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Mid-Day Ticker: Liverpool owners ousted, Serbia-Italy called off and more



The biggest hurdle toward the sale of Liverpool FC has been cleared after the High Court ruled that current owners Tom Hicks and George Gillet do not have the authority to oust members of the club's board of directors.

The ruling allows for the board to go through with the sale of the club, although it's not a definite that New England Sports Ventures will be the buyer. The group, headed by Boston Red Sox owner John Henry, claims to have a binding agreement with Liverpool chairman Martin Broughton. A new buyer, Singapore billionaire Peter Lim, has come forth, though, with an offer that reportedly exceeds that of NESV.

Liverpool's board is meeting Wednedsday night, with a final resolution to the sale forthcoming.

Here are a few more stories to get you through the day:


Unruly fans forced Serbia's Euro 2012 qualifier against Italy to be called off after just six minutes at Stadio Luigi Ferraris in Genoa on Tuesday.

Serbia supporters threw fireworks and flares onto the field after the start of the match, which was delayed by more than 30 minutes after Italian police and Serbia fans reportedly got into an altercation prior to the scheduled start.

UEFA is conducting an investigation of the incident and released a statement that said, "The sanctions that are available range from a reprimand or fine, up to a stadium closure or 'disqualification from competitions in progress and/or exclusion from future competitions.'"


Javier Hernandez and Giovani Dos Santos scored goals for Mexico, which twice came back to draw with Venezuela, 2-2, in a friendly Tuesday night.

The match happened after the director of the Mexican national team, Nestor de la Torre, resigned from his post. He had come under fire from players for suspending and fining 13 after a post-match party was thrown in the aftermath of Mexico's friendly with Colombia last month. Players threatened to boycott the team, but no demands for de la Torre's resignation had been made, according to the Associated Press.

New York Red Bulls Designated Player Rafael Marquez started and went the distance for El Tri.

The Philadelphia Union's Alejandro Moreno started and played 67 minutes for Venezuela, and he was replaced for the remainder of the match by the Columbus Crew's Emilio Renteria.


Christian Gross has been fired from his post as manager of VfB Stuttgart. Jens Keller will act as head coach while the team takes on Jermaine Jones' FC Schalke 04 this weekend.

Under Gross, Stuttgart stumbled out of the Bundesliga gates, winning only one of its first seven matches. The club currently sits in last place in the league table.


During Spain's 3-2 victory over Scotland on Tuesday, David Villa became the country's all-time leading goal scorer. The 28-year-old Villa netted his 45th career international goal on a 44th-minute penalty kick, passing Raul Gonzalez on Spain's scoring list in the process.


Happy that the Liverpool sale is finally almost done? What are your thoughts about the Serbia-Italy madness? Do you think Serbia should be forced to withdraw from Euro 2012 qualifying? What do you think about what's gone on with the Mexican national team? How many more goals do you see Villa scoring in his international career?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Italian officials say they ushered Serbian fans into the stadium as quickly as possible to stop them from continuing to fight/riot in the streets of Genoa. The stadium is centrally located. One of the worst parts is that the Serbian FA apparently knew that something bad was likely to happen and didn’t do much to warn anyone.

  2. YNWA.

    The difference between LFC and whatever club you support. It actually means something, to the city, the fans, the club, the history.

    Kindly, piss off.

  3. The Serbian fan incident was ridiculous, in a bad way. I think disqualifying them from the Euro would be too harsh, but I would support counting the abandoned match as a Serbia forfeit. Also, it would make sense to have their home games played in a neutral country, perhaps behind closed doors.

  4. Turkey would be a pretty bad choice.

    At least the Serbian fans know how to get things done. A lot of this stems from the firing of Radomir Antic after a poor WC, who many still feel was a good coach and who could guide Serbia to a good finishing in the Euros, and the hiring of the rather inexperienced Vladimir Petrovic, who has a terrible track record. Many Serbs believe there was some corruption in the FA with this dealing and are mad as hell about it. I mean, losing 3-1 to Estonia at home? Come on.

  5. Hicks does not own the Texas Rangers anymore, he filed for chapter 11, sold it to a group led by Nolan Ryan this past year. Outside of this year, the Rangers have sucked. The Red Sox have won two World Series since John Henry and company took over in 2002 and have only missed the playoffs twice in that span.

  6. 18:Liverpool

    19: Wolves

    20: West Ham

    You’re absolutely right, south. They won’t walk alone when they’re relegated. They’ll have two additional clubs to make the journey with them.

    – – – – –



  7. As the resident Stuttgart fan in the Ives community, here are my thoughts:

    Terrible firing. Makes me embarrassed to be a Vfb fan. It was a political move as the grumblings of being in last placed were either Gross’s fault or the board’s fault. The board pulled this move to try to prove a point that it was not their fault. Pretty much every player has now come out and expressed concern over the firing. The board is ruining the Vfb team, unfortunately.

    Bob Bradley to Stuttgart would not be a good idea for him, lol. I do wish we would have looked at Edu or Michael Bradley are replacements for Khedira instead of Gentner and Bah 🙁

  8. So let me get this straight:

    Liverpool is trading owners, changing a Major League Baseball owner for another MLB owner. The owner they have is one step from the World Series, the other’s team didn’t make the playoffs.

    Next you will tell me they are blaming the selling owner for their team that is underperforming.

  9. Its too bad Villa and Podolski couldnt play against San Marino and Lichtenstein more often their goals would be even more inflated.

    45 goals is great, but I take all these totals with a grain of salt for all the hat tricks and braces against the ultra minnows of the world.

  10. It’s not “hooliganism” – this had nothing to do with Serbia’s team. This had everything to do with Serbia’s troubles the last 20 years and Kasavo (spelling?).

    People use soccer as a way to express themselves, that’s what has made the game so popular. However, many use it to express themselves in truly horrific ways. Those guys are known as criminals in Serbia and the Serbia FA knew something was going to happen.

    The government needs to step in and deal with this issue because it is far far bigger than soccer.

  11. I can appreciate this story more having read the chapter on Serbian football in the “How Soccer Explains the World” book. Cant believe this is still an issue in 2010! If you havent read the book, the chapter on the connection between Belgrade “fan clubs” and war crimes is eye-opening.

  12. Uh, actually, the Tree players did ask for De La Torre’s head in a meeting with De Maria and Compean on Monday.

    That was all over the Mexican press.

  13. more likely a serbian forfeit for that game, and possibly more (no home games, no home games with fans, etc).

    going to a neutral site just doesn’t make any sense — that would punish italy.

  14. WOW! Way to go Serbian fans! That is nuts – putting the safety of other fans and players at risk. I hope FIFA sends a strong message that hooliganism will no longer be accepted as part of the game. Not sure if they need to punish the whole country though – stadium closure? ban from competitions? Maybe they should require that the Serbia-Italy game be re-played in a neutral Moslem country, like Turkey.


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