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Late Gonzalez goal helps Galaxy salvage draw

Omar Gonzalez (

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The Los Angeles Galaxy looked destined for another loss, another step in a worsening slide, before Omar Gonzalez stepped up and saved the day.

No, Los Angeles didn't beat the Chicago Fire, but when Gonzalez headed home a last-minute equalizer, you couldn't blame the Galaxy for feeling like a victory was scored at a sold-out Toyota Park on Saturday afternoon.

The draw was a devastating result for the Fire, which looked set to close ground in the playoff race with a victory after Collins John scored a would-be winner with a beautiful free kick goal in the 88th minute. Gonzalez spoiled the party in Chicago when he headed home a Landon Donovan corner kick in the 90th minute.

The Fire did well to earn a point considering Gonzalo Segares drew a red card in the 21st minute. Rookie goalkeeper Sean Johnson stopped a Donovan penalty kick after Segares' ejection, leaving the match scoreless before the two goals in the final two minutes of the match.

Here are the match highlights:

What did you think of the LA-Chicago match? Think Segares deserved a red card? Starting to wonder if the Galaxy can recapture that early-season form? Think the Fire can get back into the playoff race?

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  1. I thought the ref had a tough first half as did the line judge on the west side of the field. The line judge really blew the Segares call. Yellow maybe, but a red? Kovalenko really is a serious injury waiting to happen, unfortunately it will be an opposing player tht will get hurt.

    One also has to wonder about Cabo’s ability to spot talent. The Fire wasted a third of a season with Dykstra as the goalie when it is clear Johnson is the far better choice.

  2. Meanwhile RSL keeps earning points by beating NYRB 1-0 in Sandy, UT. RSL is looking like a complete team ready to retain MLS Cup. Their strategy has been brilliant: bring in affordable non-DP foreign players with skill and leadership qualities. Morales, Sarborio, Olave and Espindola all fit the bill. Their making Jason Kreis look like a genius.

  3. Collins John has done this a couple times after subbing out. The Fire have a surplus of egos, now more than ever. I wonder if CJ Brown and McBride can straighten them out in the locker room.

  4. I thought the same thing until I saw the reverse angle (the one the ref did NOT see) and u see he clips him between the top of the sock and knee. He was clearly trying not to foul him, but u can see the recoil in Gonzales’ foot from the reverse (goalside) angle.

  5. I agree he is a bust. This is one of the worst Fire teams in years. My judgement is not based on this game but the entire season. These long dumping passes with a prayer cross to McBride is no real offensive strategy. Seldom do the Fire string four to five offensive passes together. Their game strategy has lacked creativity and verve thus producing insipid games. It is a shame because the Fire have had good attendance this year, mostly because of the World Cup and other motivators, and they have fielded a lack-luster team.

  6. Ummm Jim, if you go back and watch that “foul” in slow motion you will see that Gonzales didn’t even make contact. Granted, he swung his foot up a bit high, but he did not make contact – watch it again. The Fire player made a flop that an Italian would be proud of.

  7. Anybody notice how Castillo stormed off the field and went straight to the locker room after getting subbed out? Is it too early already to label him a complete bust?

  8. I don’t see the Galaxy regaining their early season mojo. Teams have figured out their predictable attack, and their backline is not quite as organized as it was early on. That said, the parity of the league still gives the Galaxy a legitimate shot, but I think it’s more likely that they exit the playoffs early.

  9. Chicago Fans can feel like there is still a chance for playoff victories, because the Fire played against the top team for 70 minutes with just 10 men, and neither Pappa or Freddie were on the field. But if the Fire does not win some games now, that chance will never be earned.

    LA Fans can feel like they held steady at the top of the table. But if the Galaxy does not find it’s form back the chance that they have earned will slip away. Both teams should be more disappointed than anything else with the missed chances.

    Carr needs more minutes, he should start over Castillo. I really want to see a fully
    stocked, and well subbed Fire roster from here out. After missing getting to the final by one pk last year, it would be too disappointing to not make the playoffs. I mean for respect to BMB, the rest of the guys should deliver the wins to get to post season play.


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