O'Neill resigns as Aston Villa manager

O'Neill resigns as Aston Villa manager

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O'Neill resigns as Aston Villa manager


Martin O'Neill (ISIphotos.com)

In one of the more shocking developments of the summer, Martin O'Neill has resigned as Aston Villa manager.

The sudden resignation comes just days before the English Premier League season is to get underway.

Aston Villa has appointed reserve team manager Kevin MacDonald as interim manager.The early speculation is that O'Neill has resigned amid frustration over Aston Villa's restrictive transfer budget.

The news could have a significant impact on a handful of American players at Aston Villa. Goalkeepers Brad Friedel and Brad Guzan both joined Aston Villa during O'Neill's tenure. Young fullback Eric Lichaj could also see the impact of this surprising news.

What do you think of this development? Think Friedel leaves this winter? Hoping MacDonald gives Lichaj some playing time? Who do you see taking over as Aston Villa manager when the dust settles (Bob Bradley?)?

Share your thoughts below.

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