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Lindpere Goal Propels Red Bulls Past Toronto



Joel Lindpere's first half goal was the only difference between the New York Red Bulls and Toronto FC at Red Bull Arena.

Lindpere's second MLS goal keeps the Red Bulls in second place, five points ahead of Toronto. After two straight ties, New York was finally able to find that decisive goal.

The Estonian international coolly slotted a one touch shot past Toronto keeper Stefan Frei. The cheeky chip to Lindpere came from Seth Stammler, but Thierry Henry did all the heavy lifting.

After nearly drawing a penalty kick a minute earlier, Henry kept possession in the midst of three defenders and then found Stammler. The assist for Henry was his third in three MLS games for the Red Bulls, but has still not found the back of the net in a regular season match. 

"It squirted to me, I took a touch and I saw Joel kinda even with the line and I saw he was ready to break," said Seth Stammler. " I just did a little scoop and those ones are always nice if they come off right, but I'm probably going to get yelled at if it doesn't turn out. I'm fortunate that it did and obviously he [Lindpere] did well to finish it from a tough angle. All in all, a good play."

While that was the one chance that was finished, both teams had their chances to score. Thierry Henry thought he had drawn a PK in the 22nd minute when Toronto keeper Stefan Frei came out to meet a streaking Henry. Frei got a piece of Henry, who fell to the turf but head ref Ricardo Salazar simply waived his finger at the French star.

"For me it was a penalty, but the ref didn't call it," said Henry. "It's not really important, the most important thing was to win against Toronto and we have done it."

The lone difference in the match came just a minute after the near PK. Toronto head coach Preki was livid at the officials because of a possible missed foul committed by Juan Pablo Angel that led up to the goal.

"I thought it was a clear foul on Adriann Cann, and the referee doesn't blow the whistle," said Preki. "I was so frustrated because, and I really don't want to sound like a crybaby, but we couldn't really get a call."

Toronto actually tallied one more shot than the Red Bulls, but their missed opportunities were their downfall.

"It's on us, the game is definitely on us," said Toronto captain Dwayne De Rosario. "We gave them one opportunity and I don't think Stef [Frei] had much to do besides Angel header in the second half. Other than that he [Frei] didn't have much and it's good to look at that."

The Red Bulls on the other hand take away the three points in a match that didn't play their best, especially early in the match.

"Maybe today wasn't our best performance, but we won the game it was very important against the Toronto team," said Henry.

"At times we played well and at times we were losing possession pretty easily," said captain Juan Pablo Angel. "In a game that there was much on it, it was important to get the three points. And we got it done."

The next big test for the Red Bulls is just three days away against the Western Conference leading LA Galaxy at Red Bull Arena. A win would signify to the rest of MLS that the Red Bulls are a serious contender for this year's MLS Cup. A loss will continue to leave doubt that New York, despite being the first team with three Designated Players, cannot beat an elite MLS squad.


  1. There would have been 2k there this time last year. Plus factor in a huge game at the meadowlands last night, and RB arena sold out this Sat, 19k there last night on a wednesday is awesome!

  2. I saw the assist. It was a fine play. I also saw the rest of the game.

    If you only saw a highlight real of the final against RBNY, you would think HeyDude was a skill player.

  3. 19K is good attendance by any team’s standards (Seattle aside). Especially for a mid-week match.

    After all, the game would have been a sell out at that P.O.S stadium PPL park

  4. I won’t call it dumb, but I’d say it’s inaccurate. Stammler can be frustrating for large portions of a match, but he also shows some real moments of quality. I think it’s a matter of consistency. He doesn’t need to be lights out, but if he at least could set a solid level of consistency in his play then he’d be much more effective.

  5. Spoken like a true RB hater. We were already a top team w/o the DPs. When we beat LA on saturday, what will the excuse be then??

    “oh, well LA aren’t in form right now…”

    “Donovan and Buddle just played for USA earlier this week and were burnt out. ”

    Feel free to add on any more excuses you guys can think of…I smell fear LOL

  6. For those new to football in North America, the real reason MLS is split into two divisions is the distances involved.

    Boston (New England) to Los Angeles is 2600 miles. What is the distance from Plymouth to Newcastle? 350 miles? How far would 2600 miles take you from London?

    We can only wish we had a single table, but unfortunately the distances make the travel involved prohibitive, and it is not going to happen.

  7. I was at the game. Disappointing it wasn’t sold out, but I figure 95% of the people there were at the Brazil game too.

    Henry-Angel is a joy to watch. Seth Stammler somehow is getting worse, not better. Lots of effort, but the skill . . .

  8. Then the answer to the question is yes. Adding two quality players such as Henry and Marquez can make NY a potential champ. That is obvious. Did you see Henry last night? He’s not even 100% and he’s going around MLS defenders like they are standing still.

  9. LA became elite when they didnt lose in their first 14 games…

    Right now LA, Columbus, and RSL are the elite teams in the league.

    The question MLS fans are asking is when RBNY’s players get settled, do they move into that group.

    Its not some conspiracy to knock the Red Bulls or claim that they are a failure starting week 1. Its a question of can adding 2 big time DPs make a solid MLS team into a potential champ.

  10. Seriously, it’s three MLS games in with Henry and the Red Bulls haven’t lost yet. Can’t wait till both him and Marquez are completely fit and playing 90 every game.

  11. “If NY loses to LA it shows they can’t beat an elite squad”??? When did LA become “elite”, and can we at least give the new signings at least ONE full game to play together before we start judging their performance! These guys haven’t even played together yet and everyone wants to cut them down. Oh yeah, that’s what jealosy smells like.

  12. you guys are just plain stupid. MSG reporting BB being fired was a load of crap, he is going nowhere in the short term. and if you really think Michael only gets played because of nepotism then please slap yourself in the face, you deserve it.

  13. you’re all morons. michael is a very talented midfielder. i doubt he’d be STARTING EVERY WEEK in germany if he wasn’t.

  14. Are you serious? MB was one of our best players during the World Cup and is becoming a good overall player. He’s calmed down his attitude and such and doesn’t make such bad tackles/challenges anymore. Haters gonna hate!

  15. Hey did anyone here read espn piece on Michael Bradley being the future of US soccer and he actually got a 7 on yesterdays game player ratings.

    It seems like more people are drinking from Bob Bradleys kool aid.

  16. So. Looking at the table
    Very good chance of NY finishing 2nd in the East what with Columbus’ lead and NY’s lead over the others. The West will probably get 5 spots which means that NY will face the only other team finishing lower than them from the East because the West team in the East bracket automatically is the lowest seed regardless of points. To me then, looks like a very great chance of a first round matchup against Toronto or the Fire. Possibly first round preview of the two main options in the last 3 days then.
    Obviously could happen completely differently though

  17. I am sorry Tim, but I have not left yet. I plan to stay another 4 years and see my plan of Michael Bradley playing 90 minutes in every game no matter how bad he is. I do not care about results, only that my son is given a chance.

  18. It seems (especially in the game versus Chicago) NY has been having trouble finishing even with the likes of Henry and Angel… Kind of surprising if you ask me.

  19. Dane Richards Actually Scored one a got high reviews for the game. seems he’s coming into form at the right time with the DPs Arriving. Cant wait for Next month by then NY should be clicking and Kicking major behind.

  20. In other Red Bull news, Dane Richards scored for Jamaica in a 3-1 friendly victory over Trinidad and Tobago. Roy Miller wasn’t as lucky. Costa Rica lost 2-0 to Paraguay. Oddly enough Miller wasn’t responsible for any of the goals.

  21. Umm good three points to stay firm in second place in the East (weird that the league is splint into two conferences). Go Red Bulls


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