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Transfer Ticker: Besiktas eyeing Keane, Babel to join Spurs and more

Robbie Keane 1 (Getty Images) 


Robbie Keane may be leaving the Premiership once again.

On the final day of the summer transfer window, Keane has been revealed as a transfer target of Besiktas. The Turkish club is reported to have made an £8 million bid to Tottenham for Keane, who is no stranger to being moved on the final day of a transfer window.

Keane was loaned out from Tottenham to Celtic on the final day of the winter transfer window earlier this year. He also rejoined Tottenham from Liverpool on transfer deadline day in February 2009.

Here are some more stories from the final day of the transfer window:

Babel to join Tottenham

Ryan Babel looks set to join Tottenham from Liverpool on a £10 million move. Babel had been linked with both Tottenham and West Ham United, but the former has made a last-day bid for the Dutch international worthy of accepting.

Schwarzer sticking with Fulham

Fulham goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer will be staying with the club after being linked with Arsenal in recent weeks. Schwarzer was keen on a move to the Gunners, but a transfer fee could never be agreed upon, with Fulham twice rejecting bids.

Bolton acquire Moreno on loan

Bolton Wanderers have bolstered its attacking options with the capture of Spain U-19 forward Rodrigo Moreno on a season-long loan from Benfica. The 19-year-old forward had just transferred to Benfica from Real Madrid last month.


Think deadline day should be named after Keane once he retires? How do you see Babel fitting at Tottenham? Disappointed Schwarzer didn't join Arsenal? Like Bolton's acquisition of Moreno?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. “Gyan is someone who just got hot at the world cup, scoring one of his goals on a pk. ”

    If scoring penalties were so easy anyone could do it Ghana would be in the semifinals instead of Uruguay.

  2. Take this info for what it’s worth… but Jermaine Defoe recently posted this on his twitter page:

    “Just herd the Rafael’s deal gone through massive coup for spurs he’s a real top player set piece specialist too”

    If this happens, major signing for Spurs.

  3. unless they decide to move Mo Edu to the wing, i dont think so. Weiss is a winger, not a central midfielder. Check out this from Walter Smith, the coach about Weiss. It’s also a blow to beasley who couldn’t be more of a winger if he tried:

    “We are pleased with the way he played,” he said, according to PA. “We’ve never really had a winger and in my three-and-a-half years here I’ve kind of toiled manfully to try to find one.

  4. RD is a good player but he was never Real Madrid good. He is a hard worker and has solid defensive skills, so I am glad to see him move.

  5. Not to pile on, but edu may have lost his spot to the on-loan weiss.

    But hey, beasley has a new squad writing him checks…

  6. Watched Yepes for years with PSG — Gooch is a better player, less prone to stupid mistakes.

    I wonder if he is still having problems with the knee.

  7. ****, it’s a good thing I’ve been a Spain fan for all these years!

    I’m a USMNT fan and do not feel the same sense of dread. Many good young players coming up, guys who are going to be exciting to watch.

  8. Seems like eons ago…

    I don’t see why Benny couldn’t get $200-300K from RBNY to fill that CAM role

    I feel bad for Landon too…as much as he says he loves playing in Los Angeles (and as a native Angeleno I understand the appeal), his heart really seems to be with Everton

    It’s tough to go from the Prem, to a smattering of games with a hot Galaxy team, to World Cup training, to the big stage in South Africa, to the talk show circuit, and now back to feeding balls to the likes of Mike Magee against the KC Wizards while Europe is in full swing

    if the Galaxy get a healthy Beckham and Ronaldinho next season maybe he will be inspired again, but he just seems bored

  9. Profoundly depressing.

    6 weeks ago it was “Where will Michael Bradley go, Liverpool? Arsenal? Donovan at Chelsea or back at Everton? Dempsey to AC Milan? Demerit, Feilhaber, and Altidore will definitely find first division teams.” etc…

  10. 10 million on Altidore, if I was Sunderland. He’s a big strong forward who can hold the ball up and has EPL experience. Gyan is someone who just got hot at the world cup, scoring one of his goals on a pk. Granted, the goal scored on us was well taken, but he is definitely over priced at 16 million euros.

  11. Euan Holden, Stuart’s lil brother, is on trial with St. Mirren. I think he is a left back but I hear he is leaning towards Scotland, not sure how good he is though.

  12. agreed, the last 24 hours has not been great for American soccer

    Benny staying in 2nd division Denmark, DeMerit apparently having fallen off the face of the earth, Jozy and Freddy stuck on teams where they don’t look to play much, Landy wasting away with a slumping Galaxy, Spector playing one of the worst soccer games of all time, and Dempsey having to prove himself yet again and battle for playing time…oh yeah, and Gulati failing to close Klinsmann yet again

    at least Holden is going 90 for Bolton

  13. glad he stayed over there warming…he’s not even warming benches….I’m not sure what exactly he’ll be warming this year!!!!!

    But he better move in the winter transfer window, not much demand in the market for 32 year olds that haven’t played a lick of football in the last 4 years…..

  14. I’m really surprised that no USMNT WC player has made a big transfer this summer. I would have bet money on at least BradleyLite, Demerit, or Feilhaber going somewhere else in Europe.

    I’m also really surprised that Adu stayed in Europe. He’s young enough that he could come back to MLS, get some serious playing time, and try it again, a la Donovan at Everton.

  15. Sunderland paid 16 million euros for Asamoyah Gyan, that’s just a bit over 1 million euros for each goal he’s scored in the last two years combined!

  16. Someone with 58,000 followers on twitter claiming to be Ryan Babel has tweeted that he isn’t going anywhere. Might be something left to hammer out in the next hour before his move is official.

    Stoke City have made a BUNCH of moves today.


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