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Friday Kickoff: Aquilani, Kuyt could leave Liverpool, Besiktas closes in on Robinho and more

Aquilani (Getty)


A pair of Liverpool midfielders could be on their way out of Anfield before the transfer window closes at the end of August.

Alberto Aquilani was a £20 million signing a year ago, and is now a surplus to requirements under new manager Roy Hodgson. Such is a year in the life of Aquilani, who is on the verge of leaving Liverpool on loan in exchange for first-team action back in his native Italy. Hodgson hasn't guaranteed the 26-year-old a spot in the starting lineup as reports suggest he could be on his way to Juventus.

Meanwhile, Dutch attacker Dirk Kuyt is reported to be weighing an offer to join up with old coach Rafa Benitez at Inter Milan. Benitez brought Kuyt to Liverpool back in 2006 for a £9 million fee.

Here are a few other stories for Friday morning:


Manchester City striker is drawing close to a move to Turkish club Besiktas, aiming to end his two-year stint in the Eastlands. City is hoping to gain back at least half of the £32.5 million they splashed out for the Brazilian striker, in a move with a reported fee of £16 million that could reach as high as £26 million, depending on his performance. If Robinho were to seal the move, he would be reunited with his old coach at Real Madrid, Bernd Schuster.


The Newymar-to-Chelsea story can be put to bed, at least for the time being. The latest Brazilian prodigy had been in a tug-of-war between his current club Santos and Chelsea, who were aiming to sign the 18-year-old attacker. However, the striker has rejected the move, and signed a new five-year deal that will keep him in Brazil for the time being.


Another elongated transfer saga ended Thursday, as Marseille officially confirmed the acquisition of Nice striker Loic Remy. The deal took the 23-year-old French international to the defending Ligue 1 champions for a reported €15.5 million.

Remy will aim to jump-start Marseille's struggling Ligue 1 campaign, as the club has lost their first two games of the season. This assuming the transfer isn't halted by a heart condition uncovered during Remy's physical.


What do you think of the Liverpool transfer rumors? Is Robinho the biggest bust ever? Will Neymar ever end up in Europe? Will Remy succeed with Marseille?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I definitely agree with your statement, but in the defense of Manchester United (albeit a small one), I think Berbatov, Carrick and Anderson have had at least some positive impact on the success of United. They may not have delivered all the goods that were required of them – in which I guess we can technically say they were a “bust” for the money – but United only won a few championships and a Champions league with those players on board (well, not poor Berba). But your point is very valid and I like the statement about City’s tradition. They’re trying (like Chelsea did) to create tradition and garner excitement in a matter of months and years.

  2. There just getting ready for Bryan Ruiz, that’s the man taking the spot, Roy Hodgson allways want it to have Ruiz and letting this players go confirms that.

  3. 1 goal every 3 games in the Superliga is a flop? Fener was runner up in league and cup and Guiza their leading league scorer. I don’t see how that counts as a flop. Does he need to have 1 goal per game to not be considered a flop?

  4. Benfica, Sporting, and Porto got enough money to buy Robinho if they want to. They are not as rich as Madrid and City, but they can buy Robinho if they wanted too.Do not play the Portuguese league like it is poor. It is not poor Bastias is offering Robinho 16 million which could go up to 26 million. The top Portuguese league team can afford 16-26 million for one player.

  5. how can any Turkish club afford Robinho. Dude is payed 150,000 pounds a week or supposedly is. That is more than double what he’s worth. Maybe even 3 times haha

    what ever happened to Dani Guiza? Top scorer in La Liga for 08 and 2 goals in Euro08. Goes to Turkey and flops

  6. All big clubs blow money on players that don’t work out. There are no sure-fire positive acquistions in world football.

    Utd spent millions on berbatov, anderson, carrick. Liverpool spent 20M on keane, then sold him back to spurs six months later for 12M. Aquilani made a couple dozen appearances, mostly as a substitute, for a cool 17M. Chelsea bought swp for 21M, he went back to city for 8M. And how did real’s 60M swoop for kaka turn out?

    Of course all those teams have also made some great purchases. You gotta take the bad with the good. City are no different, they just have less tradition and they’re compiling five years’ worth of transfers into 18 months.

  7. I can’t believe Besitkas missed out on signing Jozy this season. Would have been a steal for them and given them some much needed depth up front this season.

    If they don’t get Robinho…man… i don’t know!

    They’ll be back for Jozy next time the transfer window opens up. I’m sure of it!

  8. You’re right on about Benitez and LFC. Everyone says “Oh he didn’t get the money” but that is bull. Nobody outsepnt LFC during the time he was there (after Chelsea’s big splash and before City’s). It’s just that he’d constantly bring in a few 7-12 million pound players each year that wouldn’t pan out. Maybe they would have been better off spending 20-30 million on one player each year.

  9. Ma. City has blown a lot of money on players who didn’t work out….Lescott comes to midn for 23M….anyone who watched Everton knew he wasn’t worth that kind of money or that good of a player…it amazes me what English clubs will splash out for English players in both transfer fees and wages…of course Benitz did almost the same thign at Liverpool and then the owners got blamed when he had blown all of the moeny on mostly bad signings…


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