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Afternoon Ticker: Beasley scores in friendly, Mexico loses and more


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It didn't take long for DaMarcus Beasley to score his first goal with Hannover 96.

Beasley scored in Hannover's 3-0 win against Czech club Mlada Boleslav in a friendly on Saturday. The U.S. national team midfielder, who signed with the club last Monday, also played in two other friendlies on Tuesday and Thursday of last week.

Beasley could make his official debut with Hannover when the club faces Bayer Leverkusen next weekend.

Here are more stories from the weekend:

Mexico loses at home to Ecuador

Efrain Flores started his term as Mexico interim head coach with a loss as El Tri fell to Ecuador, 2-1, on Saturday. A 40-second goal from Christian Benitez and a second-half strike from Jaime Ayovi were enough to give Ecuador its first win in Mexico in 14 years. Mexico scored off an own goal from Luis Checa.

Rooney involved in sex scandal

Wayne Rooney became the latest player involved in a sex scandal on Sunday as reports released claim that the England striker slept with a prostitute while his wife was pregnant. Rooney and his family have not commented on the allegations.

Regardless of the reports, Rooney will remain with England for its Euro 2012 qualifier against Switzerland on Tuesday.

It is also believed that three other England players successfully prevented news stories from coming out in recent weeks.

Domenech fired from French Federation post

Raymond Domenech has been fired from his remaining job with the French Football Federation. Domenech, who was at the helm this summer as France endured a disastrous World Cup, was let go from his position on the federation's technical advisory board.


Do you expect Beasley to see the field next week? Surprised Mexico lost? How do you see Rooney playing on Tuesday? Surprised it took this long to rid Domenech of all his duties?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Absolutely agreed. Maybe they would both suffer disappointments at the beginning, but I believe eventually they would consistently end up amongst the top ten in the World!

  2. Both Mexico and the US are sadly destined to mediocrity. They will never be top teams unless some sort of continental drift occurs and we end up aligned with south america or europe. Until then we will keep fighting over who is the best among the worst.

  3. For whatever it’s worth, I’m about a 10-minute bus ride from Estadio Olímpico. I’ve been to a half dozen Pumas games there, and to the Azteca once, and I’ve never seen anyone throw, or been hit by, any urine, feces, vomit or any other bodily excretion.

  4. “…the smog and altitude effect [sic] the players, but people forget how much smog their [sic] is in L.A. has [sic]. So whats [sic] Landycakes [sic] excuse”

    Read this excerpt carefully, think about it for a long time, and you might be able to figure out “Landycakes excuse”. Hint: how far above sea level is LA?

  5. no, thats a dirty little habbit was picked up by 50% percent of Mexico’s population, that is comprised of low level socio-economical people who live still live pueblas and caves in the mountains.

    I live in South Texas, It takes me 3 Hours to get to Nuevo Leon, Monterrey to see a Rayados or Tigres game, and trust me, theres a lot of piss, and other s**t being thrown around and lying around. They do against their own league rivals so of course they do it against American’s. And trust me besides when Mexico’s in town, that doesn’t happen in Dynamo and FC Dallas matches, or Austin Aztex matches.

  6. Another sage talking out of his a$$!

    You should learn grammar before posting!

    I’m sure everyone you mentioned was dying to hear your profound analysis.

    All I can say is don’t hold your breath, you know nothing, zero, NADA about the 15, 17, 20 year old Mexican prospects ’cause if you did you wouldn’t be as fast with you fingers!

  7. The U.S youth system are more promising than that of mexico’s right now. U.S Sub-15,17,20, seem a lot superior as of now. Mexico’s farm system looks a little off right now.

    Vela?LOL Bench warmer. This clown couldn’t score even if the goalkeeper was handicap.

    Dos Santos: Bench warmer. He will be sold or loaned out after next year. Started in Barca, then his stock just went low after. Not good signs.

    Jaurez: Bench warmer. Just like I said he would be if he were to join

    Ochoa: The most overated goalkeepr in the history of MExican

    Chicharito: Another Bravo in the making. Hyping him up, just to come to find out that he is another bench warmer in the making.

    I’m not saying we are much superior to them, but shoot, I like our Future much more than theirs. 🙂

    Yankee fo life!

    Viva el futbol!

  8. What are you five years old??? You have obviously NEVER stepped on a futbol field in your life! Go find your mama NOW! You are not old enough to remember Hugo Sanchez but you are bold enough to say that no Mexican player has ever reached the top. If winning absolutely everything with your club team as Marquez did with Barcelona is not reaching the top…what is? Please enlighten me. Vela and Dos Santos haven’t reached the top? Well at seventeen they won a FIFA World Cup vs. Brazil non the less. What did you do at seventeen? Oh, I forgot you are five!!!
    Which American player has ever reached the top?

  9. Comparing a US fan talking soccer trash to a Mexico fan to an authoritarian government who restricts freedom of speech and restricts the media its citizens can view to maintain control? Hilarity

  10. Way to set up a straw man and then attempt to knock it down. However, you failed. I’m like the Chinese government? What a joke. I never proposed that people should be limited to websites from their country.

    I was explaining my view that it’s counter-productive and immature to go to websites that cater to one fanbase and have no other motivation with the comments you post other than to antagonize them. And thanks for assuming that I don’t speak Spanish. I’ve actually lived in Spain and am bilingual. From time to time I visit Spanish language soccer websites because they can offer a different perspective.

    No different from Mexican fans coming to Soccer by Ives which is completely OK. When the only purpose to your posts is to belittle the fanbase that the website caters to it seems idiotic. No?

  11. Stop the delusion? How many US players from the Gold Cup made the World Cup squad less than a year later? By my count three: Goodson, our third-choice CB, Holden, who barely saw the field, and Cherundolo, our starting LB. Clearly, it was a C-squad (Cooper, Perkins, Pause, Arnaud, Heaps, etc.) sprinkled with B-squaders (Holden, Goodson, Ching, Rogers) and one A-squad member (Cherundolo). Several of them hadn’t even been capped, and sixteen of the twenty-three had five caps or fewer. If any US fans were “making noise” it was because we were proud that our young, inexperienced guys made the finals of our regional tournament where, yes, we were blown out by a Mexico B-squad.

    Enough with this “Mexico has better talent” nonsense. I’m not say the US is vastly superior, nor am I saying that Mexico is a bad team. They are both decent teams, and play at comparable levels. But people are always denigrating the talent level of the US and praising that of Mexico. Well, if it were true, why can’t Mexico beat the US anywhere but Azteca?

    If we were talking depth, yes, Mexico is probably much deeper than the US. But we aren’t. We’re talking about the best twenty-three players each side can produce. I’ll take our best twenty-three over theirs almost every time. We can’t beat them in Mexico, but they can’t beat us anywhere else.

    People need to realize that this isn’t thirty years ago, and Mexico is no longer the only legitimate team in CONCACAF. There are now two respectable sides in the region, and over the past ten years the US has clearly been the better side. I’m not saying that the US is Germany to Mexico’s Andorra, but if you throw reputation out the window and look at results, they speak for themselves.

  12. yeah and bolivia is 6 times better than argentina because in mexican fans eye altitude has no effect on the opposing wake up and stop selling dope please. and chicarito is just a product that the mexican media is selling. if he were brazilian he would just be another good player, but he is mexican oooh wow we never see a player like him oooh wow he’s got be the best in the world. by next year he will be loned out to another team, he will not be a figure for man united. He will be a good player but not a god like mexicans want to think he will be. He will just be another chupacabra who had his 15 minutes of fame and then was just a normal player. Mexican players will always have the disadvantage of reaching the top because of there ego. They are not team players, they minds are only “me, me, me” Thats why Vela doesnt start or play anymore, Dos santos, same thing. No one plays for there team but just for themselves. There are only a handful of players who can have that mentality and play top notch ball and mexican players not even close. This is a team game not a show off game. Where is nery castillo you savior from 2007??? in MLS on the bench, where is RAFA the best player ever??? in MLS. Where is Dos santos?? about to get loaned out from Spurs? IF they are such top dogs then should’nt they be playing day in and day out in EPL of LA LIGA

  13. Speaking of Holden succeeding at EPL level in central midfield, remind me again why Holden saw so little of field in South Africa?

    Yet another sign BB is a not-ready-for-EPL coach, since what’s obvious to Coyle isn;t obvious to BB…sigh. Anyway, Holden in center midfield and an in-form Beasley as a wide option, Dempsey pushed up, would be a reasonably creative combo; now if we only had forwards and defenders…

  14. I agree. The dominance of the US over Mexico of the past decade has probably begun to wane, but this is good for the US in the long run. As Mexico improves, they’ll be able to push us more, which is what we need from our most frequent sparring partner.

  15. Mexico did not beat a third string. Stop the delusion, USA soccer is not at the level of sending out third stringers. That was B team sprinkled with potential first team talent. US fans made so much noise during the competition only to have excuses when the team lost. Mexico has better talent and on current form; they beat the US twice last year once in US once in Mexico. Plus El Tri has better talent than us right now.

  16. “Don’t see American soccer fans going on Mexican sites.” You would only know that if you go on Mexican sites yourself. Aren’t you being a little hypocritical then? You’d probably have to speak and read Spanish to be sure. Do you?

    US fans go on British and other web sites all the time. If you are suggesting every nation limit it’s websites to people only from that country then you are really limiting the whole idea of the internet. It makes you sound a lot like the Chinese govenrment and it’s repressive censorship campaigns against freedom of information and liberty in gernral.

  17. Welcome back, Beas.

    As far as Mexico goes, the games will get tighter. Mex is back to producing some quality players — expect much closer games in the next five to ten. (And I wouldn’t want it any other way.)

  18. Why don’t you let Chicharito prove himself for a while before declaring him better than anything the U.S. ever produced? Dos Santos and Vela were supposed to set the world on fire when they went to Europe too.


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