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U-20 roster set for Peru tournament

U.S. Soccer Federation


Fresh off leading the United States U-20 men's national team to the Milk Cup title in Northern Ireland, coach Thomas Rongen has set his roster for the youth team's next challenge.

The United States Soccer Federation released the 20-man roster for its upcoming four-team tournament in Peru, which begins Sept. 6. Many of the players who competed in the Milk Tournament are not on the roster due to collegiate obligations, leading this group to be comprised of professional- and academy-based players. The U.S. U-20s will face Paraguay, 2011 U-20 FIFA World Cup host Colombia and tournament host Peru over a five-day span.

Here's the U-20 roster for the tournament:

GOALKEEPERS – Samir Badr (Porto), Cody Cropper (Ipswich Town)

DEFENDERS – Gale Agbossoumonde (Braga), Anthony Brooks (Hertha Berlin), Bryan De La Fuente (Chivas USA), Christian Flores (Club Tijuana), Greg Garza (G.D. Estoril Paia), Emilio Orozco (Tigres), Korey Veeder (Crystal Palace Baltimore)

MIDFIELDERS – Victor Garza (Tigres), Kevin Huezo (Pachuca), Francisco Navas Cobo (Houston Dynamo), Ernest Nungaray (Morelia), Moises Orozco (Tigres), Conor Shanosky (D.C. United), Cesar Zamora (Chivas USA)

FORWARDS – Juan Agudelo (New York Red Bulls), Jerome Kiesewetter (Hertha Berlin), Adrian Ruelas (Santos Laguna), Omar Salgado (Portland Timbers)  

Who are you looking forward to seeing the most? Impressed with what Rongen has been able to accomplish with the U-20s?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Keep your eyes on Brian DelaFuente. He’s listed as a defender, but plays midfield for Chivas USA’s U-18 squad. He was officially signed on Tuesday to the first team. Glad to see Ives and his staff all over that one.

    Also, Cesar Zamora is listed as a midfielder, but plays left or right back for Chivas USA’s first team also.

  2. I just want them to develop into good pros. I don’t care if the don’t make it until the 2018 WC squad as long as they’re ready then.

  3. None. How many pretty good players have we lost because of this – 1 (Subotic). People need to relax about this stuff. Reading message boards on BS about why a 16 year old kid allegedly doesn’t like a coach is insane and 99% of it is not accurate. We have pretty good youth teams (in comparison to how our National team does), they are improving, the scouting is improving, and the MLS is improving at developing youth. These are all good things.

  4. Geez, so any voiced concern invloving those from South of the Border MUST be biased/racist? I think the operative point of Martha’s post was that those with dual citezenship would get PT with the US and then “switch and play for Mex.” To my knowledge the most infamous versions of this involved players from Europe. You might want to read the full post before showing your own bias.

  5. Overall, why do I feel like we are always having a discussion about how a youth player’s experience was ruined to a point where they essentially refuse to play for the team.

    It isn’t just one coach either… it’s most of the Youth staff who seem to be involved in creating these scenarios.

    How many great players are we losing because of seeming incompetence from the youth coaching staff.

  6. Well — Badr was always ranked more highly than Hamid, but Hamid is busy as DCU’s starting goalie right now. McInenrney is playing first team ball, too. Gil was just loaned out…I’m guessing St. Louis wants to get him into games…

  7. I’ve had a lot of good looks at Kory Veeder playing for Baltimore. He has gotten a lot of playing time and been training hard. He has been progressing. Sure, it is the US Second division but the kid has looked good playing against men. He can definitely contribute to thhis squad.

  8. hamid is too old, born 1990 ( november)

    gil is sitting on the bench for St louis is USL…..that should be enough for you

    Perhaps the blame should be on Cabrera for ruining gyau’s experience. Sometimes its not that easy to change the past for a kid like gyau.

    Zahavi , after learning of him on the boards on BS, is playing for haifa in champions league and looks set to leave portugal youth national team to play with us! that one is good

  9. Fischy has a point. Doesn’t seem so “tired and old” to me. Rongen has done a lot of good things but he has made some significant mistakes or done some things that have to be questioned.

  10. I didn’t realize Lletget’s condition was so serious.

    I also hadn’t heard that Renken was struggling in Vancouver. Not exactly surprising, given his injuries. Believe me, I know — I’ve had both knees reconstructed. Still, I hope he sticks with it. Even if he doesn’t fully realize the potential he had, he could still carve out a nice career for himself.

    As for Gyau — my point was that it’s on Rongen to get him back into the USA fold…

  11. nah- they have more freedom to sign more players with residency programs. The USMNT is just doing a better job identifying what players have duel-nationality and having them in for camps to see how good they are. The MLS teams have been doing much better lately with their squads- Bowen, Hamid and Najar could all be superstars. This team could have been comprised 50% MLS guys if Ibrahim, Bowen, Jack Mac and Gil could have been picked.

  12. A rare blood disease and mono, also checked to make sure everything was ok with his spleen. West Ham are taking all the necessary precautions and will not rush him back.

  13. He was with the U-20s for the tournamnet in Holland. He also played with DC United youth team and is from Maryland.

    He turns 18 this month so he’ll be able to sign abroad according to Fifa. However, he doesn’t have an EU passport so unless Marseille want to give him a non-EU roster spot I’m not sure he can sign in France.

  14. I must say I am really excited about the forward stock. Ruelas, Salgado and Aguedelo seemed to be really dangerous in N. Ireland. Also, to think that Bowen and Jac Mac have been yet to be called up this is prob. are most deep crop of forwards- the best part, they all play professional- they seem to posses different qualitiies with offensive flair in some, size in others and speed in most. I can’t wait for the U20 World Cup.

    The midfield called in is a little foreign to the normal guys from the U17 team. Still no Lletget- is he healthy yet from mono? I’m not surprised Gil was left home because he is getting PT with St. Louis right now. Shanosky should get a good shot at CDM with Powers left off for collegiate obligations. Also, this should be a good test for the goalies with MacMath with collegiate obligations as well.

    The defense is relatively unknown with the Akron backline left off the roster. Boss and Garza should start but it will be interesting to see who they pair with. This seems to be a good test for the boys from the Mexican league.

    To the above, I hear the complaints about Rongen and Gyau and Renken but haven’t those guys had multiple knee surgeries? It seems more injury than anything else. I am surprised Stefan Jerome was left off but he is getting about 15 mins a game with Miami.

  15. It may be, but the question was asked if we’re impressed with what he’s accomplished. What has he accomplished? Why is Rongen still the coach, while Bradley has to beg to be rehired after taking the USA to the Confed Cup final and winning the group in the World Cup group stage?

    Honestly — it boggles the mind.

  16. Lletget has been sick and west ham is continuing to monitor his situation. Check out some of the info floating around right now. Seems he had a very serious illness..

  17. rongen already had dewee in when the team went to holland….stunk.

    Word from vancouver is Renken is finished and already considering retirement. GYau…..wants to play for Ghana because of a bad experience with Wilmer…..get it right my man.

    Funny how we all post on this and some of us just make things up on the fly.

  18. really? Sad. Its actually a really good thing. MLS hasnt been able to develop technical players and wont be able to for the next 30 yrs. im actually quite excited that alot of these kids are down there. Maybe our boys will learn to control the ball and not have to chase the game against the Mexies all the time. the switching wont happen as much as people think. it think its a matter of who comes calling first with these kids.

  19. Good argument above.

    It seems that the Mexican league/scouts are much much better at finding and training young American talent than US Soccer.


  20. “Impressed with what Rongen has been able to accomplish with the U-20s?”


    Huh? What has Rongen accomplished with the U20s? Beating some club teams and Northern Ireland at the MILK Cup? Or, do we consider the U20 World Cup flame-out? Pushing Subotic out of the USA fold? When does he mend fences with Gyau and Lletget? Are we at risk of losing Renken, too? Rongen’s made an impression, that’s for sure. I wonder how long it’ll take USA soccer to recover….

  21. Sad we have to depend on the MFL to find and develop our prospects. Sad that at some point have of the dual national Mexicans on the team will switch and play for Mex

  22. wonderful to see so many in pro setups. this is a great development. the days of pinebook hs and st. benedicts academy are (hopefully) over.

  23. A lot of Tigres players on here. I don’t know much about MFL….is Tigres any good?

    Players I want to watch for…Greg Garza (LB), Gale (CB), Juan Agudelo (F) as I see these positions as places where Young players could be brought up to the USMNT quickly to fill holes/weeknesses, and Shanosky (M) because I’m a DC Fan.

  24. With its best midfield players having other obligations, the team could either sink or swim. Let’s hope that somebody steps up in the middle.

  25. as far as i can recall this is one of the, if not THE, first All-Pro U20 team we’ve fielded. This is exciting news.

    Should be for some interesting play, and perhaps a very interesting U20 squad when they get integrated in with the regulars prior to quals.


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