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Moreno confirms his D.C. United exit


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Jaime Moreno's illustrious playing career with D.C. United appears to have just a few more months remaining.

After a record-setting, 15-year career, 14 of which have been spent in the nation's capital, Moreno reportedly confirmed that this season will be his last with United.

Moreno, 36, was named to the MLS All-Star team as one of commissioner Don Garber's two selections, but other than that, his 2010 campaign has been rather forgettable. After a stellar preseason, Moreno has struggled to produce offensively. His only goal this season came after he interfered with a Chris Seitz goalie clearance and scored into an empty net. After the game, league officials deemed that the goal shouldn't have counted.

Ultimately, his legacy will be that of one of the greatest players in league history. He is currently the league's all-time leading goal scorer (132), and he was instrumental in United's powerhouse years. Rumor has it that he'll either return to his native Bolivia to play or accept a job elsewhere in the United organization.

What do you think about Moreno's D.C. playing career coming to an end? Where do you think he ranks among the league's all-time greats?

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  1. I’ve been watching the league since it’s inception. I have the upmost respect for Jaime Moreno and what he’s done for dc united. Even as a la galaxy fan I say this. But for someone to say that he’s the best player to play in the league or for dc united is just rediculous. Top 3 at united maybe. Def top 5. I’ve got John harkes, Marco Etchevery, Eddie pope all ahead of him. League wide? Cienfuegos,valderamma,donovon,nowak,ralston,joseph all ahead of him. I mean I can keep going. He was a very very good player.One of te best at DC UNITED. But league wide? Not even close..

  2. Wow…I can’t believe there’s so much debate over whether he’s legendary or one of the greatest ever. Who gives a sh!t, he’s the all-time leading goalscorer and the most popular player in United history. That’s a legacy of its own, and he’ll make the Hall of Tradition first ballot, no questions asked.

    We’ll miss you Jaime, more than words can express. United simply will not be the same without you. It’s already so different without Benny Olsen.

  3. the new york fan in me says so long but the football fan in me says dont go. i always called him “the good moreno” because alejandro never did the last name any justice.

  4. Landon Donovan.

    Scored more goals in front of more fans.

    And… he’s an American, he gave proof to people all around the world that soccer in this country has a bright future, through MLS, World Cups, with Everton.

    Gave lots of Mexican-American kids (Torres, Gonzalez, Luis Gil, Salgado, etc)

    Listen to Gil talk about watching Blanco with his father but loving to watch Donovan…

    hands down best player to play here in terms of impact on sport in everyway. Pele second. Distant third are the Etcheverry, Beckham, Valderama, Morena, Diaz Arce, McBride, Ceinfuegos type players

    I mean Best, Beckenbaur, Cruyf played here but they didn’t really have a great impact. Messi, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Maradona, Baggio etc played here in exhibitions and world cups but total impact has to be Donovan followed by Pele.

    Pele got the ball rolling and Donovan was a home-grown boy who put the nail in the coffin in the “Soccer isn’t for America”

  5. Is DC going to give him a gold-plated walker as a going away present? Luckily, Jeff Cunningham is about to break his all-time goal scoring record, so at least that won’t stand the test of time. Good riddance to DC Scum rubbish!

  6. Yes, he’s a legend in DC, he’s not a legend overall.

    Dalglish, Best, Puskas, Di Stefano, Raul, Ronaldo (BRA), Batistuta, Eusebio, Rivellino, Zico, Jairzinho, Garrincha

    Those are all legends, Jaime, was a very good player in a terrible league.

  7. Sad day for those who revelled in the glory of the golden triangle. It also makes me feel old – those first few years at DC, Jaime was just a kid.

  8. Some of them had a much greater impact, some of them not as much of an impact. But they were/are all better players than Moreno. And I mean no disrespect; as a casual DC United fan living in Virginia, I like Moreno and have gone to see him play in person. But let’s keep it real. He was a great MLS player, but not even close to being the best soccer player to have played in the United States.

    And let’s not confuse success with impact. Of the players I listed, perhaps only Donovan has had comparable success in MLS (or NASL). Beckham, for instance, has had only moderate success in MLS, but his impact on the game in this country is far, far greater than the impact Moreno has had. Again, I like Moreno probably more than most, but it just isn’t even close.

  9. Did those players have such a lasting affect on American soccer? Or did they come in search of cash? He, as well as Etcheverry, helped define the standard of MLS play in the early moments of our league with DC United.

  10. I loathe DCU but even though I hated when Chi played Moreno, there is no doubting he’s been a fantastic and exciting player in the league and one who really just kept producing year in and year out.

    I hope he stays in the league in some capacity as I feel he could do a LOT to teach younger kids like on Academy teams what it takes and what it means to be a professional footballer and how to go about it the right way.

    Is he the best to ever play in MLS? I don’t know about that, but he is certainly among the best.

    Good luck in retirement, Jaime! I’m happy Chi won’t have to play against you anymore. 🙂

  11. was the best in the league for years, always a treat to watch, worth the price of admission to any game if he was playing; would watch United play just because of him

    Thank You Jaime!

  12. How is that ridiculous? Look at his stats Show me another player who measures up to Moreno, and had the impact he had on a team. Besides Pele, there is no other player who played in the US who is on Jaime’s level.

  13. Anyone who can’t recognize Moreno’s contribution to the game in this country and does not recognize his legendary player status is




    Have you WATCHED MLS for more than a couple of years?

  14. I vividly remember the first time I saw Jaime play, burning Jeff Agoos for a goal at the ’96 US Cup when he was playing for Bolivia. Man, was I excited when he joined DC United a couple months later. It’s too bad that he’s playing for a DC United that is a shadow of its former self.

  15. Is he not an MLS Legend? Is he not a legend in DC and for Bolivian fans worldwide? Sorry Pete, your eurosnobbery can’t diminish his status dude. Thanks for playing, come again…

  16. Very sad. On his worst day, I will take him over every player DC United has out there (except Najar. Favorite DC United player behind Etcheverry.

  17. 132 goals and 109 assists. Some people come close in one or the other; no one comes close in both. Where does he rank in MLS history? At the very top.

    But never mind my opinion. A few years ago, Bruce Arena’s opinion was simple and succinct: “Jaime Moreno is the best player in the history of the league.”

  18. His moothness and fluid composure on the ball will be missed.

    But it is time as he seems about 2 steps too slow this season.

  19. How lucky was DC United to get this guy when he was only 23. In his prime he was arguably the best attacking player the league has seen.

  20. Loved watching this guy play in his prime, which was most of his 15 years in the league. One of the top 10 all time great MLS players overall, easy. A great find for MLS. Hope his post-MLS career is as successful as his MLS career.

  21. Jaimie has been a true servant to our team and MLS. He’ll be a loss but it is time to hang up the cleats.

    I hope he sticks around, he has a few things he can teach our youths.

  22. Your a disgrace to mls fans. He may have struggled this season but he is one of the all time greats. Moreno brought a touch of class to this league and is a united legend. Your comment disgusts me. I’ll miss his skill and I hope he stays at dc united as a youth coach. Young players can use his wisdom.


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