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Afternoon Ticker: Moyes charged by FA, Zamora out four months and more


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Saturday's wild 3-3 finish between Manchester United and Everton saw two late goals conceded by the Red Devils, but Everton manager David Moyes thought his side was denied the chance for a last second chance for a winner.

Referee Martin Atkinson blew the whistle while Everton counter-attacked from a United corner, and David Moyes' resulting confrontation of Atkinson after the game earned him a charge of improper conduct from the FA on Monday. Moyes, along with assistant Steve Round, have until September 16 to respond to the levied charges or face a fine of £8,000.

While Phil Jagielka's shot after the whistle blew was saved by Manchester's Edwin van der Saar, Moyes was clearly furious at the referee's decision and will get a chance to answer the charge by week's end.

Here are a few other stories to get you through your Monday:


Fulham and England striker Bobby Zamora will miss four months after his breaking his ankle against Wolverhampton Wanderers' on Saturday. A tackle by defender Karl Henry left Zamora not only with the ankle break, but also ligament damage as well, leaving the 29-year-old on the sidelines for an extended period of time.

The injury could open the door for more playing time for U.S. striker Eddie Johnson, who made a short cameo for Fulham in the game's last 10 minutes, drawing a free kick that led to the winner.


Early negotiations have begun to avoid a player strike in Serie A over the September 25-26 weekend. Last week, the Italian Players' Association announced that they would refuse to play that particular weekend, as a result of the collective bargaining agreement that expired during the summer. Negotiations started on Monday, and are scheduled continue on Wednesday and Friday of this week.


German midfielder Michael Ballack suffered another injury blow this past weekend, a micro fracture to his shin that will keep him out for six weeks. The 33-year-old missed this summer's World Cup after suffering an injury near the end of the 2009-10 season. He had played just 184 minutes for his new club Bayer Leverkusen, who had joined this summer after four injury-plagued seasons with Chelsea.


What did you think of the end of Everton-Manchester United game? Will Bobby Zamora came back healthy? Is Serie A headed for a strike? Can Ballack ever stay healthy?

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  1. I did not see the game but when i saw the highlight package I damn near blew a nut. I was so pissed that they had the chance denied. BUT had he not blown the whistle, the player hit the ball right at VDS

  2. dude lighten up, quit crying for zamora.. he will get better and score again… it means dempsey now has a chance to shine nearly 90 minutes a game.

  3. I really dont think I’ve ever seen a ref blow the full time whistle.. when one team is in progress of a full blown fast break.

    chalk another one up for fergie time insanity. which in itself is just another add on to the penalty call discrepancies Man U gets.

  4. What is wrong with looking at the bright side of the situation? Injuries are a part of football, and, although they are terrible for the injured player, they also open the door for other players to demonstrate their worth. Eddie Johnson will now have an opportunity to receive more playing time, something he desperately needed. There is nothing wrong with what he said. He is not saying, “hey, great! Zamora broke his leg!”

  5. Has to do more with United never giving up and maintaining possession in the final third. If they’re still attacking, the ref isn’t going to blow until the play has stopped or ended. United are just smart enough to never give up and to keep possession.

  6. +10000000

    Officials are biased for United, anyone can see this by looking back on big penalty calls, stoppage time added on, red cards handed to opponents etc.

    It’s a disgrace

  7. Wolves played a pretty negative game against Fulham. Henry is claiming innocence on the tackle, basicially saying he didn’t mean to hurt Zamora and trashing Dempsey for having words with him about it. The reality is even if he didn’t mean to hurt Zamora it is clear Wolves game plan was to foul him and any other attacking players as much as possble without getting sent off. Dowd has a pretty poor game officiating and Simon Davies probably should have earned a penalty on one of the 3 times he was taken down in the box.

  8. I guarantee you Dempsey and EJ are upset about the injury. Why? Because he’s their teammate and friend.

    Also this by no means guarantees EJ playing time

  9. lets see, bummer for Zamora, but good news for EJ and Dempsey. I think he parsed the thought fairly well. It is almost always good news for someone when a player gets injured.

  10. Time and time again, the officials cheat for Manchester United.

    One of the English newspapers did a study on the extra time awarded during Manchester United matches. I wish I could find it, because it was eye-opening how much the officials cheat. Whether it be accidental or conspiracy, United was given somewhere between 1 to 2 extra minutes if they were losing than if they were winning.


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