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CONCACAF Champions League: Your Running Commentary


The Columbus Crew can make some serious headway in reaching the CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals in its Group B match against Santos Laguna (8 p.m., Fox Soccer Channel).

Columbus trails Santos by one point in the group, and both have created separation from third-place Municipal and fourth-place Joe Public. With a victory at Crew Stadium, the Major League Soccer side would take control of the group and put itself in a very advantageous spot.

Toronto FC is in a less favorable position, facing Cruz Azul (10 p.m., FSC) and needing a win in Mexico – which would be a first in the CCL for an MLS side – to keep pace in Group A. In order to do so, the Reds will have to find a way to contain Cruz Azul striker Javier Orozco, who has scored 10 goals in four Champions League matches (qualifiers included).

If you will be watching either or both of these matches, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the action!


  1. Toronto looked like Inter at Barca??? Really? No point arguing with you.

    Those foghorns sounded twice as loud because of the reverberation from an empty stadium. Everyone from Santos to Toluca uses them in Mexico.
    In all fairness, people complain constantly about Mexican teams, but the infantile, thuggish ultra defensive and embarassingly unskillful soccer by Toronto made me hate Mexican teams much less after this game…0-0 or no 0-0!!!

  2. Thank goodness! I think reading your obnoxious, mindless, drivel did much more to damage my psyche than the uneventful two hours of soccer I watched.

  3. Well, I sat down in front of the TV to watch a football game and instead I got to watch a group of no skills, no talent, no balls hacks play against Cruz Azul.
    I’m glad they got the point they needed but I wasted two hours of my life that I’ll never get back. I won’t be making that mistake again. Screw MLS…

  4. Say what you want about TFC but they outplayed CA at BMO and have taken a point from them in Mexico. If they win their next 2 home matches they will be through, they did what they had to do tonight… with a B team for the most part.

  5. The same sound is heard in each half, the stadium is 1/15 filled if that yet the sound remained the same. The only conclusion is that the incessant horn comes from the PA. That is unsporting and all sorts of faggy. If these punks think they’re so much better why must they resort to tricks like this to overcome a team that has yet to make our playoffs? F*&$ the MFM! Were coming for ya!


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