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Is staying at Villarreal a good move for Altidore?


when Jozy Altidore trotted onto the field for Villarrea's Europa League match against Dnepr Mogilev (a 5-0 win) on Thursday, he not only made his European tournament debut, and made his first official appearance for Villarreal in almost two years. Altidore also made it that much more unlikely that he leaves the Spanish club this summer.

Altidore wants to stay with Villarreal and prove the club didn't make a mistake when it bought him in an MLS-record $10 million transfer in 2008. The early indications are that he just might be making progress in the battle for minutes at Villarreal.

Here is our question. Do you think staying at Villarreal is the right move for Altidore? Think he would be better off leaving for England or some other destination?

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What's my take?

Altidore is a much more mature player than he was when he first arrived at Villarreal and the club also has a thinner forward pool than it had when he first joined, so there is a good chance for Altidore to secure playing time in Spain this year. While he might be able to find a starting role in a smailer league, the experience he could gain in Spain, and in the Europa League, make Villarreal a great fit at this point in his career.

What do you think? See staying as a good move for Altidore? Hoping someone can make a strong bid for him before the end of the month?

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  1. ” We need to be able to let the young man develop, possibly into a world class striker. He had the genes, just needs the technique.”

    You say that as if it’s up to us how Jozy develops. The reality is he’s on his third year at Villareal and, to date, hasn’t done a lot for them, either in terms of being an important team member or making himself a saleable asset.

    If Jozy doesn’t start producing this year then Villareal will likely start moving to cut their losses. Villareal is not a USMNT farm team. These clubs are not in the business of developing USMNT players for us.

  2. Ask your friend how many of Mexican players start for these big clubs. I do like Dos Santos’ game though, Tottenham could use him.


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