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Transfer Ticker: Poulsen to Liverpool, Carvalho to Madrid and more


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Liverpool completed a deal for former Juventus midfielder Christian Poulsen on Thursday for a reported transfer fee of £4.5 million.

The 30-year-old Denmark international will be reunited with manager Roy Hodgson at Anfield. He previously played for Hodgson with FC Copenhagen back in 2000.

The signing of Poulsen, a holding midfielder, could also be the final indication that Javier Mascherano is on his way out. Mascherano has expressed is desire to leave Anfield, and how Liverpool has the insurance policy to let him go.

In other transfer news around the world:


Portuguese international Ricardo Carvalho has left Chelsea to reunite with Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid for a transfer fee of £6.6 million. 

Carvalho, 32, started for Portugal at the World Cup and will compete for a starting job for Los Blancos. He previously played for Mourinho at Chelsea and has been outspoken about his admiration for the manager.


Ashley Young, widely rumored to be transferring to Tottenham, appears to be staying with Aston Villa, according to the BBC.

Young, a 25-year-old English international, enjoyed a stellar season in 2009-2010 and has drawn interest from top teams around Europe.


Manchester United and U-20 English international forward Danny Welbeck looks to be spending the upcoming Premier League season on loan at Sunderland.

Welbeck, 19, appeared in 11 matches in all competitions for Manchester United last season, and he totaled two goals and an assist in Carling Cup play. 


Phil Jagielka, who was credited with an own-goal in England's 2-1 victory over Hungary Wednesday, is reportedly not leaving Everton for Arsenal as had previously been speculated.

Jagielka told Sky Sports that manager David Moyes informed him that he would be staying at Goodison Park this season.


Do you think Poulsen can fill Mascherano's shoes at Liverpool? Expect Carvalho to come in and start at Madrid? Surprised to see Young stay at Villa? Think Welbeck can have a big season with Sunderland?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. They don’t need it. The league is corrupt and so are half the owners. Lots of money in that league.

    Heard he was on his way to AC at one point this summer though.

  2. This is only a recent development because the loanee had this habit of hitting a goal against the parent club quite often. This rule only goes back say 4-5 years?

  3. It’s whether the inital shot was on target or not:
    -Deflections from shots that were originally deemed to be on-target, are not considered OG’s; but if the ball deflects off an offensive teammate in this situation, the teammate will get credit for the goal.
    -Deflections that cause off-target shots/crosses to go into the goal are considered scored by the person who deflected the ball (so defenders=OG).

  4. Also, that would explain why when a shot bounces off the post, hits the back of the keeper, and then goes in it counts as an own goal against the keeper.

  5. Also, that’s would fit with when a shot hits the post, bounces off the back of the keeper and goes in it counts as an own goal against the keeper.

  6. It usually seems that if the shot was going to be on target and it deflects (even if it changes direction0, the offensive player gets the goal. If the shot or cross was not going to be on goal, and the deflection sends it in, then it’s an own goal. I have no idea if there is an actual rubric, but that’s my educated guess.

  7. Can anyone explain the whole own-goals thing? So many cases of players getting deflections on balls heading into the net yet the player who shot it gets the goal. Is it just cause it’s kinda impossible to keep anyone from getting a touch or minor deflection on the ball or what? always confused me. It’s like you only get an own goal when it’s 100% seen and realized you touched it all.

  8. Thanks. That certainly seems like the sane thing to do. Seems that otherwise the loaned player would be “conflicted” at best.

  9. Normally the parent club puts language into the loan agreement that the loaned player cannot play against the parent club. I know this was the case when they originally loaned Tim Howard to Everton.

  10. Does anyone know how a loan works when you loan a player to another team in the same division? For instance, with the Danny Wellbeck loan, is there a “gentleman’s agreement” at the time of the loan that when United plays Sunderland, Wellbeck is sat out for that game? Or, does he play and go balls out trying to score on his teammates?

  11. Young’s best season was 07-08 I believe. He could start for any team in Europe outside the Top 4. Maybe he just enjoys his wages or the language but I’d love to see him play for a Valencia or Napoli. He could be a star abroad, i just know it.

  12. I saw that pic and thought maybe Honda was going to a league I get on TV. Kind of surprised Moscow haven’t turned a quick profit with him.


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