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What do you think of Bradley’s re-hiring?

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The news of Bob Bradley’s contract extension came as a bit of a surprise on Monday, but now that folks have had a chance to let it sink in, it’s time to see what you really think of the decision.

Not happy with the new contract for Bradley? Were you hoping for Juergen Klinsmann? Are you glad Bradley is sticking around? Cast your vote here:

What’s my take on the decision? You can read it here at In short, I think the decision to re-sign Bradley was a good one. You can choose to disagree, but that’s how I see it.

Now that you’ve had some time to think about the decision, which way did you vote? Think it was the right move, or do you consider it a mistake?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. The US has the money, and they need a high end coach to grow. Bradley is oho, but he’s not the coach to bring the US to the promise land. He nee corrected the mental lapses and slow starts the US had that had them concede goals early in the WC games, and that showed his inability to correct big problems.
    He’s good, but there’s much better out there. Too bad USSF has a MADE IN USA mentality.

  2. Ghana also made it to the quarters….. First off MLS was mostly American coached when it started, it wasn’t until recently that coaches from abroad came over and started to really turn clubs around. Bruce Areans system, which Bradley uses, simply does not show off any talent that our players may have….. As for Africa having better players, that goes without saying.

    Oh and Edu plays champions league soccer…. For a second year, granted it’s in Scotland with Rangers.

  3. Yes and while in qualification and confeds cup, the US got a couple counter goals, and ended up loosing…. See brazil and Italy, but when it mattered they attacked all out on Egypt and pretty much killed them 3-0.

  4. I played the game, grew and loved the game when I lived in Europe. It’s funny you twist the fact to suit your argument, when I mention bunkering down and counter you give examples of coaches, who have played that style in a game or two (not all the time).

    Capello wants a total game. When at Real the second time, he saw ateam that just attacked and didn’t defend, so he built that aspect of an attack heavy Real, making it more rounded. Like the Italian national team a round team that will play possession in both offense and defense will win the game that is the style of most Italian coaches, Not just bunker and counter sorry you are wrong. I watched the game against Italy. Italy dominated the us in possession and shots. Maybe you don’t get the difference in style of play, in bunker and counter that the US is famous for playing, and a defensive ball control style of play, that incorporates attack from possession ( for example watch Milan play this year, very good team that incorporates “ugly” football).

  5. “Obviously a Jose Mourhino knows more about soccer than 99.9% of the population, and if someone told him WOW, Bob Bradley is a decent coach, he would crap his pants AND tell you the multiple styles he would use to beat him to death with tactics.”

    How do you know what Mourinho would say about Bradley?

    So far every foreign manager who I’ve heard comment on Bradley has had nothing but compliments for him; that list includes SAF, Harry Redknapp, and Jurgen Klinsmann.

  6. “Everyone seems to agree that Bradley had no real chance to be the coach for Fulham or Aston Villa”

    Who is everyone? If that were so why were then bettors taking odds?

    Are you saying that if a guy isn’t suited to manage Aston Villa and Fulham then he shouldn’t be managing the USMNT? That’s apples and oranges.

  7. I never said said our players weren’t decent. I said Africa produces superior talent at this point.

    “Also look at how many US coaches coach abroad….. Hmmm none”

    That is irrelevant. How many African coaches

    run top flight teams abroad?

    The USMNT has been relying heavily on it’s european based and (european or south american coached) players for a long time. Yet, we still haven’t produced a player who plays regularly for a team who competes regularly in the Champions League.

    The fact remains, both Africa and the US with it’s inferior coaches have one quarterfinal appearance in the World Cup. And don’t forget, we’re one country, while they have had several countries in contention.

  8. “And yes, if we make it to Brazil 2014 it’ll be ANOTHER 3-and-out, just like all the other times except for this one last anomaly.”

    In 2002 the US made it to the quarterfinals so you are wrong again.

  9. Your point was Donovan’s performance at Everton “proved Klinsmanns point that he could be a valuable player at the top level.”

    Not exactly. It proved he could be valuable at Everton.

    Donovan’s talent is unquestioned but it takes more than talent to succeed at a place like Bayern, never mind the fact that Bayern have a much more talent around. Donovan was unlikely to displace Ribery and/or Robben. More to the point, he was unlikely to get the kind if love and support from fans and staff at Everton.

    Goodison sounded like the perfect environment for him.

    Bayern, not so much.

    “‘Of course it is a team game, but no Donovan, and it is a pretty good bet the US would not have advanced!”

    You could just as well say that about Dempsey, about Robert Green, and about Michael Bradley. Without contributions by these individuals, Donovan’s goal would have been meaningless. He did not “single handedly” take the US to the final 16.

  10. But you don’t know if Donovan would have suceeded at Bayern or not, the upper management never really gave him the chance. Of course it is a team game, but no Donovan, and it is a pretty good bet the US would not have advanced! He was instrumental with his goal against Slovenia in bringing the team back, and he scored the winner against Algeria!

  11. Capello was fired from Real Madrid for not being entertaining enough. No one has ever accused him of lacking a defensive mentality.

    Ask anyone in Europe whether Mourinho is a defense first manager or not.

    Bunker is a made up word that Julie Foudy came up with and doesn’t really mean anything.

    Italy are quite capable of fine attacking football but they play technically solid defense first.

    The 3-1 result against the US came in the Confederations Cup after the US were reduced to 10 men in the 33rd minute and the US were actually leading 1-0 at the half. But Italy eventually wored down the US and scored 2 goals late.

    I actually watched the game unlike you.

    I’ve got news for you, sooner all good teams will as you say “bunker and counter”. Football is a dynamic sport and there are times when you attack and times when you defend and a range of circumstances in between. Study the game a little more before you question the understanding of others.

  12. I’m weary of NT coaches getting 8 year tenures, the history of them doesn’t seem all that great. I was hoping for new ideas and new approaches–but that will not happen.

  13. So by “could be worse,” you mean Italy could have scored one against Brazil or Brazil only score 2 and we don’t advance? Getting beat 6-0 to Mexico? not being invited back to Copa America…ever?? Going 94 minutes scoreless against Algeria? Setting the World Cup record for least amount of minutes with a lead and still advancing out of your group with one minute?

    I mean it really could not be much worse.

  14. Everton is not Bayern. Just because Donovan did well there doesn’t mean he would ever have done well at Bayern. It’s more than a matter of talent.

    Donovan did not “single handedly” get the US to the round of 16; if Howard doesn’t give him that very intelligent outlet pass, if Jozy doesn’t make that intelligent run and pass, and if Clint doesn’t draw all that attention, maybe Donovan is not wide open to make that shot.

    It’s a team game.

  15. Answering your question, A.S., I don’t think anyone is an automatic starter although some are clearly better than anyone else in our pool (LD, CD, TH)

    I don’t think an in-form Edu is better than MB but I’ll even grant the possibility. Jones? Sure, if he’s healthy but I still think he’s a thug. But if we say that every game that counted, an honest assessment needed to be made on who should get the center MF spot, it has been MB every time that I can remember. So theoretically MB could be surpassed but at no time do I think his inclusion on the roster was a bad decision.


  16. I read a lot of the comments but not all, so maybe someone else brought this up earlier.

    One thing that interest me is that with Klinsmann, I at least have an idea of what he has planned. If anyone remembers the article he wrote about how he tried to transform the German national team a while ago, it gives us a pretty decent idea of the type of control Klinsmann wanted (that apparently Gulati did not want to give him) to make this transformation.

    When I hear Bradley interviewed, all I ever get is, “we look at those type of things” and “we are in constantly keeping tabs on this or that” (paraphrasing)

    You see, I really don’t know what the hell Bradley wants to do with the National team much less the entire national system. Everything is always conveniently behind closed doors. Obviously the Project 2010 was something. But know what?

  17. I am not happy about keeping Bob Bradley, though I fully realize that it may have been the best of least attractive options.

    I actually think Bradley did a decent job. He got the max out of our squad at the most recent World Cup, we did respectably well at the Confederations Cup. I liked that he was willing to give younger players a chance to play on the team. He looks like an intelligent guy (Princeton grad), which is a never a bad thing for a coach.

    But appointment of Klinsmann may have given US a chance to elevate its level of play into more exciting attacking style. Of course, it was not a sure thing. Klinsmann’s track record as a coach is pretty limited – assuming he is responsible for Germany’s run in 06, his talent level there was infinitely better than what he would have here. He did not last long at Bayern.

    But this was a chance for US Soccer to make a bold move, to risk a little. If Klinsmann worked out, it would have elevated the game profile here even more. And if he tanked, there would have been enougn time to get someone else. I can help, but feel, that they decided to play it safe.

    Of course, it would help to know the details of the interaction between Gulati and Klinsmann. It seems like K. wants the job.

    What also makes it a bad decision is that Bradley would, once again, feel like a second-choice. It seems like he was hoping to go to Aston Villa or some other European club. It also seems like after the World Cup exit, even Gulati wanted to go for a splashier coach. Yet, they are now stuck with each other for 4 more years. Hopefully, US Soccer and Bradley both learned something from Arena’s 2nd world cup cycle.

  18. Bradley is going to start Eddie Johnson, Lazy Jozy Altidore and play Bocanegra until he’s 35. He’ll probably bring back Ching too.


    also, wtf?? Who gets to vote for Sunil Gulati? That guy needs to go as well!

  19. Many of us were calling for elevating Davies long before Egypt, fact is Bradley was saved at Confed cup because his favorite not-prime time (at international level) players conveniently got injured or red carded, clearing the way for Davies to cement his place til the kid acted like a dumb kid.

    Anyway, please, this means nothing changes. Bradley has shown signs of growth but he doesn;t know what he doesn;t know, and never will.

  20. i think the system has changed. The players coming though now are much more skilled then previous group. Guys like LLetget, Gil, and Hyndman are much further in development then anything we have produced so far.

    It takes time and the changes to our youth deveopment are starting to produce real talent.

    The new adiadas contract geared towars youth development is another example..I think the list of improvement is quite remarkable.

  21. I haven’t commented on this yet because I have made numerous arguments over the past year that Bradley was just decent and nothing better. No need to rehash those arguments.

    What disturbs me deeply are the comments attributed to Gulati on Soccernet. Gulati didn’t say they were thrilled to have Bradley or that they were so impressed with his vision of the future that they know he’s the man for the job. He basically said the positives outweigh the negatives so Bradley’s the best possible. Basically, no top flight European team would even give him an interview so Gulati decided to keep him here. I know everyone will cry bias because the whole world hates Americans, but the truth it’s just delusion.

    I’m mostly just fed up with the supposed analysts just going with the flow and accepting whatever USSF says. Four more years of nothing to be excited about. Sounds like a great game plan.

  22. Clearly, EPL teams turned their nose up at Bradley. And coaches turn their noses up at having to deal with Superfan Gulati. So they were left with each other.

    Whether Bradley again does an adequate job in this cycle, where we need real change is at the very top, in Soccer House. How do we get rid of this arrogant little Seppy Blatts/Chuck Glazer wannabe?

    It’s the same at DCU. They change coaches now faster than underwear. But at what point do guys like Payne and the Superfan stop passing the buck and feel the consequences of their decisions?

  23. Bradley played at Princeton University. Graduated Class of 1980.

    He then immediately enrolled in a sports administration major and pursued his class A coaching liscence like a barracuda.

    Then he took Princeton to the NCAA final four.

    Then he became the winningest coach in MLS history.

    Meanwhile his son – soccer water-rat that he is – ascended to the Dutch 1st division at age 20 – and led the league in scoring as a defensive midfielder at the age of 20. Now starts for a Bundesliga squad.

    Look – don’t lecture me about the Brazilian Box or, “il Catennacio” – don’t talk to me about what hasn’t been achieved. State goals and objectives – list all the players he has brought into camp – “for a wee dram of wearin’ yer nation’s colours, lad.”

    Follow them – learn their birthdays, their Meyer’s Brigg’s types, their ethnic and cultural backgrounds, their likes and dislikes, their childhood and teen-adolescent traumas.

    Watch their highlight reels, and learn their strengths and weaknesses. Love them like your own flesh and blood. Learn their psychology.

    Learn to love, and nurture, these our boys.

    It is hard, hard work to keep your body fit to play the game. It is even harder to coordinate 24 guys and mold them into a – whale song, Henge-hinge, gothic arches, vaulted ceilings – sacre bleu, eau vif aictant – see all prawn on field wit’ yer eyes closed lad.

    zen mind no mind – technically proficient – confident dancing warriors – all minds become one mind – and recite poetry with the way yah stroke t’ sphere mon.

    Y’all go for a run on the beach until you drop. Then get up and run some more. Then – shave the ignorance grass off o’ yer noggins – then gi’ me a shout.

  24. Here, here!

    And raise up your pitchers, to good, Kind Coach Robert!!!

    It is what it is. Live with it.

    When you want start reciting Argentine poetry, with your feet – or swiveling your hips to Brazilian samba and Bossa Nova, when you want to work on your Nahuatl-Atapascan foot dance language – accents, syntax and pronounce- eeeh- ah- iation.

    Yo, all y’all – drop me a line.

    I can help you. I was born and raised in Central Jersey – Princeton. And since I have been a shepheard, since I have been learned – I have travelled the world.

    I can help you. Oye me, oigan me vos. Ecoutez vous – dits mois – comments est’ce que je peut vous aidez?

  25. Honestly who cares they are friendlies. I don’t want bob back, but come on. This goes the same if the US wins both. All we can do is assess performances.

  26. Sunil Gulati needs to be replaced. What this rehire says is that we are willing to stagnate and suffer mediocrity for the foreseeable future. Honestly the thought of it depresses me. I am going to have a difficult time following the team, KNOWING we will stay mediocre.

    I have nothing against Bob Bradley but it is plain that he has done everything he is capable of and, in terms of future progress, retaining him as the coach is a mistake.

  27. Agreed. My dad use to be involved in US Soccer and he said they always made their decisions based on short term financial gain, and not what was best for US soccer. Which ironically if they made their decisions on what was best for US Soccer, they would ultimately make more money then they could imagine.

  28. JSmiley, but what about constantly going down at least one goal to the opposing team in the early moments of the game? It happened with England, Slovenia, and Ghana as well as through out qualification. You can’t keep doing that and expect to win. I think that those of us that are arguing against Bradley are not expecting error free soccer, but when you continue to make the same mistakes over and over again, that is an issue.

  29. I thought your comments were better, without the alledged claims of soccer journalist homerism, but I do agree that I didn’t agree with Ives’ assesment that those of us didn’t want BB back because he’s not Klinsmann.

  30. Agreed, Rob. There’s a reason why the vast majority of our best players truly reach their full potential when they move to Europe. The US development and MLS are great for, as you said, creating players who are athletic but lacking in football mindset and skill. The list goes on and on about players who didn’t truly develop until moving abroad, while those who stay too long in MLS stagnate.

  31. Ives, I disagree wholeheartedly with your FoxSoccer column – it’s awfully short-sighted to say that the only reason fans are upset is because Bradley’s not Klinnsmann.

    Fans have been pointing out Bradley’s tendency to show favoritism toward players who are lacking for four years. Fans have been pointing toward an endless stretch of games where we conceded an early goal for four years. Fans have been pointing toward his tendency to put players in unfamiliar, incorrect or uncomfortable situations for four years (hi, we’re going to play Paco Torres in the middle to facilitate ball movement, but then have the back four just hoof the ball as far down field as they can).

    Sure, he was the coach who led the US to a win over Spain – one of those “once-a-decade” showings like the US win over Brazil in the Gold Cup where defenders are blocking shots everywhere and a goalkeeper stands on his head and makes brilliant save after brilliant save. The US has better talent than that, as evidenced by going up 2-0 on Brazil in the very next game (only to choke that game away by sitting on the lead in soccer’s version of an NFL-style prevent defense).

    I don’t care if Klinnsmann ever coaches the US team. I just wish that for once the powers that be in USSF looked outside the box and implemented a plan that allows continuity of style from the youngest levels up through the national team. I want a coach who has more tactical awareness than the average fan (which Bradley has proven he does not possess). I want a coach who fits his lineup choices and tactics to the personnel at hand, rather than the other way around.

    For US Soccer to say that there is no better candidate than Bradley is an outright lie – all they had to do was actively look for one.

  32. If Gulati is so into Bradley, why has he courted Klinsmann twice, and why did he wait so long to re-sign him? He wants to have Klinsmann as the US coach, but he is not willing to relinquish any authority because he knows Klinsmann would be a better coach. As for Bradleys FRIEND Alex Ferguson, it is interesting that even with Ferguson’s endorsement for his FRIEND Bob Bradley, none of the English teams jumped at the chance to sign Bradley as their coach. Why is that? You think they know he is not really that good. Yeah they do!

  33. Unless Bob tries to bring and look at lots of new players, we won’t be winning the Gold Cup. But even if he loses the Gold Cup, the USSF will gloss it over.


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