head hit Dan’s knee. He was out like a light! Good thing U.S. national team physician Dr. Bert Mandelbaum was onhand to give help. Doc is always at the Gals & Chivas games…
    Get well soon Eddie!


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