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USA remains at 18 in latest FIFA rankings


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The latest FIFA World Rankings are out, and the United States men's national team's position is unchanged.

Bob Bradley's side remained at No. 18 in the world, two spots better than Ghana, nine better than France and 10 better than Mexico.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup finalists also didn't shift at all, with Spain remaining at No. 1 and the Netherlands staying at No. 2. Germany leapfrogged Brazil for the No. 3 spot, with the Selecao dropping to No. 4.

Argentina, England, Uruguay, Portugal, Egypt and Chile round out the Top 10, respectively.

The biggest mover among the top 50 teams is Montenegro, which jumped 33 spots to No. 40 after its victories in European Championship qualifying.

Norway and Slovakia also made a sizable improvements in the rankings. Norway moved from 22 to 14, and Slovakia shifted from 27 to 16 after their impressive results in Euro qualifying.

As for the CONCACAF Top 10 (overall ranking in parentheses):

  1. USA (18)
  2. Mexico (28)
  3. Honduras (52)
  4. Costa Rica (53)
  5. Panama (70)
  6. Jamaica (76)
  7. Canada (88)
  8. Trinidad and Tobago (97)
  9. El Salvador (110)
  10. Cuba (113)

What do you make of the rankings? Think any teams are ranked too high or too low?

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  1. You do realize that the ranking is calculated based on a weighted average over a 4 year period of time, Righ?

    Winning the ACN goes a long ways in helping to keep a high ranking. Especially with teams like the Nigeria, Ghana, & the Ivory Cost as opponents. If the US were to win the Gold Cup every time….and the CONCACAF teams (besides Mexico) had rankings in the top 40 the US would be ranked higher. But since CONCACAF only has 2 teams in the top 30, and we always split wins….we arn’t.

  2. You realize the formula for this is publicly known and can be calculated by anyone with a computer and some time on his hands, right?

  3. Guys you are all too emotional about FIFA rankings. And the last US win was when? 1-0 against Algeria. Lost to Ghana in World Cup, lost to Brazil 2-0 in New York. England has won last two games with great result and you can say whatever you want about favor to Europe, but they are playing qualifiers for EURO’s.

  4. Here is my top teams in the Futbol world. I could care less if these top teams have been strugling, they are still the elite teams of futbol and are always favorite to win Cups. La lista de los Liones!:)

    10.Czech Republic

    The U.S,Croatia,Greece,Serbia,Mexico,Uruguay,Ghana,Sweden,Ivory,Paraguay,Russia,Poland,Japan,R.Ireland,Cameroon,Ukraine,Switzerland,Turkey. All these teams can be debated from 10-25. This is the way it should be. 🙂 Or atleast the way I see things. Maybe in 15yrs the U.S and Japan will take Portugal’s & Czech’s spot. It will happend eventually. My opinion.


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