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Chicharito’s dream Manchester start continues with latest game-winner


For those who thought it would take at least a few months, if not a season or two, before Javier Hernandez made in impact at Manchester United, guess again.

The Mexican striker added another chapter to his dream start in England, scoring the game-winning goal in the 90th minute of Tuesday's Carling Cup victory over Wolverhampton.

In addition to scoring for the Red Devils in the MLS All-Star game and in the Community Shield win over Chelsea, Hernandez has three Premier League goals, a game-winning UEFA Champions League goal and now a game-winning Carling Cup goal in just 12 overall appearances – mostly off the bench – with his new team.

Video of Tuesday's match-winner is after the jump:


What did you think of Chicharito's goal? Are you surprised that he is contributing so much so soon into his career with Manchester United? Do you see his hot start continuing throughout the season?

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  1. All of this competition is good. If we can’t dominate CONCACAF, our chances fade on the world stage because we haven’t been pushed to be our best. Reminds me of Australia when they were playing American Samoa and Fiji beating them by wild scores and then failing to advance against real competition in Uruguay. Nothing prepared them for a strong contest.

  2. “For the average American youth soccer player that format and those opportunities do not exist. Too much structure and not enough opportunity to play unsupervised.”

    You’ll hear variations on this from many countries so this is hardly unique to the US system.

  3. Chicarito. Sigh. The guy is already pretty damn amazing. I wrote it once and I’ll write it again. US needs a #Chicharito.

  4. So I have these Chicharito highlight tapes I want to send to Spain…where can I find information on international postage?

    Chicharito is the real deal…bitter sweet for me.


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