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Who will win the LA-NY showdown?

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It's being called the game of the season, an inter-conference clash that will feature four Designated Players.

The Los Angeles Galaxy-New York Red Bulls battle on Friday will have its share of hype, even without injured Red Bulls star Thierry Henry, and along with featuring the star power of players like David Beckham and Rafael Marquez, it could be an MLS Cup Final preview.

Here is our question for you. Who do you see winning the match? Make your prediction here:

What do you see happening? Think the Red Bulls can score the vital road win without Henry? See the Galaxy playing better than in last week's win vs. D.C. United?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Two teams with slow, bad defenses. I think LAG has the better attack with a creative player like Donovan pulling the strings while NYRB have…some Ba-Douchey who couldn’t break down a 10-man, injury-riddled FCD squad in an hour, even surrendering a goal!

    It will probably be 3-1 LAG and hopefully bring some attention to MLS even if neither of these star-laden teams will win the MLS Cup or maybe not even the Supporters’ Shield.

  2. This game is interesting in all of the DP’s involved but other than that, if LA doesn’t win handily it’s a bit of a shock. They are a far better TEAM and have been the class of MLS.
    Yes, they have had a lull in the past month but they seem over it.

    I’m going LA 3-1 with RBNY’s goal coming in garbage time.

  3. lol at all the cry babies with no dps and big stadiums , haha boohoo . Go Redbull, Go Galaxy make this league big . I’m not a fan of either team but this is good for American soccer. haters stop hating and get with the program.

  4. Maybe not be the “Game of the Season” but definitely promises to be entertaining with 4 DP’s taking the field, you can definitely see differences in LA’s and NY’s play when the DPs are involved. Should be and hopefully will be fun to watch. GO NY!!!

  5. Again, no disrespect to KC or Bravo, but he’s a blip on the celebrity radar compared to Beckham & Henry. Hopefully he’ll be good on the field, since that’s what counts most. We don’t need or want every DP to be tabloid fodder, it’s just nice to have a few in the big markets.

  6. wow, a lot of jealous peeps on here. LA and NY have potential to be the pillars of MLS. And obviously every league needs teams like these- whether its to hate them or love them.

    go Galaxy!

  7. Who is calling it the biggest game of the season ?

    The east coast media I am sure.

    But there are games just as big virtually every week of MLS. It is the beauty of our league.

  8. I know I’m going to sound like a big ol’ snob with this, but I prefer the term “Draw” to “Tie”. I sometimes cringe when I hear someone say “tie” in relation to soccer/football. “Draw” seems like a much more integral term in this sport. Can you side with me on this Ives?

  9. It’s absurd to be bitter or dismayed that the league focuses its resources on promoting the teams with the biggest name players in the world’s largest media markets. Yes, it’s true the Galaxy and NYRB get the big stars. But that’s not the league’s fault: Let’s face it. Mssrs. Beckham & Henry were not going to leave Europe to settle in Kansas City. (Nothing against KC – it just doesn’t offer much to an international celebrity.)

    More exposure for Galaxy and NYRB is good for everyone in MLS. And it’s not as if they’ve become Chelsea & Manchester United – the rest of the league is still very competitive and I’d honestly be surprised if either of these teams won the Cup this year.

    I mean, can you blame them? FC Dallas has been ridiculously good lately and yet their stadium looks like a refugee camp on TV. Maybe when the fans start showing up in other markets, the league will feel more confident hyping them up.

    Full disclosure: I’m a Galaxy fan, so I’m obviously enjoying the excitement around this match. I love being in 1st place, but I’m also glad there’s so much parity in MLS. It makes us unique. I don’t want to see it turn into the EPL.

  10. I voted for a red bull win, but I don’t know that I believe it. Marquez will make a big dfference from the last match. Didn’t like the way they played with a lone striker, though I think Angel will cope a bit better than Henry. They’ll play better, I ‘m not sure they’ll win.


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