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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

RooneyTerry (Reuters)

The symbolic beginning of the English Premier League season has kicked off this morning with the Community Shield between Chelsea and Manchester United.

The top two teams in England are squaring off in the match before the actual Premier League season kicks off next week.

Chelsea-ManU is just one of a handful of promising matches on today's schedule. Three MLS tilts are on tap, including a highly-anticipated match between the New York Red Bulls and Chicago Fire, a match that could feature an MLS-record five Designated Players.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):


7:35amCardiff City vs. Sheffield Wednesday

10am– Fox Soccer Channel- Chelsea vs. Manchester United (Community Shield)

1pm– Telemundo- UNAM Pumas vs. Cruz Azul

1pm– Azteca America/Fox Soccer Espanol- Morelia vs. Queretaro

3pm– Fox Soccer Plus- Montpelier vs. Bordeaux

6pm– Galavision- Tecos vs. Puebla

7pm– Fox Soccer Channel/FSE- FC Dallas vs. Philadelphia Union

8pm– Fox Soccer Channel- Philadelphia Independence vs. Boston Breakers

9pm– ESPN2/ Chicago Fire vs. New York Red Bulls

11pm– Direct Kick- Seattle Sounders vs. Houston Dynamo.


  1. Jealous much?

    You cannot compare Dos Santos to Chicharito. Dos Santos is legendary for his love of the night life. Very good talent but doesn’t do enough with it for his club. This before we get into the fact that FIFA picked him as one of the top 3 young players in the WC.

    Hernandez is a kid who is hungry and when ManU sent him a suggested pre-season workout (before he met up with them) he opted to follow that workout to the letter. This while most of the other world cup players were on vacation. But sure, pretend that none of the following points to a bright future: in not even a full season last year (where he left Chivas to be with the national team for a couple of months) he shared the scoring title, that even though he should have started over worthless Franco but did not he still scored 2 very nice goals, and that in 4 games with ManU he has scored 4 goals.

  2. This is the most painful thread I’ve read in my life. Granted its at 10:00 PM hindsight but it’s a real train wreck of a conversation, and all on what is supposed to be match day commentary. I really hope we don’t have to put up with it all year. It could really spoil a great service from SBI for those of us who can’t catch the games on TV.

  3. Dos Santos was on loan to Galatasary and now he’s back at Tottenham: seeing as how they may be playing Champions league footbal, he’ll probably see minutes, which he saw at Galatasary, which is a top Turkish club. Both Chicharito and Jozy scored today…in Europe, well done. Let me be clear no one should be hating on EITHER of them.

  4. Hey I heard that the transfer fee that Man U paid was 90% for hernandez face and 10% for the actual player. I guess they knew he likes to pass it to his face and what a crappy goal. Lets wait unti the end of the season and see what happens to chicaron. Remeber what everyone said about dos santos? what ever happen to that guy. Here is a clue for you if Herculez Gomez was playing for el tri they would make his head explode and he would be in Man u scores some goals and then we would see the same gomez all MLS fans know and love. We US fans know that scoring a goal means nothing, it takes more than to score a couple of goals to be a reg starter. Chicaron fire will burn out and then he will be another mexican player who is out of shape and not commited. He will go no where mark my words, no where.

  5. I think right now Jozy has the edge over Chichi do to the fact that Jozy has played in defensive minded teams unlike chichi and his offensive and great destribution teams. Also we all know Jozy can play in the best league in the world because he proved it at Hull all season long. Let’s not kid ourselfs, Hull wasn’t a very offensive minded team, most of the time it was Jozy creating chances for a team that seem lost on the field. for a 20yr old that is very F&%king impressive. Chicharon hasn’t proven anything yet in Europe. They are friedlies, not regular season games my dear mexican friends. Donovan scored 5 goals in 6 games in the Bundes and we all know that didn’t mean crap. My predictions for chicharon. He plays 2 games doesn’t score do to the speed and physical style of the EPL and rides the bench and get’s loaned out next season. You heard it here first. 🙂 Another Santos & Vela in the makin!haha

  6. They are 2 years apart actually and Hernandez scored more goals in his career than Jozy has 34 in total and Hernandez has 39 but they are 2 years apart trust by 22 Jozy will be a great player Jozy has more assists though with 13 while Hernandez has 5 not counting Jozys penalties caused.

  7. Christian, your logic is faulty. Messi did not score in the world cup, does it mean that Hernandez is a better player than Messi?

  8. Chicharito is on a major roll right now. Miskicking the ball and you still score with your face? Kid can’t miss right now.

  9. Josh, let’s not go overboard. Jozy was the leading scorer for the USMNT in the WC qualifying. Chicharito has a total of two goals for Mexico in official matches (I do not count goals in friendlies). Chicharito is quicker and more polished technically, Jozy is stronger and draws more fouls, both are young and talented. Both could become stars for their national teams in the future and both could underachieve.

  10. hahahaha SP.

    but I’d say an easier debate is what kinda striker will Altidore turn out to be and where’s his career headed?

    Will he get solid stats like a McBride?

    Will he have a shortened European career and head back to MLS like a Mathis?

    Or will he take time to develop and have success within a much smaller league and be decent like EJ?

  11. Barry…Jozy has been touted in the US for years and hasn’t produced what he should at the highest level in Europe, especially when you consider he’s been over there for a couple of years (give him some lee-way for getting bounced around, but his Hull City Stats are nothing to be proud about; drawing fouls is useful but its not classy, skillful, or very hard, in fact it’s a but shameful and un-sportsmanlike, but it happens). Your pointing out that Herc Gomez won the golden boot coming off the bench belies the fact that Chicharito didn’t even finish off the club season with Chivas. This is coming from a Gringo Barry, I’m not trying to put down Jozy, I dont think anyone is. As a supporter of the USMNT and US players playing everywhere we should be critical of our own, so long as the criticism is contstructive. Jozy is gonna get a chance at Besiktas this next season; Chcicharito is about to start his European career so I don’t think we can make the comparisons at the club level between the two (least not properly in respects to each players time in Europe); we can only look to Jozy’s record in Europe, and I feel he should have used his time at Hull to score goals, help keep the club up, NOT get sent off in the second to last game and benched for the rest of the season. But on the international level, Chicharito has got a couple more impressive scalps than Jozy does; But both are young and both are gonna light Concacaf on fire I hope, we need a competitive region if we’re gonna compete w/ the best S.American and European teams.

  12. Extremes? Chicharito has done what to warrant this superior status over Jozy? I am just saying that Jozy has as much upside as he and is younger but he seems to be valued less. I know that i am not going to win this argument but this is all opinion right now. In 4 to 8 years we will know.

    (SBI-I would suggest that we all save this Chicharito-Altidore debate for another time and place. It’s run its course here and it has gone further than it needed to, thanks in large part to the trolling of a handful of people on each side of the debate. This post is supposed to be about today’s games, not some random argument being perpetuated mainly by three or four people.)


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