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Donovan open to Everton return

LandonDonovanEverton (Reuters) 

Landon Donovan is about to get ready for another run at an MLS Cup title with the Los Angeles Galaxy, but that isn't keeping him from considering his options after the current MLS season.

In an interview with BBC Radio Merseyside, Donovan admitted that he would find it difficult to turn down a chance to return to Everton, where he spent part of last season on loan.

"It would be hard to say no," Donovan told the radio show when asked about possibly returning to Goodison Park.

Everton will be in need of some cover come the second half of the season, with striker Tim Cahill due to miss time to play in the Asia Cup, and with Steven Pienaar's future with the club still uncertain. Donovan flourished as a wing midfielder for Everton last season, but can also provide cover at forward for the Toffees.

Another loan move isn't guaranteed as Donovan must still weigh the benefits of taking an extended break this winter after going most of the past ten months without much of a break at all.

What do you think of this development? Do you like the idea of Donovan going to Everton on loan again, or would you rather he make a permanent move to Europe? Think a long winter rest is the best move for him?

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  1. If I had said something like Adu was a better player than Donovan I could accept that you said I am crazy. You could have politely disagreed and offered an explanation for why you felt that way, but you didn’t. You must just have man-love for Landon and you are stupid.

    Dempsey has had more success on a professional level than Landon. He has played in a much better league for four more years than Landon. He starts and arguably stars for a mid-table EPL team. Hmm has pointed out some great moments for him already. But what should he be measured on if not his great moments when it really mattered?

  2. You ever think that MLS made him sign the contract so that they would allow him to go on loan to Everton? Had he not signed the contract with MLS, I’m not so sure they would agreed to loan him out

  3. It looks like he can buy his own contract out for only his next year’s wages, which is just over 5 mil pounds I believe. Then he’s a free agent. This would really stick it to Man United.

  4. Which is why another loan spell at Everton (or anywhere, for that matter) is a horrible idea. Remember folks, he has the Gold Cup next summer. He needs to rest.

  5. The guy is offering what he heard and identified it as much as he could. Why bust his chops? Either disregard it or not, but don’t attack the guy for posting it.

  6. That isn’t a bad an idea as you think. Donovan may not be a talented as Rooney but I bet you he’ll be more consistent. And the idea of pairing him with Chicharito makes a lot of sense.

    Plus maybe they could afford him after selling Rooney.

  7. I’d love to see him make a move over there. He’s a great representative of American soccer. None of that loan nonsense though…the guy needs a rest.

  8. dempsey is NOT better than donovan. maybe better moments, but an overall better player? you are crazy. donovan is BY FAR the best player we have

  9. Dempsey is a true hero. There should be youtube videos of Dempsey vs Donovan or debates on soccerblogs the world over

    Dempsey has done quite a good amount for himself in the PL in the past 4 years. Saved Fulham from relegation. Braces against Chelsea and Man City in the same season. The goal against Juventus was arguably the goal of the year 2009-10.

    Dempsey has done enough to get him some good press and notable mentions all over England.

  10. Not to me he isn’t but during the WC I couldn’t knock him. That goal against Slovenia was all him.

    Donovan has a lot to prove. He may or may not be our best ever player but he is playing in a small pond if he’s not in Europe. He needs to sign a 3-4 year deal with Everton and see if he can cut the cheese at a permanent consistency

  11. Yeah that must be it.

    You try out for teams that are going to finish no higher than middle of the road ?

    For 1/4 of their season ?

    A long way away from home ?

    After playing a season and a half in one season ?

  12. I’m not trying to totally contradict you but Milner is only 24. With buying a player there also comes the potential future consideration of selling that player. When you spend $10 million on a 28 year old, there is almost zero chance in four years that you will sell that player for $10M.

    That simply isn’t true of the much younger player.

    I loved the way Landon played last year at Everton. He was effective. IMO he isn’t a game changer. He is a solid EPL player and nothing more. Everton, if anything, appear to be a financially responsible club. I’m not sure it’s financially responsible to spend $10M on a 28 year old.


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