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Henry to miss Red Bulls-Revs match

Thierry Henry ( 

The New York Red Bulls have a chance to clinch their first regular season Eastern Conference title in club history, but they'll have to do so without Thierry Henry.

The French striker is listed as out for Thursday night's match, the final regular season match for both clubs, with a right knee strain that also forced him to miss the Red Bulls' 2-1 loss to Philadelphia last Saturday.

Henry's absence will likely pave the way for a Juan Pablo Angel-Salou Ibrahim forward tandem. The Red Bulls deployed Angel in a one-forward attack against Philadelphia but the 4-5-1 was overwhelmed by the Union. New York's offense played much better after Ibrahim was inserted into the lineup against the Union, alongside Angel.

The Red Bulls can clinch first place in the East with a win on Thursday, or with a Columbus loss on Saturday against Philadelphia.

What do you think of this development? Starting to worry about Henry's availability for the playoffs? Think New York can clinch the East without him. Wonder if some FC Dallas fans aren't using voodoo to exact revenge on Henry for the Hartman incident?

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  1. I think Hans Backe is making sure Henry is fit enough for the playoffs. Henry already knows he can mesh well with the club and instead of playing against the Revs, who are terrible, it’s better if they just rest him.

    As for who should start, I say we give Agudelo the the chance. The kid is shaping up to be areally good player and with Ibrahim already showing that he can’t do much excpet finishing from 3 yards out, I want to see what Agudelo can with more minutes.

    Good-luck to the NY, they have 0 excuse to not come out victroius tomorrow.

  2. I also don’t like to see Ibrahim on the pitch. The guy is extremly slow and just isn’t really effective outside the box (Barely inside the box). He can shield the ball pretty good but if the Red Bulls wan’t to come out attacking, I’ll rather give Agudelo a crack.

  3. It could just be my sadness that he is partially responsible for JPA’s not returning next year, and I know it really hasn’t been very long, but still, I’ve been disappointed in Henry as a Red Bull so far.

  4. Has Henry always been this prone to injury? Every week he seems to get a “knock” or a “strain” in training. It’s starting to worry and annoy me. I donlt buy the “voodoo” explanation; perhaps Henry is on a self-imposed suspension until Hartman returns for Dallas.

  5. Rafa needs to be on his game! If he can solve some distribution problems they are having, they can win. Richards should be back to form. Biggest question is whether Hans will tinker again……..

  6. At this point I’d rather Henry be rested for the playoffs. I really wasn’t expecting him to be in top form at all this season. Granted, some more production would have been nice, but I think we’ll see TH14 thrive next season.

  7. i don’t know if thats completely true. he loves new york and the team but he did not take the league seriously so he did not prepare as well and now we are seeing what happens when you slack off, you get hurt easier.

  8. hopefully we see agudelo. he’s been looking really good so far.
    on the other hand ibrahim SHOULD get more playing time since he may come in handy during the playoffs and you would want him to be up to game speed if necessary.

  9. Damn. I was hoping he’d get more goals during the regular season. He needs a huge post-season to make up for a late season slump.


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