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Who should the USA start vs. Brazil?

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The highly-anticipated USA-Brazil friendly is just five days away, and now that we know who the United States will be fielding, it's time to take a look at what the starting lineup might look like on Tuesday.

The inclusion of Jozy Altidore to the squad should shake up the look of what we can expect from Bob Bradley against the Brazilians. He'll have 15 World Cup players to work with and given his preferences, it's probably not that difficult to project the lineup we could see.

No, you aren't likely to see new face Omar Gonzalez in the starting lineup, but Alejandro Bedoya could get the call. As for the rest of the squad? We should see all World Cup veterans.

Here's the lineup I see taking the field against Brazil:






Altidore is one change from the squad I listed when the roster first came out. The other is in central defense, where Clarence Goodson gets the call ahead of Spector, who has seen time at centerback.

Forward could go any number of ways, but something tells me Bradley will give Buddle a rest. He could also choose to give Landon Donovan a rest, but you figure he'll start in a match of this profile. If not, Benny Feilhaber could get the call.

What starting lineup would you like to see against the Brazilians?

Share your lineup suggestions below.


  1. Ives,

    We’ll have to agree to disagree on this.

    If you look backover the posts you’ll find I never said it was “completely his fault(Howard)”. I said there was plenty of blame to go around but Howard’s mistake was the last one ( his failure to position himself better) and was the most dire one.

    There’s a big difference.

    Die Ricardo clark die! is saying about Rico “he cost us the world cup”. He’s the guy who wants to hang it all on one person. I’m saying if you want to do that ( not my idea) then I can make just as good a case for Howard to be that person.

    I’m not a Clark fan and I still don’t know why he was in the Ghana game but even after that goal the US had tied it up and in my view should have won it had we been able to take our chances better, not because Rico blew it. I think we should have beaten them but,that was a very inspired team we lost to and they had what I consider to be one hell of a home field advantage.

    While I think Boateng’s shot was well taken (as well as being partially screened) and it wouldn’t have been a big deal for the average goalie to give that goal up per se, Howards status as one of our three stars leads me ( and I think everyone) to expect more than the uneven performance Howard gave us. Klinsmann said as much in the post game commentary and I happen to agree with him.

    As I said, teams win and lose as a unit. I’m no fan of Clark’s but to continually cite him as the sole reason for the Ghana loss is insane.

    (SBI-A little dramatic, don’t you think? Anybody who’s trying to single-handedly blame Ricardo Clark for the Ghana loss isn’t being realistic, but for you to take an even worse extreme isn’t exactly better. You’ve ripped Howard repeatedly in your effort to spread the blame, a silly strategy. And the truth is I think more people blame Bob Bradley for starting Clark than blame Clark for playing badly, which he did.)

  2. “Bronstein played Ok in the WC…he just didn’t play enough minutes to really screw up.”

    He played more minutes than Rico Clark.

  3. Here’s the agenda.

    I’m sick of everyone acting as if the ball was in the net the instant Clark lost it.

    Like everyone else I was horrified when Clark lost the ball but I was even more horrified when I saw how soft that goal was and how easily Howard let in the near post.

    If you are going to blame individuals Howard and Demerit butchered that sequence worse than Clark did. And if you wnat to get really picky you’d be yelling at Bradley for being so nonchalant on is pass to Clark.

    (SBI-Wrong, Howard and DeMerit, did not “butcher the sequence” worse than Clark. Neither did Bradley. Nobody told Clark to try and dribble out of pressure rather than passing it back to Bradley, or anybody behind him really. Clark did that himself and got stripped, leading to a free breakaway by Boateng, who made the most of it. Also, the criticism of Clark is hardly limited to that one play. He looked completely out of his element his entire time on the field. A real deer in headlights. If your completly off-base attempt at trying to make Tim Howard the World Cup scapegoat is your way of trying to take pressure off Clark’s mistakes, I’d suggest you find a new theory or cause to defend. In the end, you’re not doing Clark any favors by trying to pass the blame to others.)

  4. By the way, since I know you all won’t agree with me Klinsman ( the new golden boy of the USMNT) did say on TV that our big three, Howard, Dempsey and Donovan all let us down in the Ghana game.

    He may be the only one to agree with me but that’s not bad company.

  5. Did you actually watch Howard play? Like I said go over the replay of that first Ghana goal. And this time watch it.

    (SBI-You’ve been selling this tired theory since the end of the World Cup and nobody is buying it. Could he have done better on the first goal? Sure, but to say it was completely his fault and a soft goal is dumb. Boateng had the whole net to shoot and and chose near-side. It was hardly a sharp angle, and even if Howard is closer to the middle Boateng still has either side to shoot to. Find a new theory because this one is weak.)

  6. I wrote that the team lost as a team but if you must blame one guy (not my idea) then Howard is your guy. Try reading the post next time, EB.

    The people who you should be telling to move on are all the Clark bashers.

    The US had a shaky defense and, as someone who played goalie for a long time,what you all keep forgetting is that the goalkeeper is part of the defense, as the last line he is a real big part. He should have abaile dout Bradley, Clark and Demerit but he screwed that up.

    Freidel concentrates better than Howard and I doubt he would have give up so many early goals. If Howard is around in 2014 the US will be in trouble.

  7. Yeah sure keep on living in your Adu dreamland.
    I’m not here to bash Adu, I wish him to ind his groove somewhere, anywhere.
    Before convincing yourself Adu was good during his time so far in Europe, ask yourself one simple question: why doesn’t anybody want him on their team and why when he actually gets on a team does he never play on a consistent basis? When you say “but one thing is for sure, he has been decent on the field when given the opportunity. Pure fact.” I think it pretty much sums up that you let your optimism for Adu blur your perception of his real on field value.
    Let’s put it this way: if, like you say, each time Adu has seen the field he has been decent, then why is it that he so seldom sees the field? Do you think coaches purposely not play him despite the fact that as you say “he has been good when he hits the field and that’s no lie.”. Coaches want to field the best team they can to win, that’s the only thing they care about, and if Adu has not been playing that much on the 4 teams he’s been on, then it’s pretty accurate to say that he never played well enough to convince a coach that he’s good enough to be a major part of the squad. Face the simple truth: Adu has just not been good enough when he has played to warrant more play time. Plain and simple.
    You can continue to think he’s awesome, but stats don’t lie: he has never ever had any major impact on any team he has been part of at the senior level. Not in MLS, not in Europe. And THAT is a fact.

  8. No one likes this FIFA date; it is right after a World Cup, right before the European season, and I can’t imagine the players are really that excited. Even as a fan, I am wondering what, besides the money, is the point. I’d rather see our European players be getting ready for the season at this point. Of course, they will perform the duty, but will anyone be surprised if the game is poorly played?

  9. No, Pearce has no potential. I’m astounded at the assertion that he “beasted Argentina.” You must mean he played decent and didn’t look out of his depth, or perhaps we just have vastly different definitions of “beasted.”

  10. Besides Bele? So, should we talk about the 2 goals with Benefica, the 0 with Monaco, the 1 with Aris? In three years he has played, what 30 or so games? It seems a stretch to call it decent, especially considering that Adu isn’t going to be playing for Benefica and is floundering trying to get on another team. I don’t deny the kids talent, but the same can be said for lots of players who never really make it. It certainly isn’t bashing to say he is struggling at this point in his career.

  11. This can’t be serious. Are you serious? Howard was not spectacular outside the England game, but to scapegoat him is spectacularly… dumb? I don’t even know how to be nice about it.

  12. That’s what I’ve been saying too dude. I say let’s call Millito,El cun,Cutinho,Balotelli,Elia,Babel and Walcott. Damn, why is BB not bringing this players to camp instead of Jozy the growzy Altidore?!! Our pool is so deep with talent yet we call Benny & Jozy. Yuck! I call for BB head!!!

    Ahi Dios!

  13. Sorry bro, but ADU was more impressive in a Aris uniform than EJ was. Also ADU has had more highlights in Europe than EJ. Just because Adu was bench warming doesn’t mean he wasn’t productive. Check every game Adu has played in Europe besides Bele, you will see great effort on his part and scoring in late stages and drawing fouls. Name another American 20yr old besides Jozy doing that? I take Adu over EJ,Finley,Sasha any day. Also consider that EJ has had more playing time than Adu, yet he still doesn’t top Adu’s performance in the little time Adu has seen.

    Guys, lets stop the Adu bashing, the kid has done decent or better than decent job in Europe since arriving there. I don’t know why the kid doesn’t catch a brake, but one thing is for sure, he has been decent on the field when given the opportunity. Pure fact. Yeah, the little fellow lacks playing time, but he has been good when he hits the field and that’s no lie. Let’s not kid ourselfs.

    Ok, here comes the Adu bashing.

    Viva el futbol cabrones!

  14. Please no Altidore!! That dude sux. I wish he would go away from the National team forever until he starts actually scoring goals! He needs to learn that it is a forward’s job to score, not fall on the ground and complain to the ref! At least Findley scores for RSL!!





    Also I cannot wait for Bob Bradley to say Sayonara to the USMNT so hopefully someone will quit calling up the same cruddy players like Altidore and Fielhaber!!

  15. Given the short training time available for a national team it makes sense to start with a core group of players that have played together and work in only a few new guys at a time. That also explains why coaches will choose players they have worked with on the club level if the talent level is nearly equal.

  16. Okay, I’m not saying that at the moment Rogers or Pearce should be on the national team. No. But Pearce has had his good games if you ask me and the same can be said of Rogers, but my main thought is that either of them could end up having a resurgance between now and the next World Cup and maybe even get to a European team that could really elevate their play. Right now, neither are good enough, but they’re each clearly pretty talented and could do well if they find a team that helps them harness that kind of ability.

  17. I noticed some reports out of Mexico that many of Spain’s 1st teamers originally didn’t want to participate in Mex-Esp friendly for more or less the reasons you mentioned, and they have a point. Sure, the federations make big bucks off these friendlies, but making this a FIFA date seems to be bad scheduling, and a bit exploitative of the athletes.

    By the way, arms were twisted and Spain is fielding a strong team.

  18. Well of course he played better than when he was paired with Findley. Findley wasn’t exactly making himself a great partner. Moreover, Dempsey was playing next to Altidore in those lineups where the USA ‘did better’, not on the left.

  19. The team lost as a team, yet you wanna blame Howard for us losing. Nice way to contradict yourself. Friedel wouldn’t have helped our problems defensively.

    Brad retired from int’l play yrs ago. Move on.


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