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Davies speeding case takes strange twist

Charlie Davies 1 ( 
American striker Charlie Davies could face prison time in France after revealing that he made false statements to French police following an incident where he and Sochaux teammate Jacques Faty were caught driving 125 MPH.

Davies had told police he was the driver of the car clocked driving 125 last Saturday, but revealed on Saturday that it was, in fact, Faty who was driving. According to Davies and Faty, they switched seats after being pulled over for speeding because Faty was driving with a suspended license (or at least thought he was) and the two mistakenly believed Davies would avoid serious punishment.

According to Davies, he was laying down in the car as the two were driving to Paris last Saturday and was unaware that Faty was driving his Audi Q7 125 MPH. When police pulled Faty over, the Senegalese-born defender concocted the terrible idea to tell police Davies was driving, assuming that an American would face less trouble with police.

Now, both Davies and Faty could face prison time for lying to police, though jail time seems to be a worst-case scenario for a player with no prior criminal record. Either way, the whole affair is an unfortunate and embarrassing one for Davies, who nearly died in a car accident exactly one year ago today.


  1. The most inmportant thing here is that Chuck D is alright!

    Chuck D will pay the fine or go to some “weewee French jail cell” for a couple of days and come back and play some ball! No biggie. Why is everyone here acting like a little 12yr school girl?! Relax folks! If Chucky came back from the dead last year, I’m pretty sure he will bounce back without an issue this time around. The French can’t hold us down! 🙂

    Folks on this board really need to relax. Talk about First Adu, now Davies career is over too. BUAW! You guys are funny.

  2. no one can be in a car going 125 mph without noticing you’re doing twice the speed limit.

    the aerodynamic noise is so loud at that speed

    ban davies from soccer along with dejong, both these geniuses are terrible at life

  3. Looks like another American with a chance to be a super star will watch his career go down the drain. This will really hurt the USA’s depth and a possability of a great striker tandom. Well lets hope Davies can get out of this and get his contract back on track.

  4. As someone who has lost two best friends 10 years apart to speeding I suggest you read up on the subject… for every 5 miles per hour increase there is a significant difference in the damage that can be done to the car and to the humans in and around it

  5. Does it really matter? The way Davies is going his poor decisions off the pitch will mean he never sees any time on the pitch until he’s 30.

  6. Wasn’t sleeping he was “laying down”.

    how the F are you just layuing down and have no feel/idea of how fast the car is going?

    Again, he himself says he was laying down…not sleeping!!!

  7. Uhm….Faty thought Davies would be treated less harshly because he had a valid driver’s license, not because he was American.

    A speeder vs. a speeder on a suspended license.

  8. The worst aspect of this strory is that they were driving a Q7 – a freakin’ station wagon. Charlie has a lot of growing up to do. Get a Ducati.


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