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CONCACAF Champions League: Your Running Commentary


Real Salt Lake and Seattle take the field in CONCACAF Champions League action tonight. One team has dreams of a quarterfinal berth, another is looking to register its first point in the group stage.

RSL takes on Panamanian side Arabe Unido tonight (live at 8pm, shown on tape delay at 11pm on Fox Soccer Channel) in what should be a tough road match, but a match the defending MLS champions can win. The Seattle Sounders are winless in the group stage, and face the toughest test of the group with a road trip to Mexican side Monterrey (8pm, Fox Soccer Channel).

If you want to watch other CONCACAF Champions League action, CD Marathon is taking on Deportivo Saprissa at 10pm on Galavision.

These matches can also be streamed for free on

If you will be watching tonight's matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Five minutes of the Seattle game blew turds. But I have to say my big take-away is how refreshing it was to have a good ref. An MLS team lost a CCL game on the road, and I have no complaints about the ref. My boys lost, fair and square. Part of me is almost happy. My mind is boggled.

  2. Wow, I was pretty worried about the last 20 minutes of the RSL game, but they held on. Not the prettiest soccer, but it will work.
    Love all the people complaining about others posting about the RSL game. I have avoided facebook, twitter, and the internet and TV until the RSL game was on at 11, and guess what… I didn’t see the score to the game ever.
    If you don’t want to know about the game, then don’t go to places where chances are, you are going to hear about it.

  3. I didn’t ignore them…I chose to post about a game I was watching…LIVE…who gives them or you the right to say what can be posted?

    No one is confusing you with anyone…I know who you are….but at the same time don’t tell me I’m deciding what people can watch….it was available to watch LIVE…if you chose not to that’s your choice, but to tell me I can’t post about a game I am watching live is a load of crap and you know it…so yeah like it or not you were deciding as were others and that in a nutshell is wrong…what Memrook wrote is good advice to all on this forum…advice I follow all the time…

    Peace and have a good evening…

  4. Use your brains people. The thread is called “Running Commentary”. If you don’t want to read the RUNNING COMMENTARY, then DONT CLICK THE LINK.

    you see, its simple!

  5. People asked you to stop a few times, and instead you ignored them.

    When the article states that the game can be found on FSC at 11 you have to understand they may be watching the game later.

    Don’t confuse me with the people who were crass when asking you not to post about it.

  6. Ok, I’ll make the rules: here are Rules on Etiquette for soccer-specific websites, concerning televised games that may be tape-delayed or DVRed:

    Don’t visit those sites until you have satisfied your personal viewing. It’s that simple. To think otherwise (that people on soccer specific blogs, like SBI, for example) is naive. People are encouraged on this site to discuss the games, DUH.

    I’ll give you an example from my personal life. On Saturdays and Sundays, I DVR a lot of soccer, whatever espn and fsc televise; sometimes I work during these games. I avoid and SBI like the plague until I have watched or skimmed thru all my recorded games. And if I accidently see some scores; that’s all on ME. You do NOT have to visit any website you don’t want to while waiting for a game. Show some effing patience and restraint!

  7. And you and others didn’t decide what we coudl watch? Sure sounds like it to me…lighten up its an internet message board….I have as much right to post about the game I’m watching as you do…if you don’t want to know about RSL then don’t read or post here…

    Funny how posting abotu Seattle was OK because of the “rules” you and others decided on….

    Class…some of y’all could learn more about it….while your throwing eggs my way….glad YOU decided what we were going to watch and post on here…

    I often wonder why I served in the military…

    Peace and have a good evening…:)

    Rob said in reply to Shark…

    Your right to casual fans who don’t enjoy the game, your right.

    And thanks for deciding what everyone should watch. Glad you also under stand the meaning of class.

  8. Your right to casual fans who don’t enjoy the game, your right.

    And thanks for deciding what everyone should watch. Glad you also under stand the meaning of class.

  9. Too bad for Seattle. At leas they came out to play and almost pulled an incredible upset. I hope RSL was paying attention.
    No shame on loosing to Monterrey, probably the best team in Mexico right now.

  10. Why thanks…:) Same back at you… No its not…if you have laptop and a TV…and be honest Seattle is otu of the competiton…if I had to choose it wouldn’t have been that game…

    Rob said in reply to Shark…

    Way to stay classy… Very hard to watch two games at once.

  11. To be fair I don’t care, but when the article says the game can be found on FSC at 11pm, kinda tells us that people may be waiting to see that game… Just a thought.

  12. It was streamed live and for free on CONCACAF’s own website…why would you wait to watch it on FSC and an hour late? Shutup really? Yes daddy….:):)

    vale said in reply to Shark…


  13. It was streamed for free on CONCACAF’s site…nothing stopped you from watching it….live instead of taped on FSC…

    Monty said in reply to Shark…

    Some were waiting to watch this match Thank You!

  14. Arabe Unido getting away with a lot of chippy fouls….typical CONCACAF ref that the American teams have to overcome….

    RSL wins 3-2 and takes over top spot in Group A…:)


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