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SBI Live Q&A set for 7pm tonight

If you have ever found yourself wishing you could take part in an SBI Q&A, but couldn't because of when we usually hold them, you may be in luck.

I will host the first evening SBI Live Q&A tonight at 7pm (ET) tonight. You can send in your soccer-related questions and I will try answer as many of them as possible.

See you all at 7pm.


  1. This comment prob. won’t make it to the Q&A, but what the heck.

    What bugs me is that American fans never seem to be happy, even if Americans are doing well in Europe. They always want the player to move to bigger clubs, right away. What’s wrong in being one of the leading players for your team?

  2. Get home at 8:30pm Rats!!! Can you hold a Q&A later sometime Ives?

    Can you answer whether the Red Bulls should re-sign Juan Pablo Angel?

  3. Ives,

    I’m a west coast guy and will still be at work during the Q&A. I typically come back to read these after they’ve finished. As such, I can never get my questions in live.

    Anyways, my question is do you ever see MLS starting their own TV network like all the other sports?

  4. I knew this was coming as I was paying attention in previous Q&A sessions, but it occurs when my computer has passed away and I only have internet access at work.



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