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Beckham eyeing Sept. 11th return to the Galaxy



The Los Angeles Galaxy have been in dire need of a spark to lift them from their late summer funk and soon, they may have just that.

Midfielder David Beckham has eyed a September 11th return to action after a long injury layoff.  The 35-year-old has been recovering from surgery after suffering a torn Achilles tendon while playing for A.C. Milan in March that caused him to miss the World Cup. 

Beckham has been participating in full training with the team since August 11th  and will look to play 15-20 minutes in the Galaxy's next home match against the Columbus Crew.

Beckham's status had been labeled a "week to week" by head coach Bruce Arena after the Galaxy's loss to Kansas City on Saturday.

The Galaxy head into this weekend's match against Chicago riding a two-match losing streak and has posted a 2-4-1 record in its past seven matches.

Do you think that Beckham's return could cure the Galaxy's ills? Are you excited to see him return to action?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. If you asked me 3 months ago, I was saying that we didn’t need him to wreck our chemistry and form. Now that both are in the crapper, I’m anxiously awaiting his return.

    LA will take any help it can get.

  2. Would it be better if he was coming back December 7th? That’s when the game is, blame MLS if it offends you… I think this gets filed under “WHO CARES?!?!?”

  3. Sorry but I’ve got to side with Sven and the others above. Money brought him to the US, but he left his love/heart for the game in Europe….saving his best play for his loans to AC.

    Sooner he retires from the game the better as far as I’m concerned.

  4. You are either biased or never watched the team last year…. He helped the Gals get to the final, and if Dovonan hit the PK they may have won it. Stop hating on the guy.

  5. what does the date have anything to do with it? He made a target return date of a game that happens to be on the 11th. So what.

    I knew 2 people who perished that day, I don’t think they would care that Beckham wants to play on that day.

    if it is insensitive, why is a game being held at all?

  6. Beckham returning will be the last nail in LA’s coffin. He has never done anything to help the team and he is not about to start noew after such a long layoff.

  7. OMG guys!! He is SO over!! Please, you sound like a 13 year old girl from the valley. Please Jessica, return when you’ve read up on this sport.

  8. If only, MLS adopts a Normal system, we that are new to it find it hard to follow

    seriously someone should tell them to drop the east and west it sonly suites NBA. Give a normal league structure

  9. thats probably the main thing the MLS should avoid. It’s more exciting to have a championship game then a home and away were teams play overly defensive in a game because they can get results in the other.

  10. MLS needs to take advantage of his return.
    all the high level players coming to MLS + the return of beckham + playoffs could potentially be a huge marketing opportunity for MLS as a whole. interest will peak soon and don garber needs to jump on it. spend a few $100k on tv spots and slip espn some cash under the table for extra coverage.

  11. This will be a huge boost for the Galaxy. It will be like a new star signing to add to a squad that has already been dominating the MLS (if you ignore the last few weeks). If he’s fit and in form going into the playoffs, the Galaxy have to be the favorites.

  12. if only mls didnt play neutral site championships.

    imagine if they played championships like in mexico (two legs) between NY and LA. the HDC and RBA would rocking.

    but no, you gotta play a game in toronto. hopefully it’s salt lake vs kansas city, so one goes (including fans from SL and KC). if one poorly attended mls cup means that the format changes, im all for it.

  13. good for him. i’m praying for a RBNY-LAG playoff game at red bull arena.
    easily the most star-studded, attention grabbing match MLS has ever seen.


    BTW, who overrates Beckham? I think most people underrate him, actually. He was great for the team last year, and was a huge lift overall. Yeah, he’s getting old, so what?

  15. I just hope fans give him a little grace period, as he won’t be 100% until possibly the playoffs start. I hope for galaxy fans he can turn the club around from the lull they seem to be in.

  16. The Galaxy are better with David Beckham than without. Bottom line is he can help. It will be interesting to see if he even makes it into the game against Columbus. Glad to have him back!

  17. Sell out at HDC! Then the Philly game will sell out like crazy and the Goats will have their 1st sell out in October as well. Damn the game to watch will be the LA vs NYRB game, it was alrady at like 80% sold out!

  18. The game is on the 11th. Didn’t we all say after 9/11 that if we alter our lives because of the attacks, the terrorists win?

    Can we no longer do anything significant on 9/11? Besides, Beckham pretty much symbolizes capitalism. This game is like a slap in the face to Bin Laden.


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