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Friendlies: Spain ties Mexico, England battles back to beat Hungary and more



Mexico had defending World Cup champion Spain on the ropes at a packed Estadio Azteca, but David Silva registered a second-half, stoppage-time equalizer to salvage a 1-1 draw in the highlight of Wednesday's international friendly action.

Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez opened the scoring in the 12th minute, continuing his torrid run of form as his initial season with Manchester United approaches.

El Tri couldn't hold onto the lead though, as a bad turnover, a beautiful Xavi through ball and a top-class finish from Silva helped Spain earn the tie in the waning moments. Silva, a Manchester City offseason signing, was one of five of Vicente del Bosque's halftime substitutes, and Xavi came on in the 62nd minute.

New York Red Bulls Designated Player Rafael Marquez started and played 58 minutes.

Match highlights and more results after the jump:


Captain Steven Gerard scored twice in a four-minute span to rescue the Three Lions from potential embarrassment at Wembley Stadium.

A Phil Jagielka own-goal put the visitors ahead in the 62nd minute, but Gerard tallied the equalizer in the 69th minute and the winner in the 73rd to help England avoid disaster. 


The World Cup quarterfinalists received goals from Enrique Vera and Cristian Riveros in a sound victory over their CONCACAF opponent.


Katlego Mphela's 42nd-minute goal was all the Bafana Bafana needed to get by the United States' nemesis at Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg.


Yura Movsisyan made his debut for Armenia, officially ending all chances of the striker ever playing for the United States.


A completely new-look French side fell in Oslo, as Erik Huseklepp's brace was enough for the hosts to overcome an opening goal in the 48th minute by Hatem Ben Arfa.

In Laurent Blanc's debut as manager, France didn't have a single player from this summer's World Cup fiasco on the roster.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored four minutes into his return from international retirement to lift Sweden in a rout.

In other friendlies of note on Wednesday:

  • Denmark 2, Germany 2
  • South Korea 2, Nigeria 1
  • Slovenia 2, Australia 0
  • Slovakia 1, Croatia 1
  • Greece 1, Serbia 0
  • Cameroon 3, Poland 0
  • Argentina 1, Ireland 0

Which friendly did you enjoy the most? Surprised by any of the scorelines?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Haha…. adu hasn’t been a better player then anyone these past 2 years. Better prospect maybe but to say he is a better player then any mexican playing in europe is hilarious. Milk sub champs wow mexico won the sub 17 world cup so what dude. The way things are going for usa looks as if you guys will be relying on a 35 yr donovan soon.

  2. US vs Mexico, we really need to get over that, especially the US, there are new rivalries being born ever since we beat “Spain” in the Confederations Cup we have made some noise and the World has heard, so we really need to stop hating(passion) on our neighbors south of the border and start spreading some of that passion towards the likes of Brazil or an Argentina, we have beaten the Best in the world, so seriously get over trying to measure up to Mexico. For one I’m really pissed that Brazil came over with their teenagers and beat the crap out of the US in our own house, that just doesn’t sit well with me and so many others. Mexico and the US have bigger fish to fry so to speak, stop worrying about who’s better than the other and focus on beating the crap out of “The Power Houses of the World” and that’s where the prize of immortality lies!

  3. Hush, I totally agree with you! That is what I am saying is that the Mexican National team is incorporating their young players into the team, while we are more willing to stick with our older players. Because of that they are becoming a better team. Dos Santos was bench warming with the Spurs, but Mexico brought him into the National team camp anyways and he has flourished since. Adu was bench warming, and Bradley did not call him in, and he has vanished.

  4. Hush, I am not talking about this based on Mexico’s result against Spain. I am saying this based on the young talent that they have at their disposal. What young guys do we currently actually have in the mix for our Senior national team? Bedoya, Gonzalez, and and Holden -(who I think will be a good player). Whomever the next coach is they need to focus on bringing in young players. Otherwise we will be relying on older guys that won’t be cutting it anymore.

  5. By “decent” I assume you mean players of the caliber at different junctures, they’ve had a Hugo Sanchez, or a Luis Hernandez, or a Jorge Campos or even a Rafa Marquez. But they’ve rarely had a crop of them all at the same time.

    Difference now is that the Guardados, Velas, Dos Santos, Castillos, and Chicharitos all have experience in the best leagues (England & Spain) in the world– and they’re all still very, very young.

    True, time will tell if they can get results, but I’d bet the 3rd mortgage on their chances.

  6. What talent?? Santos & Vela?? People in the states constantly rant and bash Adu for not getting any playing and want to trow him far away from the NATS. I don’t understand you guys?? Dos Santos & Vela have been a bunch of bench warmers for their teams and have done so little in Europe, yet the Mexican team encourages them by calling them in and not letting these players rott the benches in Europe. The difference here is, Mexico takes care of their young bench warmers, unlike us. PURE FACT! Adu was a better player than any Mexican player early this year, yet Adu doesn’t get the call. Chicharon will ride the bench at Man-u and when they see that he can’t perform like he did during the freindlies, they will loan him out to another team so he can warm those seats during the winter. Yet the Mexican NT will still call him in. Besides Juarez & ChiCha, I don’t see what you guys see? We have EDU,Gonzo,Bedoya,Chuck,Holden,Guzan,Lichaj,Castillo,Jozy,Adu,Bradley,Spector, etc.. and not to mention some MLS young players coming up. And we all know how many young players prospects we have in Europe. And the Milk sub- Champions have atleast 11 players under the age of 17 that are USMNT material. Sorry bro, but I like were the U.S system is going. Mexico still has to rely on 35yr olds.:)

  7. Mexico has had decent players. Mexco problem is beating the small teams during qualifying. Mexico has always been tough against powerhouse teams. There is no difference from present Mexico and past Mex teams. Mexico will always be Mexico. For those worrying about the Mex team are funny. The U.S is the fastest growing futbol team in the world. We have accomplish things that has taken Mexico to accomplish in 80 years. So let’s not exagerate here guys. Our youth systems looks better than any Concacaf teams and some South American teams. We are growing and are doing a decent job overall.

  8. I think the general prediction of a Mexican ascendancy is correct, but I still like our chances in the 2011 Gold Cup. Donovan and Dempsey will still be in their primes, and if we can successfully integrate Jones, we should have a very strong squad. But, yeah, after that watch out.

  9. Gerrard is a good player but being the most capped English player in history doesn’t mean that much. England is not and has never been a football powerhouse. It’s not like they develop enough players to challenge for positions.

  10. While what you say was true years ago, it hasn’t been the case for the last 10 years because the US has been superior not only to Mexico, but everyone else in CONCACAF.

    Not anymore. This is by far the most talented, and formidable generation of players out of Mexico in the last 25 years, easy.

  11. Steven Gerrard. Surely will be 1 of the most capped England players by the time he retires. I read he plans to retire by 2013, so maybe no shot of him at the next WC. Regardless of what you all say, even having him on the bench would be a great option. Both he and Lampard are truly world class but they haven’t achieved what guys like Iniesta, Xavi, Schweinsteiger have shown on the international stage of late but all is still good.

    O/T but how is Klose doing? Dude scored 4 goals in the WC and is now 2nd highest goal scorer in WC history. Sure hope he plays great for BM this season. Cause Gomez ain’t gonna cut it, same for Germany.


    Another good Swedish striker but is playing crap of late. Markus Rosenborg was pretty damn good back in 07 but kinda flopped his way out of Germany. Elmander plays crap for Bolton but plays 10 times better for Sweden, not really saying much. He scores in a friendly but never scores in a Euro or a World Cup.

    Sweden has the players, just they need the desire and the hunger to push for more.

  13. Exactly. It’s good that this Hernandez kid is suddenly becoming a mini-superstar. It makes games more competitive. We’ve risen in years and Mexico has fallen. We need them to reach their potential again, cause it will push us to reach more into ourselves to beat them.

    Plus It’s good to have a great rival. Having Mexico lose when we play them, quite often over the last few years just well seems laughable. I also think we need to try to enrich rivalries like with England and Brazil. Played them soo many times, why not schedule a friendly every year or 2. Push that rivalry.

  14. Friendlies don’t count regardless, because they are not official competitions according to the definition that MensreaJim posted above, regardless of “A” status.

    So I think Yura technically could still play for the US, but this will all become moot in a few weeks when he suits up for the Euro qualifiers.

  15. Benny, it is not just these friendlies, but the direction that Mexico is going by bringing their talented youth into the national team. Where as if we still try to rely on guys like Donovan, and Dempsey who will start to be on the decline we won’t be winning those match ups anymore.

  16. Mexico almost always looks very good and better than the US; however, thet tend to lose and tie a lot of games which they should have won. Same thing will probably happen against the US in the gold cup which will be in the US.

  17. I hope you are right, being up 1-0 in Azteca and squandering the lead during WC qualifying hurt almost as much as being up 2-0 against Brazil after one half in the Confederations Cup final.

  18. I enjoyed the France-Norway game a lot. Watching players like Samir Nasri and Loic Remy weave through defenses was a welcome sight, and they really did create much better than what Domenech the idiot selected as his squad.

    But beyond that, it was entertaining to watch Norway play fairly well (but maybe it exploits the weak defense France has). Regardless, I think Blanc should keep a lot of the players that were playing yesterday, but bolster the defense by calling for Toulalan again. Also, Lloris is the best goaltender for France by a long shot.

  19. HAAAAAAAAAAAAA Give it up!!!!!!!!!!! Mexico is on top now because of a meaningless friendly vs Spain? And the U.S. is hovering below Mexico, because of another meaningless friendly? In 2012, nobody will remember these two friendlies as the U.S. will have won their group again. Oh yeah, plus the Cold Cup in order to get to the Confed. Cup.

  20. No shine-ola. You look at Mexico today with Dos Santos, Vela, Guardado, Chicharito, and perhaps even a Nery Castillo once he gets his head right, and I think they can consistently compete with the best in the world.

    In CONCACAF, I’d say it’s El Tri on the ascendancy and the rest (including the US) hovering well below.

  21. I think when he was referring to the time he was doing so in relation to the heat of the day not in anyway the time change.

  22. Mexico is becoming a very good team. I have this dire prediction, that if the US team does not make some big changes, and dig up some new youth to put into the team they will not win a single game against Mexico in World Cup qualification, or in the Gold Cup!

  23. Jermaine Jones played for a full strength Germany against Belarus on May 27, 2008 as a leadup to Euro 2008. Because it’s outside the club season, I’ve been trying to figure out if that was an official FIFA fixture date. Either that game was not an ‘A’ Friendly or friendlies don’t count regardless because it didn’t disqualify him from switching.

  24. Friggin’ Chicharito is on fire. Past two weeks or so he has scored every game. With ManU, then with Chivas against Manu, ManU again, and now against Spain.

    As Herculez Gomez wrote on his twitter: Where is he hiding that horseshoe?

  25. Don’t think smog, altitude or time should have been a factor for Spain, being that several of the Mexican players are training in Europe already since they play in European teams, and as for the time zone I think it wouldn’t be a big factor since its more withing Europe’s evening time. So i wouldn’t make up too many excuses for Spain, World Champions or not I think playing at the Azteca is one toughest place to play at, Mexico defends their home very well.

  26. I don’t disagree with anything you said. But, Mexico looked really good against Spain and we looked really bad against Brazil, tough conditions or not.

  27. If I’m not mistaken ‘A’ Friendlies (which all of these qualified as) count as “official competition”. Some friendlies, like the annual January USA-Sweden game often count as ‘B’ Internationals, but these ones on FIFA Dates usually count.

  28. @Kevin,
    Also really excited about how Bajrami looked yesterday and how Martin Olsson played v Bosnia back in June. Oh, and don’t forget Guidetti (18 years old) at Man City…dude is beast

  29. I hope this doesn’t turn into a media firestorm because if you look at the full quote and the context, it’s pretty innocuous. “I’m thinking we might not get it in 2018 even though we’re going for it hard, but 2022 is a given.” He said that while trying to talk up Miami as a good site to host games. To me it just comes off as having confidence and trying to get local support behind you by assuring people we’re gonna get the WC.

  30. Oh for sure we hosting the 2022 WC. Spain/Portugal or England have it in 2018 and China will have it in 2026. So 2022 is ours. Can you imagine how big it will be? MLS will be really big by then, probably with 24 teams and beating Mexicans teams with a vengeance. Okay well maybe not but surely the league will improve in 12 years and so will our national team.

    All the 5-10 year olds who playing soccer for fun noticed what Donovan’s goal against Algeria meant. Those 15 year olds realize if they work hard, they can be there in 2018, 2022. So we need to host in 2022.

  31. Thanks for the clarification and the footnotes. That Art 18(1)(a) tripped me up before with the line “and at the time of his first full or partial apperance in an international match in an official competition for his current Association, he already had the nationality of the representative team for which he wishes to play.” I guess that just means you have to have citizenship before you can play for your new team. I was reading more into it, thinking it meant you had to be a dual citizen at the time of making your first debut, whether Youth level or a friendly.

  32. Same style and 4-2-3-1 formation as Holland. Gonna be great games when the teams meet in the euro qualification. Players are already talking about the Holland games.

    BTW Scotland is absolute garbage.

  33. Wow, so they scored Jagielka’s goal line clearance as an own goal? That’s harsh, especially since it never actually crossed the goal line.

  34. I agree, Mexico looked very good. As for the altitude, it is a problem, but the smog is a bigger one….. The time of game was better for Spain, due to the time zone change…

  35. Any further news on the José “Pepe” Diaz comments Ives? If that guy somehow blew our chances… he needs to be disbarred and lose his job in Miami. Can’t we just leave the outspoken morons in the England bid?

  36. @Max, don’t forget Rasmus Elm. Quality young player and only 22. Toivonen is 24 as is Marcus Berg. Both fine strikers and both sure to lead the goal scorers in Holland this season.

    Sweden are now playing a 4-5-1 with Ibrahimovic up top alone. Before they always played a 4-4-2 with Elmander as his strike partner or Henrik Larsson when he would return from retirement and join them. Zlatan has 23 goals in 63 appearances. Not a good return for someone of his power. No goals in 2 World Cups yet 4 goals in 2 European tournaments. I’m hoping Zlatan brings his A game and leads Sweden to Euro 2012

  37. @ jonk (sorry, I can’t get reply to work)

    I keep hearing this, but that’s not what the rule says.

    Art. 18(1)(a) refers only to official competitions. The citizenship requirement refers to people who have played for youth teams in official competitions; it does not appear to apply to friendlies at any level.


    Fifa defines official competition as “a competition for representative teams organised byFIFA or any Confederation.”


    I previously thought that would you said was correct–IMO, it makes more sense. But I read this elsewhere and looked into it.

    Anyone who wants to disagree, please have citations and not syllogisms.

  38. I mean really, Mexico played at 3pm in Mexico City. I mean Spain had little time to get adjusted to the altitude, smog. Also since the game was at 3pm I am sure it was pretty hot. Although US did poorly, we didn’t try to tie the hands of Brazil by scheduling this game in denver or some place were we get an extra added advantage. I mean if anything we gave an advantage to Brazil by having the game in NJ where there are a lot of Brazilians. Not to say Mexico is bad either but let’s be honest about the conditions.

  39. Oh well, Yura. Best of luck with Armenia. (And before anyone objects — Because Yura didn’t have American citizenship at the time of his international debut, he doesn’t qualify for the one time switch even when he finally does have citizenship.)


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