SBI Live Q&A (Aug. 4 Edition)

SBI Live Q&A (Aug. 4 Edition)

SBI Live Q&A

SBI Live Q&A (Aug. 4 Edition)


Good afternoon everybody. It's that time again. Time for us to discuss all things soccer (and some things pop culture) during SBI's semi-regular Live Q&A.

We had some technical difficulties but I'm hoping everything is fine now.

Want to talk U.S. national team? Have questions about the CONCACAF Champions League? Wondering what is wrong with the LA Galaxy? Have a question about the new Jersey Shore (okay, those you could keep to yourself.)

Get your questions ready and send them my way. I think today could be a long session so be sure to follow along, and feel free to jump in at any time.

Let's get started (Q&A is after the jump):

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