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FC Dallas extends unbeaten streak, ties RBNY

DallasRedBulls (GettyImages)

Whoever said regular season MLS games are boring might have have been convinced otherwise on Thursday night after watching the New York Red Bulls and FC Dallas battle through a dramatic, fiesty and entertaining 2-2 draw at Pizza Hut Park on Thursday night.

FCD extended its unbeaten streak to 15 matches, but paid a big price, with goalkeeper Kevin Hartman and veteran midfielder Daniel Hernandez suffering knee injuries that forced them to leave the match before the second half.

Dallas rookie Eric Alexander stole the show, setting up a Milton Rodriguez goal before scoring his own brilliant run and finish to give FCD a 2-1 lead despite being a man down due to a Brek Shea red card. The Red Bulls pressed for an equalizer and found one when Jair Benitez re-directed a Joel Lindpere cross into his own net to tie the score at 2-2.

The match was a fiesty affair which included Shea's red card for an ugly tackle on Chris Albright and Hartman's injury, which came during the most controversial moment of the evening. After Mehdi Ballouchy scored in his Red Bulls debut, Henry ran over to kick the ball, but Hartman lifted his foot next to the ball just as Henry kicked, which sent the ball into his foot, generating enough force to sprain his right MCL. Hartman was forced to leave the match at halftime with an injury that could force him to miss several weeks.

Ballouchy earned the start in place of Juan Pablo Angel, who started the match on the bench. The former Rapids playmaker raced onto a Lindpere cross to bury New York's first goal just before halftime, canceling out an early finish from Milton Rodriguez.

FC Dallas outplayed New York early in the second half despite being a man down, with its midfielders outworking the Red Bulls' midfield despite playing without the dangerous Shea. Alexander gave Dallas a 2-1 lead after an incisive run into the penalty area led to a quality finish past Bouna Coundoul.

The Red Bulls started to show more purpose in their attack later in the second half and ultimately found an equalizer when Lindpere sent a cross in toward Angel that Benitez headed into his own net.

The draw was an impressive result for a Dallas side that played 61 minutes down a man. FCD lost Hernandez to an injury and Shea to a red card just two minutes apart, giving the Red Bulls a chance to take control of the match, but save for a few flashes, New York never could put Dallas away despite having the better of the play in the first half.

The tie leaves New York three points behind the Columbus Crew in the East standings, while also pulling FC Dallas within two points of Real Salt Lake for second place in the West.

Here are the match highlights:

What did you think of the match? Impressed with FC Dallas? Think Henry should have been sent off for injuring Hartman, or did you think it was a fluke play? Liking the Ballouchy acquisition?

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  1. Sp pompous he rides public transit with fans to Red Bull arena, so pompous he takes time after the game to talk to fans. So pompous he apologizes for hurting Hartman, even after Hartman admitted he tried to step in front of the ball to block Henry. You know absolutely nothing about the guy. Maybe it is time to get off that high horse of yours.

  2. Chuckster, the reason it was an impressive result was because of what they were able to overcome. The team showed a ton of character despite having such a huge number of injured started and a man down. On the other side of the ball, Rafa Marquez looked to be completely mailing it in and Henry a pompous jackass. Today, EVERYONE in Dallas is an Irishman.

  3. I agree with you completely. Brek Shea displayed a clear lack of maturity and composure. The red card cost the (otherwise) better team on the night two certain points. Consider that FC Dallas was missing both their starting center backs Ugo Uhemulu and George John, then lost D-Mid Hernandez AND Hartman in the entire second half to injury while a man down for 60 minutes! The result is that find NYRB going down a goal when our draft pick rookie Eric Alexander bangs one off the post and then later on scores with a second counterattack strike. Is that the best game NY’s got? Really?

  4. Quit trying to make excuses for Thuggery Henry. His behavior was ridiculous. Yes, he tried to apologize over and over and over again down the length of the field. Why did he do this? Because he realized what a complete tool he really is.

  5. Not true. The announcers had commented at the time that it was unclear whether or not Angel had touched the ball or if it was an OG. They also mentioned that it was just like a striker to claim credit for anything that goes in the net while they are in the vicinity, whether they touched it or not.

    They praised Angel’s ability to make a well timed run at a cross…which he did. Even though it was an OG, Angel’s run created the problem nevertheless.

  6. You are suggesting that Hartman is 50% culpable for Henry kicking him in the f*(&- ing foot? Equally culpable for Henry’s charge at a dead ball that was already at Hartman’s feet? That is totally insane! Even IF Hartman was no where around the ball, Henry had no business running up to kick a dead ball so long after a goal. I was there, and “Thuggery Henry”‘s action was like nothing I have ever seen in football. The ref Hilario Grajeda didn’t have the balls to card him because “Thuggery” was sitting on a yellow already and that would have meant tossing MLS’s big “star” from the game.

    New York looked like crap with 11 vs. 10 for 60 whole minutes, which should be 3 certain points for a team loaded with so many superstar DPs.

    Nevertheless, if you play FC Dallas in the postseason and Henry scores on our second string goalkeeper, I hope you all choke on your Pyrrhic victory.

  7. I don’t see how this is an “impressive result” for FC Dallas. They were at home and up by a goal when they went down a man, and ultimately ended up in a draw after an own goal.

  8. “Whoever said regular season MLS games are boring might have have been convinced otherwise on Thursday night ”

    Whoever said MLS regular season games were boring is a moron.

  9. Shea’s foul got the appropriate red card. Had Henry received a yellow – turning into a red as he already had a card – then it would have been fine. The fact that he got off with nothing is what upsets people.

  10. That can’t be. I was told by all the experts here that both he and Jonathan Bornstein couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

    Are you telling me these keyboard jockeys don’t know what they’re talking about?

  11. I was surprised that no one mentioned Shea’s post-carding conduct earlier. He was out of line to touch the ref even if the card had been undeserved, which it clearly was not.

  12. That was the most exciting FCD home game of the year. It’s amazing what a good crowd does for the atmosphere at Pizza Hut Park and overall game experience (even though I quite enjoy having an entire row to myself).

  13. Doubt he’d be tempted by that. I know you’re kidding and all but I’ve met Hartman a couple of times at charity events and he seems to be a family guy with a lovely daughter and a very nice and good looking wife. Though I know many pro athletes are legendary about their philandering I wouldn’t put him in that category.

    Sucks what happened to him and Henry should definitely knock off that little “kick the ball into the net after someone else scores” routine (it’s beyond juvenile, my friend’s nephew got yellow carded for that in a U-9 game). However, this was also obviously an accident and just a classic s*** happens kind of situation. Good to see Hartman not inflaming the situation but he’s a classy guy and solid pro and I’m not surprised to see him take the high road.

  14. It appears that Hartman is simply going to clear the ball away, then Henry runs up and whacks the ball. I’m not sure that Ives’ description from above is entirely accurate as to what happened.

  15. Everybody should chill re: Henry. Trying to kick the ball into the net after the goal may not come right out of Sportsmanship School, but it’s not uncommon to see players all over do it. It’s like spiking a football after a touchdown. Hartman saw it coming, got ticked off, and regrettably stuck his foot in front of the ball at the wrong moment. His anger and frustration are understandable, but if he (or anyone on his team) thought Henry’s action was malicious, don’t you think they would have been all over the referee (who was close to the scene, by the way)?

  16. >” I wonder what happened between then and the press comments?”

    Henry gave Hartman an all-inclusive VIP pass to the best brothel in Paris.

  17. Where have you read that? The BS Dallas thread was killing him last night. The one guy thee who defended it was ridiculed by FCD posters. It was idiotic and I hope he gets suspended.

    Maybe it was his Charlie Davies “I’m out of this league anyway” punk move impersonation.*

    *I love them both.

  18. I’m curious, how would you rate T. Henry’s game last night? Scale of 1 (nonfactor) to 10 (man o’ the match). Then, how does it compare to his season-to-date.

    By the way, Frisco TX had the highest concentration of Arsenal jerseys in the world last night.

  19. Totally agree with what you wrote.

    I just don’t understand the hate on Henry and his celebration.

    He’s not the only one to do it. It’s a very COMMON thing all over the world. The greatest teams and players in the world have done it in league and international play. I and other have even done it in my rec league games.

    Anyhow, I think last night’s game was great. Except for the few times it got a bit rough, it was very entertaining to watch two side try to play and move the ball on the floor.

    It was a wasted chance for RBNY, who seemed to be at a loss on how to open up Dallas’ defense. Dallas definitely impressed me with their tenacity.

    Good game overall.

  20. That is not what Hartman said.

    It was dumb on the part of Henry, but he had no intention of hurting Hartman. It was just a stupid move by Henry.

    Do I think he should be suspended… No, it was an accident, but he should be warned if he does that crap again it could warrant a fine after what has happened.

  21. Great, great game. As a neutral, I thought it was one of the best games of the year. The goals were good, there was intrigue (Shea and Henry), and the result was fair.

    My only dissappointment was Shea’s actions. His tackle was clearly retaliation for what he thought was an uncalled foul moments before. If you watch the feed back, you see Shea complain to ref, run to challenge a first player with the ball, and, when the ball was passed to a second player, go in full speed on a very tough tackle. It displayed a real lack of tactical awareness: 1) FCD was up a goal; 2) RBNY had the ball in a relatively non-dangerous area; and 3) he knows the ref is watching because he just spoke with him. I rate Shea highly and I hope he learns from this one. I realize he is young but he is a professional soccer player and this was a sunday league sequence by him.

  22. You never want to see anyone get hurt, but Hartman was quoted as saying he was intentionally trying to block Henry’s celebratory boot.

    No players enjoy other teams’ celebratory activities, I get it. But trying to play DEFENSE against a goal celebration?

    It sucks that he got hurt, but that’s what you get for interfering in a harmless celebration. Kicking the ball into the net after a goal happens all the time, in soccer matches all over the globe. It’s harmless. So in a way Hartman has only himself to blame. If he just left well enough alone nothing would have happened, he should only be mad at himself. It was rather stupid of him.

  23. Peter you are a beat writer for Dallas, right? Did Henry not go and appologize, taking blame (poor sportsmanship there)? My quote comes directly from Fox Sports, no miss quote as I copied and pasted. It is clear that when watched on video, mind you four times once in slow motion (which players/ people at the game have no advantage) that Hartman was moving his foot, still in the air when struck by the ball, towards the ball when Henry made contact.

    Also, while given the chance, why would he lie to the media? I’m confused. Why not just give no comment?

  24. It’s funny how Dallas fans are upset by Henry’s bit of dopiness (I mean, you’re an ADULT, Thierry) but are okay with Brek Shea’s bloodthirty tackle on Albright where the intent was to maim. It was clearly a “two-feet-up-from-behind-no-attempt-to-play-the-ball maiming.”

    Oh? “That’s okay, y’all! He’s one of our boys!”


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