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USA to face Poland in Chicago on October 9th


The U.S. men's national team has officially announced the scheduling of its long-rumored friendly against Poland, set for Oct. 9th at Soldier Field in Chicago (8pm, Fox Soccer Channel/Univision).

The match will be the first played by the United States since its 2-0 loss to Brazil last week, and could mark the first chance for German-born midfielder Jermaine Jones to make his U.S. national team debut.

The United States is expected to schedule a second friendly for on Oct. 13th (a FIFA fixture date), with Colombia considered a possible opponent and the New York market a potential home for the match.

It remains unclear whether U.S. coach Bob Bradley will still be the team's head coach, but with Bradley slated to meet with U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati in the coming days, his future with the team stands a good chance of being determined before the October 9th friendly.

(UPDATED)- The match is likely to feature a team heavy on European players given the fact that 14 MLS teams are on action on the same day, the day before or the day after the friendly. While the match is on an international fixture date, U.S. Soccer has a track record of avoiding calling up MLS players for friendlies that will force them to miss MLS matches. It seems even less likely in October, which will be during the heart of the playoff race.

The only two teams that aren't playing in close proximity to the October 9th match date are Los Angeles and Philadelphia, which play each other on October 7th. That could give players such as Landon Donovan, Edson Buddle and Omar Gonzalez time to join the national team in Chicago. (END OF UPDATE)

Glad to finally see this game on the schedule? What new faces are you hoping to see called up? Excited about the possibility of Jermaine Jones getting the call?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Well he fits all the criteria.

    Lots of international and European experience at playing and winning at the highest levels in the World , Europe and South America. Coached a top flight team the World Cup finals.

    Speaks Spanish. Is familiar with fluent, attacking football and has shown a tendency to structure his team to attack at all costs. Is colorful with the press. He is everything Bob Bradley isn’t.

    What’s not to like?

    Sign him up now.

  2. As I recall Twellman was competing not with Wolffe but with McBride. Still I might have brought hm along but Twellman has never been convincing at the interantional level.

    OBrien was a midfielder/left back

    Demerit would have been behind Pope, Onyewu, Berhalter and Conrad. At the time, not a lot of people were upset about Demerit’s absence or Buddle’s.

    That US team was not as bad as the results made it seem, the key was Reyna over the hill and then hurt and JOB was unfit. We had no one capable of filling their shoes either in Germany or elsewhere. That left the US with a broken midfield. Arena gambled on being able to get something out of OBrien and lost.

    So I don’t see any of your guys making that much difference.

  3. “However, Spector gets the benefit of the doubt because he goes against EPL players. ”

    And gets torched. Nothing Spector has done lately in the EPL ( will he get off the bench this year?) tells me he is a ready made alternative to Boca or JB on the left. Besides,when you put him on the left you lose his greatest asset, his crossing ability

    I’m not saying JB is the answer only that if the question is “Give me a list of viable alternatives” people throw out a lot of questionable names.

    Alston has played 40 or so MLS games. Not a tremendous sample size. And when he played in that all star game, well, don’t you think playing for the USMNT is big pressure too? Alston failed that test pretty miserably which is not to say he won’t do better later but the point is he is way, way unproven at this time.

    Whenever I’ve seen Castillo in Mexico he looks like a chicken with his head cut off, which is not to say he shouldn’t be tried at LB for the USMNT, he should. But to say he is a better option than JB at left back right now…there is no evidence of that.

    “He is being played out of his natural position and its not his fault…”

    And you think left back is a natural positon for any of these “alternatives”?

    Castillo is a converted midfielder like JB. Alston is a right back, Spector’s natural postion is center back, Daniel Williams is a naturally right footed right midfielder, Gregory Garza is a midfielder at Sporting Lisbon.

    At this point, except for Boca, JB may be the most “natural” left back, of all of them.

    You want a candidate to replace him who might be ready now? Robbie Rogers or Bobby Convey.

  4. Edgar Castillo is better.

    you know, Ive seen JB against MLS players and I remain unconvinced. What a coincidence right?. However, Spector gets the benefit of the doubt because he goes against EPL players. Edgar may be on par with defensive skill over JB however, edgar has him beat with recovery speed as opposed to JB who reverts to desperate defending causing fouls in and around the box. Castillo is more technical. You know with respect to looking inferior against Man U, that happens to players a lot especially to players in the EPL…dont you think? Those two are better options period. Now my point was to stress the fact that there has been little competition outside of pearce. It’s counterproductive when your best left back is a rightfooted center-back. There needs to be healthy competition for that left back position. I know the truth hurts. JB is not the answer…he is not class. He is being played out of his natural position and its not his fault…

  5. primoone said “better”

    There’s no doubt about Boca but he won’t be around much longer.

    I’ve seen Spector at left back for the US and for West Ham and remain unconvinced.

    I’ve seen Castillo and if he would be better than JB it wouldn’t be by much and besides he was hurt prior to the World Cup. He delayed so long in choosing the US over Mexico, Bradley never really had much time to work him in.

    I haven’t seen much of Alston but he ( and Pearce) looked like high school players in the MLS All Star game against Man U. You’d think he would have used the occasion to impress everyone.

    Williams is a 21 year old right footed defensive midfielder who has played 5 games for the Freiberg first team.

    Garza has yet to play a first team game.

    None of these guys, with the exception of Boca, are anywhere near proven to be “better options” than JB.

    If this is the best JB has to face, he’ll be playing a lot at LB for the USMNT for the next few years.

  6. Current USNT Captain Carlos Bocanegra & Maybe Jonathan Spector.

    Potential/Furture USNT Players:

    Daniel Williams (LB/RB/DM) for FC Friberg

    Edgar Castillo (LB/LM)

    Kevin Alston (RB/LB) for NE Revolution

    Gregory Garza (LB) Sporting Lisbon reserves

  7. He left Taylor Twellman off who clearly was in hot form and playing better then Josh Wolf and an out of Form O’Brien. And also he had that spectacular hat trick. Bruce did not do good in 2006, but in 2002 was great. Putting Beasley on the right side was dumb in the check match. Beasley is a left footed player at the level he would not have time to pivot and get his hips around the ball with his left foot in a right mid position. Arena could have used Demerit too, and Buddle.

  8. Is it really that surprising that FSC has the rights? FSC has consistently secured the rights to second tier USMNT friendlies for a while.

    The game also falls smack dab in the middle of the college football season on a Saturday night when the Worldwide Leader will be neck deep in coverage across all of its platforms. Plus, ESPN usually only steps up on big time USMNT friendlies (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, etc) or one’s in the lead up to the World Cup.

  9. We’ve played 2 Eastern European teams in the last 4 years. Poland & Slovakia. I don’t think that is grounds for “ANOTHER” to be capitalized.

  10. Even a blind squirrel…

    however, this isnt even the case. You cannot say someone played well just because he didn’t play bad. After replaying JBs appearances, it was the same JB we saw. He was beat…caught on the wrong foot… ill-advised runs while giving up possession too easily in the attacking third leaving his side exposed. Par for the course right? the only difference is the opposition was not able to capitalize because he had another defender sliding right there to help wipe his arse. I am pretty sure the majority share in this sentiment.

    Im not saying JB is a complete waste. What I am saying is he is not the answer and not the player that JB proponents say he is…There are better options other than JB. Get those kids in and make JB earn his spot against some prospective left backs.

  11. Qwest Field would be great.. as would Red Bull Arena.. in October why not also try Miami or DC?

    Im hoping for a US-Canada friendly at QWest next year..

  12. great selections by US Soccer, much better than the US-Brazil fundraiser. Great time to get the Euro-based players going again and a bunch of new players in the fold. The US needs more games vs. B/C level teams like Poland and Colombia or Turkey, Chech Rep. that are not from Concacaf.

  13. I’d just like to commend you on your suggestions for call-ups. Well thought out. I can tell you know what you’re talking about. I know this because I actually know what I’m talking about too!!! HA

  14. them to USA = them to friends

    returnig = returning

    such beautiful = such beautiful women

    Sorry for the typos – new laptop

  15. As a USMNT fan and Fire fan I have attended every USMNT game in Chicago except the Gold Cup final (had tickets but gave them to USA as I was returnig from Amsterdam and pissed I missed it). The last Poland v USA game was great and packed. As a gentleman I have not been a USA game in Chicago including the Brazil game that featured such beautiful as the Poland. USA first, eye candy next

  16. The US / Columbia match should be played at Red Bull Arena…the true Cathedral of Football in America. Why play in a pointy ball field that lacks atmosphere?

  17. @SBI: Not the first time the main post has been corrected or updated and commenters have come out looking like they didn’t read it.

    Granted, y’all often mark that your post has been updated.

    (It’s something that happens when we get the initial post out quickly and then add more details. I’ll try to make it more clear where the updates are so people don’t go ripping the early comments.)

  18. Univisión has had Spanish language (in the US) broadcast rights to the USMNT for years(although the games are often on Telefutura or Galavisión).

    It’s bigger news to me that Fox has the rights in English.

    As an aside, Univisión outbid NBC/Telemundo for the Mexican nats, opening the door to US-Mexico friendlies once again.

  19. I’m bummed. I’m of Polish descent and live in NJ, and the original NYC location would have been great for me. That being said, it will be exciting to see a huge number of Polish fans in Chicago.

  20. What!? No Philly players deemed worthy of potential call up!? ;-D I guess the closest thing we have to a USMNT player is Justin Mapp and Orozco Fiscal and neither of them are playing anywhere near like they’d have to be. Other than that, I’ll just hold out hope that McInerney grows into his potential and that Mwanga and Le Toux become citizens!

  21. Where would they play Columbia in NY besides Red Bull Arena because it’ll be the heart of football season (No New Meadowlands)?

  22. The travel issue is for the players. This is going to be a heavily Europe-based squad because of the conflicts with the MLS schedule that Ives identified. They’ll want to stay on the east coast as a result.

  23. “Let’s not make the mistake of complacency

    that was made with Bruce Arena. ”

    What complacency? If you mean Arena had no one to push his regulars well,in 2006 JOB and Reyna were basically unfit in the first case and slowing down and then injured in the second case. Arena had no depth. Who did he leave at home that should have been in Germany? Arena ran out of players. If Bradley stays, then he should benefit from a growing US talent pool.

    “Competition for spots with a new coach without favorites will only help raise our game.”

    Like a new coach won’t have favorites? Ever watch Morinho’s career and notice how certain guys follow him around? A new guy would have favorites. You just don’t like Bradley’s favorites. I’d point out that Donovan,Dempsey,Howard,Bradley and Boca were also Bradley favorites.

    As for a new coach, if Klinsman hasn’t declared already, it seems to me he ain’t coming. Who are you going to bring in now who is unemployed? Quieroz has to get fired by Portugal first. Sven? Sure. Maradona? He has international experience at managing,playing and winning at the highest levels right? And he speaks Spanish. Does he speak English?

  24. Everyone wants a US game in their backyard, and I might be grasping at straws here, but how about 10.13 USA vs Colombia in Seattle?

    Before anybody jumps on my back about logistics, I agree, there are plenty of reasons it won’t happen (travel distance, turf, etc.) Clearly we won’t be getting a meaningful game with mainly Euro roster due to travel length alone, but if we bring a predominantly MLS based roster, as suggested by some, maybe. 3 Colombians on the Sounders roster, Montero could play infront of the home crowd. Qwest field is open on the 13th (& nearest football game is weeks away). On Tuesday the Sounders GM said the final friendly will be announced next week (& we’re running out of valid options).

    Am I crazy? A man can hope right?

  25. are you just choosing to ignore his performances in the world cup? he was fantastic and really solidified our defense while getting forward. I disliked him a lot before the WC but after, I’m a believer, regardless of the brazil game where everyone looked terrible


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