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Did Beckham wear the tightest jersey ever?

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David Beckham made his triumphant return from a torn Achilles last Saturday, and while getting on the field was impressive, it wasn't as impressive as the fact that he didn't pass out while wearing what may have been the tightest jersey in professional soccer history.

Form-fitting jerseys are nothing new, as clubs like AS Roma have shown through the years, but Beckham's lung-hugging jersey took snugness to a new level on Saturday.

Was this a laundry mishap or is Beckham trying to look younger to impress Fabio Capello?

Share your thoughts on Beckham's snug look in the comments section below.


  1. Tight jerseys aren’t funny, but one that looks entirely too small absolutely is. C’mon. Look at that. I bet that’s his son’s jersey.

  2. everyone was talking about his “short sleeves” last year when he came back from the loan. remember? He’d been known, even in hot as Efff World Cup in Germany wearing long sleeves regardless of the weather. Here he is stealing the headlines once again with not how he plays but what he’s wearing.

    And all you bammas pretend like you don’t care about fashion.

  3. I think Beckham wins this one because at least Twellman was a strapping young lad in his skintight jersey days. This just makes Beckham look older I think. I think he needs a fashion second opinion from Posh on this one.

  4. Huge MMA fighters at the gym my friend trains at wear shirt sizes from Baby Gap. If I didn’t think they’d roid rage on me I’d take a picture for you guys for comparison.

  5. I’m actually surprised more players don’t wear their shirts tight. Especially strikers. Every time a defender gets beat the first thing they do is reach for a piece of the shirt to make up the half yard. When a striker and defender are side by side going for a ball the defender’s hand almost always has a piece of the attacker’s shirt. The problem is that no ref wants to call a penalty for a shirt tug. It’s called automatically outside of the box but inside the box the ref NEVER calls it unless the defenders gains an obscene advantage by doing so.

  6. My guess is the conversation went like this:

    Equipment dude: “David, do you want the regular adidas shirt or the techfit?”

    David: “Techfit.” (Sounds cooler, right?)

    ED: “What size?”

    David: “Large.” (Or whatever he normally wears.)

    I bet he wears a similar one next time, but it fits way better, or he’s back to a standard jersey.

  7. LOL…I think the equipment manager still uses Beckham’s pre-injury jersey size. Just goes to show you how a long layoff can do to your body.

  8. Indeed. In fact, all of the Puma-sponsored teams from the World Cup could be in the running.

    As for tighter, I submit Carlos Bocanegra in the Ghanian national jersey.

  9. COnsidering how many wisecracks my wife, son and I made about the jersey, I think this was great to post. Our theory was that he accidentally grabbed his wife’s jersey on the way to the game.

  10. LMAO.

    Forget the haters Ives, this is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Thanks for the laugh, I really needed it in the middle of a long day at work.


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