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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Gareth Bale (GettyImages)

Tottenham begins life as a Top Four Premier League team as it opens the new EPL season against the same Manchester City side it beat to become a Top Four Team.

Spurs and City square off today in the opening match of the Premier League season and the top match of the day.  Major League Soccer will also feature some quality matches on this Soccer Saturday, with New York-Los Angeles and Real Salt Lake-Columbus the top battles on the slate.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV Schedule is after the jump):


7:45am– ESPN2/ Tottenham vs. Manchester City

10am– Fox Soccer Channel/FSE- Aston Villa vs. West Ham

10am– Fox Soccer Plus- Blackburn vs. Everton

Noon– Fox Soccer Plus- Leceister City vs. Middlesbrough

12:30pm– Fox Soccer Channel/FSE- Chelsea vs. West Bromwich Albion

1:45pm– PSV Eindhoven vs. DeGraafschap

2pm– Fox Soccer Plus- Wolverhampton vs. Stoke City (Delayed)

2:30pm– Fox Soccer Channel- Bolton vs. Fulham (Delayed)

2:30pm– GolTV- River Plate vs. Defensor Sporting

4pm– Telefutura- Philadelphia Union vs. Colorado Rapids

5:30pm– GolTV- Palmeiras vs. Atletico Paranaense

6pm– Fox Soccer Channel- New York Red Bulls vs. Los Angeles Galaxy

6pm– Azteca America- Cruz Azul vs. Pachuca

8pm– Direct Kick- DC United vs. FC Dallas

8pm– Direct Kick- New England Revolution vs. Houston Dynamo

8pm– Telefutura- Santos Laguna vs. Jaguares

8pm– Telemundo- Chivas Guadalajara vs. Tecos

9pm– Direct Kick- Real Salt Lake vs. Columbus Crew

10pm- Direct Kick- San Jose Earthquakes vs. Kansas City Wizards

11pm– Direct Kick- Chivas USA vs. Seattle Sounders


  1. very nice. Bradley has developed very nicely in the Bundesliga. Hope he stays there or maybe jumps up to a Stuttgart or Hamburg….

  2. Fulham and Bolton both looked terrible…I’m and EPL fan and all but I don’t think its the best league like everyone claims. Top to bottom I really think the Bundesliga overall is better. Some of these middle to bottom teams in the EPL are terrible.

    The style of play is almost kick and run….probably a reflection of Englands poor playing style in the WC

  3. Is anyone else wondering why Bradley didn’t try Holden in the middle pre or during the WC? Let alone more mins in general.

    He’s a legit EPL player.. and could have helped.. Bradley isn’t too quick to recognize that kind of stuff

  4. hmmm…, you have to wonder about 3 time retread? You must really not rate Hodgson, by your definition, he’s like a 100 time retread.

    Does it really count as a retread when you choose to leave a job to take a better job?

  5. Dempsey doesn’t have a right to start in general, but he’s just better than Gera. The Hungarian did pretty well in front of goal last season, no denying it, and he works very hard, but that said, he can’t create his own shot nearly as well as Demps, and his distribution is not great.

    I was disappointed not to see Dempsey in there over Gera, and while I think he’s good, I’m not the world’s biggest Dempsey fan. He did bring a completely different element to the game when he replaced Gera, so hopefully it won’t take him too long to get back in the starting line up.

    But people also need to relax about saying that Dempsey has to leave the club because he didn’t start one match. I know it’s a bit frustrating, but you you have to at least give it a few games.

  6. I think they had him at CM instead of on the wing. Since Bolton play 4-3-3 I doubt he realistically had a chance to move forward that well.

  7. And as with nearly every game of theirs I have watched, they dominate but give up a goal against the run of play. If they ever get a defense they might be good.

  8. ZOLTAN GERA SCORED A HAT TRICK LAST WEEK. THATS WHY HE IS STARTING AHEAD OF DEMPSEY. Get a grip stop looking at everything as an American and look at it objectively

  9. 1. Dempsey and Gera need to play forward alongside Zamora

    2. Gera scored a HAT-TRICK last week against Werder Bremen

    People think Dempsey has a god-given right to be in Fulham’s starting 11. Newsflash: Fulham is a good team and sometimes Dempsey isn’t the right option. Open your eyes if you were Hungarian you’d be saying the same thing as me. By the way I’m the biggest Dempsey fan around, I started watching Fulham because of him.

  10. You clearly don’t follow Fulham. Yes Dempsey is one of their best players. But with Davies, Duff and Gera none of the four is ever a guaranteed starter. Dempsey does not have to prove his worth. He is just being rotated with Gera at striker.

  11. Once again, Philedelphia is playing some attractive soccer. They have developed nicely. I find myself looking for their games,

  12. Dude.. Like I said above, Dempsey doesn’t start a game and people lose their minds. ITS NOT A BIG DEAL HES ROTATING WITH GERA AT STRIKER BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO OTHER OPTIONS. Gera is a great player, every bit as good as Dempsey.

  13. Why are people freaking out over Deuce not starting today? Hughes just needs Dempsey/Gera to rotate at forward for the time being until Andy Johnson gets healthy or they sign another forward. Gera is a great player and just happened to get the nod. It doesn’t mean Dempsey is out of favor

  14. i’ve said during the world cup that it would be interesting to see Holden at mid. i know he’s one of our better crossing wingers, but the kid is talented and has good vision! he did well at the olympics playing center, correct? nice to see him do well out there.

  15. Agree with beachbum on putting Holden in the middle with Bradley or Jones. Holden has played mostly on the wing for the national team but obviously there’s more need for his poise and possession ability as a center mid. I think he’ll end up being the answer to the long-standing question of who should start alongside Bradley, especially as he gains more experience at Bolton.

  16. No question in my mind that one of Bradley’s biggest mistakes was keeping Holden from playing.

    He is part of the future, and he is a heck of a winger. He also keeps great possession.

  17. I’m heading out to the train station shortly to take in this game tonight. Taking the early train to enjoy a beer or two in the beer garden and then in early to see the Mathis festivities. And hopefully this will be the game that Henry bags his first of many MLS goals in a winning effort for the RBNY.

    I like the cut of Holden’s jib, he’s looked good, and I was happy to read that Lil Bradley scored.

  18. isn’t it awesome?! for me, it’s the game of the day, the one I’m most pumped for…and it’s MLS, in the USA, with euro leagues all starting up today, etc.



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