NCAA men's soccer season set to kick off

NCAA men's soccer season set to kick off


NCAA men's soccer season set to kick off


The 2010 NCAA men's soccer season begins today, with some of the nation's top teams beginning their schedules with action tonight.

The full schedule of soccer action doesn't begin until Friday, when top teams such as Akron, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and UCLA make their debuts. On Thursday, SBI will be running an extensive college soccer preview, with our own rundowns of the top teams and players in the nation, as well as a series of profiles on some of the country's best players. Consider it the start of what should be more extensive coverage of college soccer on SBI.

Stay tuned for SBI's college preview on Thursday. For now, tell us what you'll be looking forward to from the upcoming college season. Which team do you see winning it all? What player are you most looking forward to watching play?

Share your thoughts below.

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