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CONCACAF Champions League: Your Running Commentary


The Columbus Crew and Seattle Sounders will look to erase the disappointments of their last CONCACAF Champions League matches by posting victories in group stage action tonight.

The Crew takes on Joe Public tonight at Crew Stadium (8pm, Fox Soccer Channel) while the Sounders face CD Municipal (10pm, Fox Soccer Channel).

If you will be watching tonight's matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Sure there is move to a place where people want to see the game instead of hemorrhaging money. It isn’t just CCL, it’s regular season games. Sadly our league, unlike the Mexican league, needs all the butts in those seats. Again no need to be defensive.

  2. The point is people go to see what they want to see, Rob. There is no special trick to ‘making’ attendance grow. What we want to see is the association footbal- not the vague shadows of bodies in the background.

  3. Why does no one comment on the stands in Mexico and Central America? None of these games- with rare exceptions- are especially well attended.

  4. Perhaps the best ref in CONCACAF…the correct call on that red…like it or not…ref’d in the past two World Cups including the semi-final in 2006 in Germany….

    Seattle has no one to blame but themselves tonight….

  5. not a dive, but more of a “taking a charge” in the nba. He came in and montero dragged his foot to create the contact. It’s a good play by him, but he could have avoided it.

  6. Having just seen the red card replay i am unconvinced. It seems a bit harsh. Yellow would probably have been fine. I am not saying there isn’t a case for a red card, because I think there is, just seemed a hit harsh.


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