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SBI Live Q&A set for 1pm today

If you have been wondering when the next SBI Live Q&A would kick off, your wait is over.

I will be holding a live Q&A today at 1pm today so get your soccer ready to send my way. Whether it's MLS, Europe or international soccer, feel free to fire your questions my way (and yes, if you want to talk pop culture, I'll take a few of those questions as well).

Check back in to SBI at 1pm. See you all then.


  1. I just want to know if they’ll figure out the reserve league next year, I’ve heard they’re close to finding a working format. With all the young academy players coming up some will not play/start and the young reserves to.

  2. Maybe SBI should have an periodically updated FAQ one of the side bars on the site, so any time anyone asks on of these questions, Ives respond, “see the FAQ.”

  3. Haha!! Quality. Don’t forget to include questions posted using player’s names and beginning with “Hey Ives, will I ?”

  4. IS Freddy going to get a call up?
    Why didn’t Charlie Davies play in the WC?
    Bob Bradley should be fired!
    Bob Bradley should be resigned!
    Is Bob Bradley going to the Villa job?
    Where is John OBrien these days?
    Is Donovan going to play in England?
    Is MLS going to have promotion/relegation soon?
    Who should start for the US in Brazil?
    How come you never answer my questions?
    What league is the best?
    What stupid questions did I forget to ask?


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