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MLS Match Night: Your Running Commentary


The Chicago Fire's playoff chances haven't quite been eliminated, but San Jose can throw some more dirt on the grave with a win today as the Fire visits the Earthquakes.

Chicago-San Jose is one of two MLS matches on the schedule, with the Colorado Rapids playing host to the Philadelphia Union. The Columbus Crew is also in action tonight, taking on CD Municipal with a chance to clinch a CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinal berth. The Seattle Sounders are also in Champions League action, playing for pride against Marathon.

If you will be watching tonight's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. 3-0 to chicago against Jon Busch — ives didn’t you just write a column trashing the fire for getting rid of Busch??? One keeper on the field tonight clearly had US National Team potential… guess which one it was??

    (SBI-Where have you been all year Joe? Interesting choice for your first comments, or should I call you Frank Flopas like in your other comment here. Hope you stick around beyond tonight to keep sharing your thoughts on the Fire.)

  2. If you have ever been to Honduras during rainy season, you’ll know they are more used to playing on that type of field than an MLS team is. That said, the Crew left all their starters at home so can’t really complain about the result.

    Lenhart should be suspended by Warzycha for trying to provoke the Municipal players. Their coach was an idiot, also trying to start fights.

  3. I cant watch central american leagues, its complete garbage. Its not 90 minute football, its play 55 minutes and then watch the leading team fall over and stall for 35.

  4. This sucks. I just signed online to complain about the pitch in the crew game only to see municipal send a perfect through ball and score as if the pitch was perfect. I’m still not sure if this game should be played right now, but if they can find a way to play, so should we.


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