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USA remains at 18 in latest FIFA rankings


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The latest FIFA World Rankings are out, and the United States men's national team's position is unchanged.

Bob Bradley's side remained at No. 18 in the world, two spots better than Ghana, nine better than France and 10 better than Mexico.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup finalists also didn't shift at all, with Spain remaining at No. 1 and the Netherlands staying at No. 2. Germany leapfrogged Brazil for the No. 3 spot, with the Selecao dropping to No. 4.

Argentina, England, Uruguay, Portugal, Egypt and Chile round out the Top 10, respectively.

The biggest mover among the top 50 teams is Montenegro, which jumped 33 spots to No. 40 after its victories in European Championship qualifying.

Norway and Slovakia also made a sizable improvements in the rankings. Norway moved from 22 to 14, and Slovakia shifted from 27 to 16 after their impressive results in Euro qualifying.

As for the CONCACAF Top 10 (overall ranking in parentheses):

  1. USA (18)
  2. Mexico (28)
  3. Honduras (52)
  4. Costa Rica (53)
  5. Panama (70)
  6. Jamaica (76)
  7. Canada (88)
  8. Trinidad and Tobago (97)
  9. El Salvador (110)
  10. Cuba (113)

What do you make of the rankings? Think any teams are ranked too high or too low?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Egypt is a strong team and being African champions is certainly a great feat, but yeah, not top 10. USA is about right. Mexico is a little low.

  2. The U.S is right where they should be. Here are the teams I have a problem with being in the top 10 & 20. Egypt,Chile,Greece,Norway,Slovakia,Paraguay,Slovenia. Uruguay is ok as a top 10-20 team, but not a top 10 team. I know they had a good run in the W.C, but that’s as far as they gone in some decades now. Also, Uruguay is not the same Uruguay from the 50’s. After Forlan retires, that team will be back where they been through out my generation. I think the only Cup that Uruguay NT cares for is Copa

    Egypt,Chile,Greece,Norway,Slovakia,Paraguay,Slovenia. The U.S is my opinion in a neutral site, can handle any of those teams on any given day. And I hate to say it, but I think Mexico outside of Mexico might be able to be atleast half those teams

  3. Right! Shouldn’t the 32 teams that qualify for the World Cup be ranked in spots 1-32? I mean that would make way too much sense I guess.

  4. In my opinion top 10 nations in the world are and this counts for the last year.


  5. Dude, it’s true we will beaten by Mexico, don’t show your ignorance of what is true, maybe that’s why your’e a hobo mike, we don’t need the smart remarks, that goes for the goblin to.

  6. thats why they keep posting these. cause we are NOT winning and this gives dumb people solace. we’ll hear about this for the next 4 years until we go three and out again. then they cycle will start over. and it will start over.

  7. Mexico 28th and England 6th.

    Mexico has only failed once in forever to reach the round of 16 in the World Cup, because FIFA didn’t let them play.

    How can they drop below 16 until that happens ?

    England #6.

    There has to be some SERIOUS kickbacks involved here.


  8. We’d be hire, but FIFA didn’t approve of Bradley staying either : )

    I think there should be an explanation as to why we’re where we are and why other teams (Portugal) are still high. I’d probably guess it has to do with their domination of NK and decent performance against Brazil.

  9. Were horribe, Mexico has the best national team in Concacaf hands down and the talent to boot (Vela,hernandez,santos,juarez,) what do we have sorry players who can’t finish, for te next 4 years Mexico should be a top 14 i’d say national team by 2014 we’ll probably be 24th.

  10. yeah Egypt was last year. These rankings are not from June 2009. Stop the we did this 10 months ago and live in the present; US lost to Brazil no one mentioned that and Mexico played two friendlies and they lost one. FIFA rankings are not based on summer performances or 2009 Confed Cup.

  11. Bottom half of the top thirty-two is exactly correct. I feel like the top half of the bottom half is right. So I’d think anywhere from 17-24. And Mexico should probably be in the same grouping (though I expect they’ll be the class of CONCACAF for the next 4 years).

  12. if CONCACAF follows thru with the new format of two groups in the final round of qualifing the rankings will matter. could be the difference of having honduras or costa rica in our group

  13. Some recent international history on #9 Egypt since they did not even play in the 2010 World Cup. As a matter of fact, Egypt has not qualified for the World Cup since 1990 when they did not win a game.

    2009 Confederations Cup (just last year!)
    Egypt enters the tournament ranked 40th in FIFA
    Egypt finishes last in the group of four with both the US and Italy, who are now ranked behind them, ahead of Egypt in the standings. Italy won the last World Cup. US finished second in the Confederations tournament after beating Spain and only losing 3-2 to Brazil.

    Egypt becomes just the second African nation to be ranked in the FIFA Top 10. So how can they not even play or play well in the big tournaments and get a high ranking by beating other low ranked teams in the African Cup?

  14. Egypt wins the African Cup of Nations ALL THE TIME. They lead the continent with 7 titles, 3 on the trot. Despite their troubles with World Cup qualifying, they have to be considered one of the top teams in Africa. Or perhaps, you don’t find ACN wins significant. That would be another debate entirely, though.

  15. FIFA rankings are like VH1 Top 100 lists: they’re fun to check in on to see what’s there, but the end of the day, everybody knows they’re bullsh*t.

  16. mexico is clearly too low. hondorus should also probably be higher. Egypt in the top 10 is straight up crazy talk. I don’t care if they won the africa cup-if you don’t qualify for the wc, you are not a top ten soccer country.

  17. Because if we were ranked differently our players would be somehow more or less motivated? I’m pretty sure the players and coaches feel the same way as the fans (see your second sentence). Bradley’s tactics will be wholly based on the players he has available and the quality of the opposition, not on whether we are ranked lower than we think we deserve.

  18. Keep,

    Agreed. Depending on injuries and player availability, fifteenish seems about right for us. However, some of the other rankings…c’mon!

  19. Egypt and Portugal-massively overrated in these rankings. We are about right where we should be. Mexico seems low, as much as I loathe saying it.

  20. As a man who is married to a Portuguese woman and has adopted Portugal as my second favorite national team, it pains me to agree with you 100%. They have truly underperformed of late.

  21. I love fifa rankings. Everybody clamors to see where the national side fits in but in the end it’s always a joke.
    Glad to see the US ranked high because it will motivate our players to improve the results and maybe our coach will try some different things.

  22. How about Portugal in top 10 that might be more ridiculous than Egypt. Portugal played the most boring and terrible soccer in the World Cup and is underperforming in Euro Quals.

  23. I take back my Mexico comment, on second thought. I would rather they improve their ranking (thus increase the global respect for CONCACAF) but then lose 5-0 in a friendly to the United States.

  24. I agree with our ranking, but Egypt #9?? That is ridiculous. I would never consider them the top team in Africa, let alone one of the top ten teams in the world.

    It’s great to see Mexico at 28…hopefully they’ll be ranked 50th or higher in the near future.

  25. i hate to say it but Mexico is seriously underrated! should be right around (just below) the US.

    Slovakia, Norway, Greece and Egypt very over rated. Maybe the US should look to play them in the November friendlies and gain some rankings.

  26. Egypt #9. How the hell?! I understand they won the African Cup of Nations, but they didn’t even play in the WC. Those rankings are so weird.


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