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MLS Matchday 26: Your Running Commentary


The Major League Soccer playoff race will become even clearer today as a handful of important matches will go a long way toward establishing who still has a chance for the post-season.

Kansas City, Chicago and Toronto all enter today's action needing victories to keep their post-season aspirations alive, but all three face stiff tests against teams currently in playoff posiiton.

The match of the day features the two hottest teams in MLS, Kansas City and FC Dallas, while Chicago-Seattle could be the most intense match given its playoff implications.

Here is a rundown of today's MLS matches:

4pm– Direct Kick- Toronto FC vs. San Jose Earthquakes

4pm– Telefutura- Philadelphia Union vs. Chivas USA

7:30pm– Direct Kick- D.C. United vs. Houston Dynamo

8pm– Direct Kick- New England Revolution vs. Columbus Crew

8pm– Direct Kick- Kansas City Wizards vs. FC Dallas

8pm– Direct Kick- Chicago Fire vs. Seattle Sounders

10pm– Fox Soccer Channel- Real Salt Lake vs. Colorado Rapids

If you will be watching today's MLS action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. I also told them about Saborio playing for Bristol and having a bad season and now he’s our leading goal scorer, they had a little chuckle at that.

  2. I was surprised at our lineup until i realized we have a game on Tuesday… grrr. Exciting game until the last 20 minutes, i thought the streak was dead. There was a great showing from the Colorado fans and i met two Englishmen who stopped in Salt Lake just to see the champs play. I told them to “look for the guy with the dreads, he’s pretty good” but then he wasn’t a starter haha.

  3. I can’t believe we’re talking about the same play. As the ball is falling, Wynn drops his hand right into the path of the ball. It’s not quite a blatant handball, but a clear one. Almost Frings-ian.

    But in any case, justice was done in that match. RSL deserved the draw.

  4. A great crowd for RSL even though BYU and Utah played home games tonight. I’m a little upset we fielded our B team with a chance to take over first place in the league. Hopefully it doesn’t bite us in the *** later. We got a point and kept the home streak alive. GO RSL!!!

  5. Because that’s what good refs do if they are not sure (though he was not too good). The ref was behind play and the call was towards the goal. Have to be 100%. If the linesman had a better vantage point ask him.

  6. Why does the ref even consult with the linesman, the ref was in position to make the call, he made the call, no reason to consult the linesman.

  7. yea that’s what I meant, would have been the softest pk.. its the fact that he gave it, pointed to the spot and then changed his mind that is ridiculous

  8. the ref gave a penalty then changed the call and gave a drop ball in the box, I’ve never seen anything like that. Ridiculous officiating

  9. Classic Revs. Cant hold on to the lead. I went to the game and couldnt belive what i saw. We lead until the 70th minute and then we collapse.

  10. As a neutral, I am digging the intensity in the RSL/Colorado game. I am a Galaxy fan, so I suppose I’d rather the Rapids win, since LA lost yesterday. I don’t want RSL (who are admittedly playing better football than LA right now) keeping pace with my gals for supporter shield honors. The game is entertaining regardless tho.

  11. After what I’ve seen tonight and over the last couple of weeks, I don’t think LA has a snowballs chance in youknowwhat to make the Cup finals. Dallas is for real, RSL is probably the best team in the league, and the Gals have never matched up well with the Rapids. LA doesn’t get out of the first round. You heard it here first, folks.

  12. who saw the goal Herculez Gomez scored today? Keeper scuffed a goal kick.. it went right to him and he put it through the keeper’s legs lol

  13. Remind me again how someone who is not a citizen of a country can get a call up to that country’s National Team….I must of missed that day of class.

  14. LeToux should be on the shortlist for MVP. Dude is actually getting support for a National Team call up. looks just like Kenny cooper though.


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