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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

The most anticipated English Premier League match of the weekend kicks off this morning with Liverpool taking on Arsenal in Sunday's best match of the day.

Liverpool begins life without Rafa Benitez and will take on a Gunners squad that still boasts Cesc Fabregas in its ranks.

Liverpool-Arsenal headlines a light slate of matches today, with the Sao Paulo-Cruizeiro tilt another quality match on the schedule.

If you will be watching today's matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):


11am- Fox Soccer Channel/FSE- Liverpool vs. Arsenal

1pm- Azteca America- Puebla vs. Atlante

1pm- Telemundo- Toluca vs. Tigres

3pm- GolTV- Sao Paulo vs. Cruzeiro

3pm- Fox Soccer Plus- Lille vs. Paris St. Germain

3:15pm- Benfica vs. Academica de Coimbra

5:30pm- Univision- America vs. Atlas

6pm- Fox Soccer Channel- Boston Breakers vs. Sky Blue


  1. You are largely spot on, Chase. ‘pool played REALLY well defensively as you would expect a team coached by Uncle Roy. But the pigheaded nature of Arsenal’s attack was kind of obvious too. They had lots of chances to get the ball wide and cross and instead they opted to pass thru the middle.

  2. I think the organization from the Liverpool defense played a big part. They haven’t looked that good since the 2008-08 campaign. Its too bad a goalkeeping blunder blighted such an inspired performance.

  3. If you’re a sports fan, DIrecTV is where it’s at. NFL, Tennis major multi-cast, Golf majors multi-cast, all 3 soccer channels in HD, UEFA multi-cast, ALL the CL and Europa matches in HD. I’ve got it.

    This advertisement was NOT a paid endorsement.

  4. Without seeing the game I am pretty sure he meant the ball hit him in the face. Maybe I just don’t have as dirty of a mind as needed.

  5. poor turnover by Arsenal in their own 3rd, I think it was Arshhhhhaven with the bad decision on the dummy trap that turned it over, which was pounced on for the near post upper tiered strike

    was vacuuming for my wife at the same time, so…….

  6. I don’t think Coles foul was a red, yellow yes but not a red. Arsenal areso weak without cesc Wilshire shows his youth he needs more patience inthe middle. Liverpool look like themselves though a big pile of Scouse crap.

  7. Great tackle by the newboy Joe. I’m sure SAF will be sending him a bottle of wine after such a lovely challenge. And welcome to the EPL, Laurent.

  8. No FSC or Gol TV available on Comcast in my part of Connecticut. its the only cable company available at my apt. complex. Its freaking lame. Maybe its time for SBI to go big and sign a deal to stream these games.

  9. Oh Joey. The only song for him at Stamford Bridge was “He’s here, here’s there, he’s every f*ing-where, Joey Cole”. At Anfield, he’s in the showers. Nightmare start.

  10. i’ve got FiOS – no HD and no plus. In my experience Direct TV sucks in thr midwest. you lose your signal every time there is a storm.

  11. Charter Cable here in SC….no HD and no FSC+ either. Everybody says the Direct TV package is the shizzle…waiting on a move before deciding what I’m doing with TV.

    I can say that the Direct TV Golf and NFL stuff is absolutely brilliant.

  12. Does anyone have Comcast Fox Soccer Channel and it is still not in HD? I am just outside Chicago and they do not have it in HD. Also, they do not have Fox Soccer Plus. May have to make the move to Direct TV. Plus the feed sucks! Is it like that on Direct TV or just comcast?


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