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Fire’s Johnson earns Save of the Week


For the second straight week, Chicago Fire rookie goalkeeper Sean Johnson came up huge.

The University of Central Florida product robbed the New York Red Bulls repeatedly on Sunday, but his diving reaction to a Juan Pablo Angel header in stoppage time earned him his second consecutive Major League Soccer Save of the Week honors.

Johnson, a fourth-round draft pick who stole the spotlight in a game that featured five Designated Players, was the final member of the 2010 Generation adidas class to be drafted, and he is starting to look like one of the steals of the draft.

Johnson spent the better portion of the season on the bench backing up Andrew Dykstra, but he'd be hard-pressed to return to the sideline in light of his recent performances.

Here is the save that earned the fans' admiration this week:

What did you think of Johnson's performance? Think that he can keep up this form for the rest of the season?

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  1. RED CARD! Hey Salchipapa, there’s a lot of vigorous debate on this site, which is great. Vulgarity and your form of juvenalia are simply not acceptable. If you can’t respond to critics intelligently, post somewhere else.

  2. PC, your crush on him is showing. The difference between Avi and I is that he gets paid! Robbed infers it was theirs and was stolen from them or that something was taken from them that they earned. So after you are done licking a** here, you can start the french kissing phase of your relationship! Wash you mouth first though!

  3. Are you serious? Robbed is a universal term for a goalie in any sport, which has the position, making an incredible save.

    “Robbed the New York Red Bulls repeatedly”.

    Another hack commenter making a fool of himself on this site.

  4. I think people forget he was a USMNT player and a pretty good RB for LA for much of the last decade. Unfortunately he had some hamstring issues if I remember correctly. I saw him play live at the HDC 3-4 years ago, I thought he was a pretty good.

  5. Ives mentioned how Albright has been an under-rated aquistion last night in the match commentary, and seeing some of the great crosses he’s had in games, including this one, I have to fully agree.

  6. He’s tall, quick, much more confident in coming out for crosses than Dykstra, and is able (so far) to recover from situations where he goes out for the ball and is caught out of position.

  7. He made some big saves, but when I was watching that game he looked slow at times. Definitely someone to keep an eye on though.


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