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Western Conference Notebook: Dynamo making progress on stadium, West clubs in control of playoff race and more



The Houston Dynamo have big plans in the works.

In a recent press conference, Tim Leiweke, the President of Dynamo co-owner AEG announced that plans are in place to break ground on the Dynamo's new stadium at the end of the year. The 110 million dollar facility will likely be finished during the summer of 2012 and will house the Dynamo and athletics for Texas Southern University.  The stadium will be along a new light rail line to make it more accessible while also being adjacent to a new mixed-use development project. 

In the same interview, Leiweke encouraged the Dynamo to sign a big name Designated Player for the 2011 season. The President of AEG stated that it is most likely that the DP will be a player that allows Houston to capitalize on a large Latino market. In July, the Dynamo released the club's first DP, former Mexican international Luis Angel Landin after an unsuccessful stint in Houston.

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With only several months left in the season, the playoff stretch is in full swing.  With three playoff spots up for grab, the fourth spot in the Western bracket along with the third and fourth spot in the East bracket. Currently three teams from the Western Conference inhabit the spots as the Seattle Sounders, San Jose Earthquakes and Colorado Rapids would qualify if the season ended today.

Here is where the playoff race stands going into week 22. The clubs asterisked are currently in the playoffs.

  • Seattle Sounders – 29 points *
  • San Jose Earthquakes – 29 points *
  • Colorado Rapids – 28 points * 
  • Toronto FC – 26 points
  • Chicago Fire   – 24 points
  • Kansas City Wizards – 23 points
  • Houston Dynamo – 23 points 

The Sounders and Dynamo have played the most games at 21 while Kansas City, Colorado and Toronto are level at 20 games played. The San Jose Earthquakes and Chicago Fire have played the fewest at 19 and 18 respectively. 


Chivas USA announced the signing of former youth product and current U.S. U-20 member Bryan De La Fuente. The 18-year-old midfielder has been a member of the Chivas USA youth program for three years and was a member of the Guadalajara youth system before moving to the Los Angeles area.  

De La Fuente is the fourth former member of the Chivas USA youth system on the full roster along with defender Carlos Borja and midfielders Jorge Flores, Cesar Zamora. A fifth former Chivas USA youth player, Gerson Mayen is currently on loan at Miami FC. 


San Jose Earthquakes give GM John Doyle, a contract extension through the 2011 season. 

Seattle Sounders to play Copa Liberatdores runners-up Chivas de Guadalajara at Qwest Field on October 12th

Excited that yet another MLS team will have their own stadum? Who do you think will be the Dynamo's new DP? Will five Western Conference teams make the playoffs? 

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  1. Been a STH in Houston for years now and I can’t wait for the new facility. The rob was “quaint” when I saw my first game there but my goodness I loath the place now.

  2. Unfortunately they’ve missed out on the playoffs the last two years by losing on the last day of the season. Had they won last year they would have been in the playoffs and RSL would have been out.

  3. A buddy of mine works for the Dynamo organization, and while he isn’t necessarily executive-type level, he has assured me of two things. 1. The field will be natural grass (this is kind of a layup as anything grows anywhere in Houston…it’s, ummm, humid? here). 2. The college football season will allow for about 6 home games a season. The paint that they plan on using for the lines will be a paint that can be “brushed off” using a broom or something a little more industrial.

  4. A Seattle/Chivas friendly right before the MLS playoffs when maybe they are fighting to get into the playoffs? Enough with the friendies.

  5. Congrats to Houston on both fronts, and so glad to see AEG investing in a team they’ve treated like a bastard child.

    Brilliant news for the league as a whole—one more team to help create “event” games like we’ve seen of late with NY/Chicago and NY/LA and will see this weekend with Seattle/Chicago.

  6. people like you really piss me off. why go out of your way to say “harrison red cola”? grow up and use their proper name you tool. OH MY GOD, they’re named after the company that owns them! get over it already! they are completely dedicated to soccer in this country and have been nothing but a world class organization in their little time in the league.

  7. Roberston Stadium (where they currently play at UH) is also really run down and is a football stadium being used for soccer, it feels like more like a big high school stadium than anything else.

  8. I think that’s a fair question and one I’ve only heard a bit of discussion on. I think (and hope) it will be a fairly minimal impact, TSU won’t play more than 5 or 6 home games there at most and there’s not a ton of overlap in the seasons.

  9. This will be the first soccer stadium in the city center. (Sorry Harrison RedCola your shiny new tin can is nice but its in New Jersey not New York) New stadium is across the highway from Astros stadium and in a better part of town than U of H campus. Think Toronto but actually in the downtown district. There will be great background views of the city, walking distance to bars/nightclubs too. Now get a talented hardworking DP that will fit Dom’s style and it’s perfect!

  10. Any rumblings on how letting TSU play there will affect the field and other off-the-field stuff? Any steps taken so it doesn’t get torn up? Just curious Dynamo fans

  11. Should be, planned to seat around 22k and is being designed by one of the top sports design firms in the world (Populous). Everything I’ve read and heard so far is positive, final design is near completion according to reports.

  12. Field isn’t on or really even near TSU’s campus, but TSU is paying a small portion of the costs to have their home football games there. (At least they were as of the last mention about them.)

  13. Field on TSU’s campus, light rail, and adding a Latino DP? Just add an Asian shirt sponsor and Dynamo will hit every demogrpahic posssible.

  14. What Colorado has an MLS team and they are decent. I should check the standings more often. Last I heard, they had a great stadium in the middle of nowhere so fans didnt come as much and no shirt sponsor and no big marquee players. I guess they are getting it done.

    (I knew they has an MLS team, i just forgot they existed in the league)

  15. off topic, but it looks like beasley’s got a new team, and it isn’t in the netherlands, scotland or england.

    From twitter
    Good morning friends… Guess its time to start learning a new language!!! know there been alot of rumors, but will fill u guys in VERY soon


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