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SBI Live Q&A set for 1pm on Friday

With all the action taking place at mid-week, and all the big games we have taking place this weekend, Friday seems like the perfect time for the next SBI Live Q&A.

I will host the next Q&A at 1pm on Friday so get your soccer (and pop culture) questions ready to send my way. Want to discuss the CONCACAF Champions League craziness? The MLS Playoff race? The European league scene? The new season of Chuck? Let's have at it.

See you all at 1pm on Friday.


  1. The control issue is really interesting…consider this quote
    from Bruce Arena after he left.
    “There’s too many people who want to be technical directors and soccer experts that aren’t. They’re micromanagers,”
    “I think [Gulati] is a superfan who now is president. That’s the way our organization is. That’s unfortunate, and you add another micromanager to an organization that’s already micromanaged.”
    Klinsmann wanted no part of that.

  2. Talks with Klinsmann broke down over issues of control– at least that’s what the consensus seems to be, and what Klinsmann claims. So, my question is: What exactly is the “control” Klinsmann wanted that he didn’t get– therefore implying that there is some “control” that Bob Bradley now doesn’t have.

  3. Is it better for Altidore to watch the Liga from the dugout as the 4th striker for Vilareal or would have been better getting matches as starter somewhere than Vilareal

  4. Ives,

    Do you see an MLS team making a play for Gio Dos Santos in the near future? I know the arguments against it–he’d be taking a major step down competitively, it would stunt his growth–but I have to believe a godfather offer from a major team in a warm-weather hispanic market like LAG could make him at least consider MLS

  5. Smith is English, isn’t he?

    Ives: I’m not sure if I’ll have a chance to ask my question tomorrow, but please consider the following query…how will roster expansion affect the salary cap? If there’s an increase from 23 to 30 players, should we increase a bump in available salary money per team? Thanks, the Dude.


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