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FC Dallas clinches playoff berth, pushes Chicago to brink of elimination

Milton Rodriguez (Getty Images) 

It was a night of landmarks for FC Dallas as the hottest team in MLS increased its unbeaten streak to 18 games in a 3-0 thrashing of the Chicago Fire.

Jeff Cunningham tied Jaime Moreno for the career MLS goals lead and Milton Rodriguez added another goal to his tally as FC Dallas stayed in the race for the Western Conference title.

The defeat pushed the Fire to the brink of playoff elimination. Chicago stands 11 points out of the playoffs with four games remaining, all but dooming he club to missing the playoffs for just the second time in the team's history.

Cunningham converted a penalty kick goal for his 132nd career goal, tying him with D.C. United legend Jaime Moreno. He will have three more games to break the MLS career mark.

Here are the highlights:

What did you think of FC Dallas' victory? Still can't believe the Fire has had such a bad year?

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  1. How are they not giving them credit in their power rankings? Because they’re no. 2 behind RSL? RSL has only lost once since May (to FC Dallas in Frisco, a loss they are going to reciprocate in a couple of weeks), and has done so with a MUCH tougher schedule. Cool it with the disrespect talk; no one is disrespecting Dallas. From what I’ve seen, everyone thinks that they or RSL is coming out of the west and are favorites to win the cup.

  2. Seems like they get PKs every other game, when that stops happening they may actually look at a game.

    Since I am a seattle fan I will volley out there that the Sounders are just as hot in MLS play

  3. That PK called for Cunningham was a HORRIBLE call. I know he was going for the record, but come on. Has to be one of the softest PK’s called I have ever seen. It wouldn’t have mattered for the Fire anyway, but still.

  4. Do you need a green card to become a citizen? I though you only needed 5 years of legal residency which includes a work visa.

  5. He’s filled more seats in Toyota Park than Henry and Marquez combined into RB Arena.
    Stats don’t lie, you still can’t fill that Arena. Pitiful.

  6. He’s talked about his love for the US and the opportunity it’s given his family but I’ve never heard him talk about his national team situation

  7. MLS isn’t even giving credit to FCD on their power rankings. I guarentee you it’s because of attendance and money issues. The MLS front office doesn’t look at FCD as a profitable franchise yet.

  8. wha?

    Business wise 17,000 showing up to see the local PDL team would be better than 7,489 showing up to see Manchester United.

    FC Dallas has a good team, Hydmann has done well, they are probably the favorites to win the whole championship. But how is there a conspiracy against FC Dallas?

    FC Dallas has a good team, and underachieving attendance numbers. What kind of credit do you want?

  9. Luna is a Mexican citizen. he would have to get green card and then apply for citizenship. Not sure if he has a interest in doing that.

  10. fc dallas is awesome. unfortunately the rest of the league will never give them the credit they deserve because they only care about the traditional powers like dc and columbus, and the big money teams, like ny and la. I can’t believe Garber actually wants to turn MLS into another MLB where people only care about 4 teams! Our model should be the NFL.


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